The Scotch Queen

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I wasn't sure what changed my mind about giving London to Bones, but something did.

The History And Antiquities Of The Counties Of Westmorland And Cumberland

Author: Joseph Nicolson
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The realon was, the Scots being uilgusted that Oliver Sinclair the king's favourite
and an upstart was made commander in chief, would not fight under him.
Historians fay, that the Scots fled, because they supposed Wharton's men to be
the van of the duke of Norfolk's army coming against them. But most probably,
Wharton had some private intimation from the Scots of what they intended •,
otherwise his enterprise would not have been courage but madness. It broke the
Scotch king's ...

The History Of The Life Of King Henry The Second And Of The Age In Which He Lived To Which Is Prefixed A History Of The Revolutions Of England From The Death Of Edward The Confessor To The Birth Of Henry The Second 3 Vols And Notes To The Second And Third Fourth And Fifth Books

Author: George Lyttelton (1st baron.)
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BOOK I. ginning to quit their ground ; when one a- mong them, whose name no
historian has . recorded, having cut off the head of one of the bodies flain near
him, held it up, and cried 1 aloud, that it was the Scotch king's ; which j
immediately stopped their flight. They closed their ranks, and with redoubled
alacrity charged the Galwegians ; who could no longer sustain the arrows of the
archers and swords of the knights, but, their two chiefs having been stain, fled out
of the field.

A History Of England Extending From The Signature Of Magna Charta To The Death Of Edward Iv

Author: Henry Walter
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cessors had compelled the Scotch kings to acknow-' ledge themselves vassals of
the English sovereigns 'K But the acknowledgment of vassalage which had been
made a condition in certain treaties for peace, had been expressly given up in
another treaty by Richard I. ; for a sum of money which he received. Since that,
the kings of Scotland had only done homage for the earldom of Huntingdon, or
other estates held in England ; just as Edward did homage to the king of France
for ...

The History Of The Life Of King Henry The Second

Author: George Lyttelton Baron Lyttelton
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And the Age in which He Lived, in Five Books: to which is Prefixed a History of
the Revolutions of England from the Death of Edward the Confessor to the Birth
of Henry the Second... George Lyttelton Baron Lyttelton. BOOK I. ginning to quit
their ground; when one v among them, whose name no historian has recorded,
having cut off the head of one of the bodies slain near him, held it up, and cried
aloud, that it was the Scotch kings:* ' which immediately stopped their flight. They
closed ...

Abbreg Des Derniers Mouvemens D Angleterre Avec Un Raisonnement Succinct Des Droits Tant Du Roy Que Du Parlement An Abridged Tr Of G Bate S Elenchus Motuum Nuperorum In Anglia

Author: George Bate
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meeting was arranged with the Scotch King, but the conclusion was so evidently
foregone, that Robert summoned his army to assemble on the very day
appointed for the meeting, and while the negotiations were still going on, the
Scotch crossed the borders in force. The campaign against them was not
successful. More used than the English to rapid movements, capable of living
upon much less, and able to supply themselves with that little from an enemy's
country, the Scotch ...

The Parliamentary History Of England From The Earliest Period To The Year 1803

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of king William, which had een called by the usual process (no special authority
being pretended as to England), was sitting on queen Anne's accession; and on
the 6th May 1702, had passed an act, enabling the queen to appoint
commissioners for treating of a union between England and Scotland. As soon as
the Scotch parliament met after king William's death, this circumstance was
communicated to them in a letter from the queen, and a similar measure, on their
part, ...

A History Of England In Which It Is Intended To Consider Men And Events On Christian Principles By A Clergyman Of The Church Of England H Walter

Author: Henry Walter
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REBELLION OF THE KING'S SONS. 417 pride ... The ambition which he had thus
intentionally kindled, tempted them to rebel against him and make war upon each
other for more ample power ; and the subjects whom he had placed at the mercy
of spoilt children, supplied them with the means of ... The rebellious princes were
encouraged and assisted by the king of France ; and the Scotch took advantage
of king Henry's embarrassments, to come on a robbing expedition into England.