Uncle Sam S Policemen

Author: Katherine Unterman
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674915895
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But America’s pursuit of fugitives beyond its borders predates the Global War on Terror. Katherine Unterman shows that the extension of manhunts into foreign lands formed an important chapter in American empire.

The Spectator

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Uncle Sam, with whom they were domiciled, had somewhat to say about the
whole matter. ... Then the Fenians charged with spirit, and the volunteers broke
and were pursued for about a mile. The fact was that the volunteers were raw
lads, gentlemen shopkeepers, artizaus, who had never seen a shot fired in
earnest before, and that their officers were as green as they were ; while the
Fenians had, perhaps half of them, been in the Confederate or the Union Army,
and their officers had ...

Biographical History Of Cloud County Kansas

Author: E. F. Hollibaugh
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American Desert, when destitute of law and order, and when the settlers were in
constant fear and terror on account of the threatening perils that surrounded them
incident to border ruffianism, and Indian depredations. ... he had served three
years under Uncle Sam ; and this had in all likelihood stimulated his tastes for life
on the frontier, for no sooner had he become one of them, and a scouting party
was being selected to reconnoitre over the Indian hunting grounds than he would
be ...

Hearst S International Combined With Cosmopolitan

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Continued from page 61) Next Month — Forrest Wilson's stranger-than-fiction
facts about the Border. cheer a child who was ... up quickly and go," she said. "It
makes me want to scream to see you standing there turning over in your head all
my wrongs against you. ... They were reinforced by a third, a sort of volunteer,
who was about the most joyous man hunter in the government service, and one
whose name was known throughout Uncle Sam's Scotland Yard. He was the late
William ...

The Golden Argosy

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He dared not refuse, as his uncle had said very plainly that he would have no
favoritism shown him. ' ' If he's so set on cowboy life he must take the bitter with
the sweet," Mr. Biltong had declared very emphatically, and thus far the bitter had
predominated. Throwing his carbine over his saddle bow,Tom, with a lowering
brow, rode off — the hoofprints of the fugitive steer in the ! damp soil of clay and
sand, interspersed with curling buffalo grass, being his only guide. Expecting
every ...

Harper S Weekly

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He was denounced, mobbed, and pursued, and the very fact that he was a livlng
example of the abuses of his race seemed to give peculiar malignity to the hatred
with which he was regarded. If such men were ... Towns, villages, and farms he
laid in ruins. llut even all this might have been borne had not our distracted State
been threatened and harried along its borders by . the constant invasions of the
Indians, and in the interior by the plots and turbulence of the Tories. It is
wonderful ...

Variety Film Reviews

Author: R R Bowker Publishing
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Meantime, Robyn's Uncle Aric, commander of the mothership, sets out in
desultory pursuit, tracked in turn by a suspicious cop, Les, who fears an
assassination attempt on the life of Senator King, who is stumping the boondocks
for reelection. ... Les Fugitifs (The Fugitives) (FRENCH-COLOR) A Gaumont
release of a Fideline Films/- D.D. Prods. ... Unsuccessfully fighting his own
feelings, Depardieu helps Richard regain custody of the child and escapes with
them across the border.