The Spirit Of Classical Canon Law

Author: R. H. Helmholz
Publisher: University of Georgia Press
ISBN: 9780820318219
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Marriage and monastic vocations — living institutions today — were important
sources of canonical jurisdiction throughout the Middle Ages. The classical
canon law had much to say about both. In fact, it exercised a decisive and
comparable influence over the development of these in some respects quite
dissimilar institutions, and that influence has not wholly dissipated with the
passage of eight hundred years. The tribunals of the Catholic Church today
decide thousands of cases ...

Judicial Tribunals In England And Europe 1200 1700

Author: Maureen Mulholland
Publisher: Manchester University Press
ISBN: 9780719063428
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... Spirit of Classical Canon Law (Athens, Georgia, 1996); and The ius commune
in England: Four Studies (New York. 2001). He is now at work on a general
history of the canon law and ecclesiastical jurisdiction in England for the series
The History of English Laws, to be published by Oxford University Press. Joseph
Jaconelli is Reader in Law at the University of Manchester. He has a long-
standing interest in issues of publicity and secrecy in the conduct of trials, as
reflected in his ...

Roman Law In European History

Author: Peter Stein
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1139427873
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3.5.]. Brundage, Medieval Canon Law, London 1995; Gratian, The Treatise on
Laws (Decretum DD.1*20), trans. A. Thompson, with the Ordinary Gloss, trans.
Gordley, Washington, DC. 1993; R. H. Helmholz, The Spirit of Classical Canon
Law, Athens, Ga. 1996; on Larentius Hispanus, E. F Vodola, 'Fides and culpa: the
use of Roman law in ecclesiastical ideology', Authority and Power: Studies for W
Ullmann, ed. B. Tierney and P. Linehan, Cambridge 1980, 83. 3.6. A Garcia y
Garcia, ...

Conciliarism And Heresy In Fifteenth Century England

Author: Alexander Russell
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107172276
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Graham, R., 'The English Province of the Order of Cluny in the Fifteenth Century',
Transactions of the Royal Historical Society,4th Ser., 7 (1924), 98–130. Green, V.,
Bishop Reginald Pecock: A Study in Ecclesiastical History and ... Spirit of
Classical Canon Law (Athens, GA, 1996). The Oxford History of the Laws of
England, Volume 1: The Canon Law and Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction from 597 to
the 1640s (Oxford, 2004). Helmrath, J., Das Basler Konzil, 1431–1449:
Forschungsstand und ...


Author: Stephen Hunt
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351951769
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“Defect,” used in canon law from the late thirteenth century onward, indicated
some flaw or deficiency that created an impediment to ordination; other defects
included unfree birth or bodily mutilation. See Richard H. Helmholz, The Spirit of
Classical Canon Law (Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1996), 62–65. 2 The
medieval canon laws on illegitimacy are found in the Liber Extra (hereafter X) 1.6.
20 and 1.17.1–28, and the Liber Sextus (hereafter VI) 1.9.1–2; see the Corpus
iuris ...

Current Publications In Legal And Related Fields

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Part III: Elected Officials and Congressional Profiles. 1239. HELLEBUST, Lynn.
State legislative sourcebook, 1996: a resource guide to legislative information in
the fifty states. Topeka, KS, Government Research Service, 1996. 488p. $150.00
pa. Published annually. Previously published in looseleaf format. ISBN
1879929171. 1240. HELMHOLZ, R.H. The spirit of classical canon law. Athens,
GA, University of Georgia Press, c1996. xiv,514p. (Spirit of the laws) $60.00. L.C.

The Shame Of American Legal Education

Author: Alan Watson
Publisher: Vandeplas Pub
ISBN: 9781600420047
Size: 27.81 MB
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to be law professors?" After three stressful years as law students and a few more
in the outside legal world they want to return as assistant professors. Yet many
are covered in debt. There are, of course, more reasons than one. Very few go to
law school intending to be professors. Naturally, I must talk in ... I edited for the
University of Georgia Press a series of books called 'The Spirit of the Laws.'
Bernard Weiss, the ... Classical Canon Law and is a law professor. He also
teaches other ...

The Spirit Of Islamic Law

Author: Bernard G. Weiss
Publisher: University of Georgia Press
ISBN: 0820328278
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Focuses on a Muslim legal science known in Arabic as usul al-fiqh.

Journal Of Dharma

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In a series of sweeping new doctrinal statements, the Church came to endorse
human rights and democratic principles. Every person, the Church taught, is
created by God with dignity, intelligence and free will, and has rights flowing
directly and simultaneously from his very nature.17 Such rights include the right
to life and adequate standards of living, to moral and cultural values, to religious
l5See R. H. Helmholz, The Spirit of Classical Canon Law, Athens, GA: University
of Georgia ...

Aspects Of Charity

Author: Gert Melville
Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster
ISBN: 3643111665
Size: 27.32 MB
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On accusa- tio, HELMHOLZ, The Spirit (note 5 above), p. 294 and his essay The
Development of Law in Classical and Early Medieval Europe: The Bible in the
Service of the Canon Law, in: 70 Chicago-Kent Law Review (1995), pp 1557-
1581, and The Oxford History of the Laws of England, vol. 1: The Canon Law and
Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction from 597 to the 1640s, Oxford 2004, p. 606. I have not
been able to obtain the study by P. BELLINI, “Denunciatio evangelica” e “
denunciatio ...