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By HERBERT SHULDINER The high-performance street tires of today are equal
in quality to the racing tires of a few years ago," former world racing champion
Jackie Stewart told me as we belted up at Goodyear's test track in Akron, Ohio.
Stewart was preparing to find the wet traction limits of a new set of tires for the
Chevrolet Camaro. To drive his point home, he proceeded to click off a half-
dozen hot laps through a flooded handling loop. I had to hold on tightly as
Stewart whipped the ...

High Performance Handling For Street Or Track

Author: Don Alexander
Publisher: Motorbooks International
ISBN: 0760339945
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Topics covered in High-Performance Handling for Street or Track include:• An overview of vehicle dynamics• How to tune handling for differing applications• Guidance for selecting aftermarket components, including anti-roll bars, ...

Popular Mechanics

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third. generation. of. high-performance. tire. design. promises. safety,. speed. and
. (finally). foul-weather. flexibility. BY RICH TAYLOR, Contributing Editor PM
secret that the tires on your new car are far better than anything you could buy
even a few years ago. How much better? Dan Gurney told me, "The tires
available on today's passenger cars are better than the racing slicks I used at
LeMans in 1967.

Performance Wheels And Tires

Author: Mike Mavrigian
Publisher: Hp Books
ISBN: 9781557882868
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The most comprehensive guide available on the science, application, theory, and technology of wheels and tires.

Wheel And Tire Performance Handbook

Author: Richard Newton
ISBN: 9781610592512
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When your tires stick to the pavement, your car goes fast. It's that simple. Sort of.
Race tires don't need to last very long — and they don't. They don't even need to
work very well in the rain since there are special tires designed just for racing in
the rain. The one thing I should make clear is that when I speak of performance
tires in this chapter I mean tires that are used in competition. These are not high-
performance tires that are used for cruising down 1-5. These are the types of tires
that ...

Complete Wheel And Tire Buyer S Guide

Author: Brad Bowling
Publisher: Krause Publications
ISBN: 0873496612
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Because sports car owners value handling and speed above all else, the tires
are designed to be as light as possible so unsprung weight is reduced to improve
suspension responsiveness. Great leaps have been made in the engineering
that goes into high-performance tires, with many brands benefiting from road
course racing technologies that make such products more practical for everyday
use. The downside to tires designed for high speeds and extreme handling is a
one-two ...

Swap Ls Engines Into Camaros Firebirds 1967 1981

Author: Eric McClellan
Publisher: CarTech Inc
ISBN: 1613250312
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At this stage, you know the application of your F-Body, and that dictates the
choice of tires. Highperformance street, street/strip, drag race, autocross/road
race, and protouring all operate under different demands and conditions. For
example, road-racing tires operate at sustained high speeds, under high loads,
and therefore the tire is subjected to a lot of friction and heat. On the other hand, a
high-performance street tire typically operates at low to moderate speeds and
may be placed ...

Popular Mechanics

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... trips, more vigorous driving and heavier and more powerful cars. At present,
these new tires come in three distinctive types — high-performance tires (
sometimes called sports or police specials) , typified by, say, Uni- DESIGNED ...
had to come up with better rubber. The Mustang probably started it all. It no
longer was enough to allude merely to the racing laurels of a particular tire brand;
instead, it became necessary to build passenger-car tires actually approaching
racing capacity.

Honda Acura Performance

Author: of Sport Compact Car Editors
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781557883247
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The first in a series of books compiled by Sport Compact Car magazine, this authoritative handbook takes on the hot rod trend of import performance.