Webster S Etymological Dictionary

Author: A. Macpherson
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A. Macpherson. Webster's etymological dictionary A. Macpherson
ETYMOLOGIOAL DICTIONARY; 3 fink: Eirt'nmarg of the English Eanguage,
Founded. Front Cover.

The Story Of Webster S Third

Author: Herbert C. Morton
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521558693
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In 1989 the Merriam company itself published a large selection of about 1,500
such items from its files under the title Webster's Word Histories. In a departure
from this pattern of offering popular treatments of word origins outside dictionary
covers, The American Heritage Dictionary introduced 400 paragraphs of unusual
word histories into its third edition (1992). Etymological dictionaries have also
been published in recent years building on the pioneering work of Walter Skeat
in 1882.

English Words

Author: Robert Stockwell
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521793629
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But it is really difficult to use because it is so compact and abbreviated; and it
does not serve at all as a desk dictionary and rather minimally as an etymological
dictionary. 2.3 Merriam-Webster Webster's Third New International Dictionary of
the English Language, published by the Merriam-Webster Company in 1961 (
NID3), is the only other relatively complete unabridged English dictionary of
recent times. It differs from the OED in that it does contain very large numbers of
technical ...

An Etymological Dictionary Of The Scottish Language

Author: John Jamieson
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WEBSTER, s. A weaver, S. A. Bor. Ferguson. A.S. webbestre, textrix, a female
weawer. WECHE, s. A witch. A.S. wicca, wicce, id. . WECHT, WEIGHT, WEGHT, s.
1. An instrument for winnowing corn, made in the form of a sieve, but without
holes, S. JBannatyne P. Belg. vecher, a fanner; from Germ. wech-en, ventum
facere. 2. A sort of tambourin. Evergreen. WECHTFUL, s. As much as a weekt can
contain, S. pron. wechtfow. WED, s. A pledge. To WED, v. a. To pledge. V. WAD.

Etymological Dictionary Of The Scottish Language Abriged From The 4 Ed

Author: John Jamieson
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2. Vexatious, causing trouble, S. A.S. werig, malignus. Gl. Sibb. 3. Vexed,
sorrowful. Ritson. Weariful, adj. Causing pain or trouble ; pron. wearifow, S.
WEASSES, s. pl. A species of breeching for the necks of work-horses, Orkn. Barry
. Su. G.rvase, Isl. vast, a bundle of twigs. WEAVIN, s. A moment, Aberd. Journ.
Lond. A.S. wiffend, breathing; as we say, in a breath, S. WED WEB, s. The
covering of the entrails, the cawl, or omentum, S. Isl. vef-a, involvere. WEBSTER,
s. A weaver, S. A.Bor.

Webster S Ii New College Dictionary

Author: Webster's New World Dictionary
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 9780618396016
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... diminutive esp. especially cty. etymology fern. feminine fut. future perh.
perhaps imit. imitative pi. plural imper. imperative poss. possibly inter).
interjection pr. present intr. intransitive pr.part. present participle masc. masculine
prob. probably n. noun redup. reduplication naut. nautical sing. singular obs.
obsolete superl. superlative occas. occasionally tr. transitive orig. origin,
originally transl. translation P- past ult. ultimately part. participle, participial usu.
usually p.part. past participle V.

Websters First New Intergalactic Wickedary Of The English Language

Author: Mary Daly
Publisher: Harpercollins
ISBN: 9780062510372
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For example, we find the Approved definition/meta-etymology of Virago taken
from Webster's: "['a loud overbearing woman: shrew, termagant . . .']." The words
of Webster's definition, of course, take on New/ Archaic meaning when Heard
within the context of Websters' First New Intergalactic Wickedary of the English
Language. The third type of meta-etymology is a combination of one or more
Explanatory patriarchal dictionary etymologies with one or more patriarchal dic-
Notes tionary ...

A Comprehensive Etymological Dictionary Of The Spanish Language With Families Of Words Based On Indo European Roots

Author: Edward A. Roberts
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 149319108X
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