Waiting On You

Author: Kristan Higgins
Publisher: HQN Books
ISBN: 0373778589
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“Yes, well, you should've thought of that before you got my daughter pregnant!”
he snapped. Then he took another deep breath. “You and Ellen can live in one of
my apartment buildings,” he went on. “I don't want my daughter and grandchild
living in a bad neighborhood, and that student apartment of hers isn't big enough
for a baby. You, however, will support your family. You will pay your bills on time,
and I will never bail you out financially. You will sign a prenup saying you'll never

So What Ll You Have Do Or Be Hon

Author: Monika Huppertz
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1469106507
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Make a decisive decision today to think past your fears, your past and your
negative unsupportive conditioning. Make a decisive decision today to dream,
plan, think, feel and take action. You won't regret what ever you do; you'll only
regret what ever you don't do. Find your truth and then act upon it. Whether you
view the world from a scientific point of view, a spiritual perspective, a Christian
viewpoint, an ecumenical perception or an atheist position, Truth is Truth. Why
would you wait?

Waiting For Here

Author: Jon R. W. Thomas
Publisher: Lulu.com
ISBN: 1387391593
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Ah-sah cannot move her eyes away from what she sees; a body that perfectly
matches her memory of Han-tu-mah. Sitting beside her, holding her hand while
quietly waiting, Han-tumah opened her eyes, looked around, then smiled and
said, “Ah-sah, the day that I have hoped for has arrived.” “How did you know that
you could return?” Ah-sah asked as she bent her head down to hold Han-tu-
mah's face against her cheek. “I did not know but only hoped. I thought about this
possibility ...

The Hutt Gambit Star Wars Legends The Han Solo Trilogy

Author: A.C. Crispin
Publisher: Del Rey
ISBN: 030779637X
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You're a better player than I ever gave you credit for being, old man,” Lando said
genially. Han wondered how Lando could be so composed when he'd just lost so
much, then he reflected that the gambler had probably won and lost fortunes
before. Han picked up the data-card that was Lando's marker, and studied it. “So,
what ship are you going to claim?” Lando asked. “I've got an almost new YT-2400
Corelli-systems light stock freighter that would be your best bet. Wait'll you—” “I'm

Speeches Of The Late Rt Hon Henry Grattan In The Irish Parliament In 1780 And 1782

Author: Henry Grattan
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What do you wait for? Do you wait for a peace — till the volunteer retires, and the
minister replies by his cannon? the Stag frigate is now in your harbour, — or do
you wait for more calamities on the fortunes of England — till the empire is a
wreck, and we both go down together? or do you delay till Providence, beholding
you on your knees, shall fall in love with your baseness, and rain on your servility
Constitution like manna. You resort to the House of God when you want heat or ...

Select Speeches Of The Right Hon Henry Gratten

Author: Henry Grattan
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The Stag frigate is now in your harbour, or do you wait for more calamities in the
fortunes of England, till the empire is a wreck, and the two countries go down
together? or do you delay, till Providence, beholding you on your knees, shall fall
in love with your meanness, and rain on your servility constitution like manna.
You go to the house of God when you want heat or moisture, and you interfere
with God's providence by your importunities. Are the princes of the earth more
vigilant than ...

Original Letters Principally From Lord Charlemont The Right Hon Edmund Burke William Pitt Earl Of Chatham And Other Distinguished Noblemen And Gentlemen To The Right Hon H Flood Printed From The Correspondence In Their Own Handwriting Edited By T R I E T Rodd

Author: Thomas RODD (the Elder.)
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Not having it in my power immediately to wait upon you in consequence of your
message, I called at the Hotel the next morning, thinking that perhaps you might
not yet have sailed, and was surprised and alarmed at being informed that,
instead of going aboard the Packet, you had returned to Garmley much
indisposed. My alarm was however a good deal lessened, when I soon after
heard, from one who had seen your friend Smyth, that your indisposition was no
other than a slight ...

The Orphan Or Memoirs Of Matilda Tr From Mathilde By The Hon D G Osborne

Author: Marie Joseph Eugène Sue
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I am desirous, madame, to know the purpose of this interview ; if its only end be,
to awaken my former subjects of complaint against Mademoiselle de Maran,
though thanking you for the interest you express towards me in the name of M. de
Mortagne, I can but assure you, once more, madame, that now I have every
reason to be pleased with Mademoiselle de Maran'3 conduct towards me." " You
must have suffered much already ; your young feelings must have been sadly
bruised, ...

Poetry Of Han Shan The

Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 1438406495
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55 Peach blossoms want to live through the summer, But the wind and the moon
press on—they won't wait. You may look for men of Han times; Not a single one
still remains!1 Day by day blossoms alter and fall; Year by year people transform
and change. Today where we kick up the dust In olden times was the great sea.2
1. The phrase neng—wu can mean, "Can it be that there is not?!” But Han—shan
seems to use the phrase as a very strong negation—"absolutely none." See also

As Long As You Love Me

Author: Ann Aguirre
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1460340264
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I believe in you, and you should, too.” Ifhe refused, I'd use part of my paycheck
and buy the ads myself. “Okay. Just tell me what to do.” Excited, I leaped up from
the table and hugged him. “Just wait, you won't be sorry. If things go like I hope,
you'll even- tually be able to live on what you earn building furniture. You can set
your own hours, be your own boss.” “That would be incredible.” My enthusiasm
fired his, and he swung me around in his arms, then buried his face in my neck. “I
have ...