Writing The Legal Record

Author: Kurt X. Metzmeier
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Embodied in the stories of these early reporters are the rich history of the Commonwealth, the essence of its legal system, and the origins of a legal print culture in America.

The Filson Club History Quarterly

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Almost all observers — whether contemporary writers, later journalists, or recent
historians — have agreed on the failure of the legal system. Under this argument,
these forgotten people tended to continue ... Kentucky's late nineteenth- century
legal system was inadequate statewide; the Lexington Gazette in 1878 admitted
that "the criminal law of Kentucky is so defective . . . that it would be better to
return to the old Norman law." A national press fresh from condemnations of
southern ...

Sociological Abstracts

Author: Leo P. Chall
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... hypothesis; mathematical models; agricultural society, Palestine; 9713534
sociology of work/occupations, Harriet Martineau's work; 97S32969 Oceanic
Cultural Groups controlled labor immigration, South Sea Islanders, 19th-century
Hawaii, ... violent felons; gender/ race; 1976-1978 court records; Detroit,
Michigan; 9701787 capital crime charge/death sentence, murder trials, Kentucky;
victim/ offender race; 1976-1991 murder cases; 9717968 chemical castration,
sexual offenders, ...

South Western Reporter Second Series

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Cases Argued and Determined in the Courts of Arkansas, Kentucky, Missouri,
Tennessee, Texas : with Key Number Annotations. [4] In the case of Baner v.
White, 225 Mb. App. 270, 29 S.W.(2d) 176, 180, the court considered a lease by
the terms of which the lessee could not assign the lease without the written
consent of the lessor. Passing ... The pronouncement became a leading case,
and was the law of England until the nineteenth century, when changed by act of

The Cleveland Law Reporter

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POIIEIIENE, EDITO R AND PROPBIETOR. __,,__ Terms of ... 9.50 is.00Iis.00
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Advertiseinents must be paid for in advance, when not so paid 50 per cent. will
he added. Legal notices not ... Law instruction considered part compensation. is
amexpert type-writer operatorAddrcss W. J.,6, 180 W. 4th street, Cincinnati. 0.
J. G. Pomerene.

Uncommon Sense

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Most of our rare library materials consist of books, such as travelogues,
settlement and captivity narratives, and legal volumes, including the law library of
Robert Wickliffe, one of Kentucky's largest planters and a proslavery spokesman
of the Democratic party. A fine collection of early newspapers and pamphlets
contain information on slavery, religion, and political debates. The Museum
collection has one of the state's most extensive early nineteenth-century portrait
collections, as well ...

The Bill Of Rights And American Legal History Pre 1960 Developments In The Bill Of Rights Area 2 V

Author: Paul L. Murphy
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have recognized that the law already afforded many explicit protections against
other invasions of privacy.” This Note examines the extent to which nineteenth
century American courts and legislatures recognized privacy as an independent
interest. Part I sets out the legal ... Part III describes how information about
individuals, information that was not property at all, was protected by limiting
access to public records and preventing unwanted publications. The picture that
emerges by ...

America History And Life

Author: Eric H. Boehm
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Early- 1 9th-century maps show the site location on a remnant of "Gordon's Lake,"
which may correspond to the colonial- era Arkansas River channel. The Wallace
Bottom site may ... Margaret S. Ross (1922-2002), historian, writer, and journalist,
was interviewed in February and April of 2000 for the Arkansas Center for Oral
and Visual History. Ross was locally known for ... Kentucky law mandated the
whipping of petty larcenists for most of the 19th century. When whipping was
finally ...

Masters Abstracts International

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Supervisor: Richard L. Bushman Historians have often argued that New
England's shift from an agricultural to an industrial economy in the nineteenth
century adversely affected individuals, families, and communities. ... however,
such contracts have had to be in writing for purposes of validity and enforceability
in accordance with section 6 of the said Act. The legislator's policy intentions with
the institution of this measure were to protect the consumer and to promote legal