The Practice House

Author: Laura McNeal
Publisher: Little a
ISBN: 9781477817902
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Laura McNeal's novel is a monumental love story that is, like Aldine McKenna herself, deeply human and truly unforgettable.

Academic Lives

Author: Cynthia G. Franklin
Publisher: University of Georgia Press
ISBN: 0820333425
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He remarks on academics' reluctance to reflect on the economics that govern
their own cultural production as well as consumption: “cosmo-theory has been
squeamish about analyzing the place ofthe researchers themselves in
frameworks of interest. What is the economic function ofthe culturalist intellectual
? . . . What relationship do we have to the state?” (Wars of Position 222). In its
representations of the Practice House and the Japanese-style house that
Davidson builds and ...

A Treatise On The Practice Of Committees Of The House Of Commons With Reference Especially To Private Bills

Author: Charles Frere
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It may be questioned, how far it is incumbent on every Member present in the
Committee to vote on questions brought before the Committee. From the analogy
of the practice of the House in this respect, it might be supposed, that it would be
incumbent on the Member either to retire from the room or to record his vote. But
inasmuch as in the declaration, which each member is by order of the House
bound to sign, he declares that he will not vote on any question which may arise “
without ...

The Practice In The House Of Lords On Appeals Writs Of Error And Claims Of Peerage With A Compendious Account Of Dignities To Which Is Prefixed An Introductory Historical Essay On The Appellate Jurisdiction

Author: John Palmer
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No Writis issued by the House of Lords. From what Court then could it now issue?
and to whom would it be directed? It is understood that the standing Order of
December, 1661, does not apply to Scotch or Irish Writs of Error, except as to the
time for assigning Errors. Yet there can be no doubt that if there should be any
material omission or blunder in the Transcript, the House would make an Order to
have it set right; so that a Certiorari would be unnecessary. However, the practice
of ...

The Practice And Privileges Of The Two Houses Of Parliament

Author: Alpheus Todd
Publisher: Toronto ; Rogers & Thompson
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Manner of re- the Lords it is returned to the Commons, that it may ho
Blua1tottePCOTi- presented by the Speaker to the Throne. The practice ,
TMatedfor the" m respect has long been, not to send such bills by the Koyal
assent. Masters in Chancery, but for the Clerk of the House of . Lords to deliver
them privately (h) to one of the Clerks of the House of Commons ; and if there be
any doubt which are, or are not, bills proper for the Speaker to present, the Clerk
of the House of Lords, ...

Remaking Respectability

Author: Victoria W. Wolcott
Publisher: UNC Press Books
ISBN: 1469611007
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Like the practice house for young men, this center gave young women, children
of families on relief, intensive training for eight weeks and paid no wages but
provided room and board. After the young women completed the course, wpa
workers placed them as livein domestic servants in private homes.93 This
practice house was rented from the Second Baptist Church and had formerly
been the Big Sisters' Home, where black women had held club meetings, training
programs, and ...

Basic Principles For The Practice Of The Church Life

Author: Witness Lee
Publisher: Living Stream Ministry
ISBN: 0736304916
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12:12-13 In the previous chapters we saw that the church is the central thought,
the center, of God's eternal purpose. Before the New Testament time, it was never
revealed to anyone but was hidden as a mystery in God, who created the
universe. The source of the church is Christ, so the church is the increase of
Christ. The function of the church is to be the Body of Christ and the house of God
. Moreover, the practice of the church is local, not universal, and the church is
expressed in ...

The Practice Of The Courts Of King S Bench And Common Pleas In Personal Actions

Author: William Tidd
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Fleetwood*, the court being divided in opinion, a rule was made, with the assent
and at the instance of the lessor of the plaintiff, to expedite the determination of
the cause in the House of Lords ; whereby it was ordered, that the judgment
should be affirmed'. But in the Exchequer chamber, it is the practice, upon a
division, to affirm the judgment, as was done in the case of Deighton v. Greenville
* : And so is the practice in the House of Lords ; which depends on their mode of
putting the ...

The Practice Of The Law In All Its Departments

Author: Joseph Chitty
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and the Practice in Arbitrations; Before Justices; in Courts of Common Law;
Equity; Ecclesiastical and Spiritual; Admiralty; and Courts of Appeal : with New
Practical Forms : Intended as a Court and Circuit Companion Joseph Chitty.
CHAP. IV. Rights to REAL PROPERTY. [ 171 J reside and sleep in the house ().
The describing the building in an indictment for burglary merely as a “house,”
would be defective (k); and if the burglary were in a building adjoining the
dwelling-house, and ...