The Patriot Threat

Author: Steve Berry
Publisher: Minotaur Books
ISBN: 1466862602
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Steve Berry's New York Times bestseller, The Patriot Threat, finds Cotton Malone racing to stop a rogue ex-KGB agent plotting revenge against the United States.

False Patriots

Publisher: DIANE Publishing
ISBN: 078813132X
Size: 66.31 MB
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Profiles the most notorious leaders in history. Examines OK City Bombing, Amtrak passenger train derailment, etc. Glossary and bibliography. Photos.

The Lincoln Myth 101 Amazing Facts You Didn T Know

Author: G Whiz
ISBN: 1501495992
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The next novel in the Cotton Malone series will be titled "The Patriot Threat." 20.
The titles of Berry's first published novels were "The Romanov Prophecy" and "
The Amber Room." 21. Fellow author Lee Child has said that he is infatuated with
Berry's work. 22. The New York Times feels that the author has set the bar for
other authors within the same literary realm. 23. Library Journal has said that this
series will attract the shrewdest readers. 24. The Huffington Post felt that the
author ...

Armies Weapons

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capabilities besides being linked to a computer capable of averting a large
number of threats. In any encounter with the PATRIOT, an ECM-equipped enemy
aircraft will have very little chance of deceiving the PATRIOT'S radar and
computer. To succeed, it would almost certainly need a computer having similar
performance to the PATRIOT'S computer, the size of which would cause
problems of space that would be hard to solve. Practical proof of the effectiveness
of the PATRIOT ...

Homegrown Revolutionaries

Author: D. J. Mulloy
Size: 14.55 MB
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threats and drilled in emergency procedures. Government employees - high on
the list of Patriot targets - should be informed about the nature of the Patriot threat
and its likely forms. Because terrorists often give themselves away, government
workers should be trained in what to look for. For example, they should know the
telltale signs of letter and package bombs. They should also be trained in
responding to bomb threats, evacuation procedures, and first-aid. 11. Journalists
should ...

How Patriotic Is The Patriot Act

Author: Amitai Etzioni
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135929963
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Clear and Present Danger As often is the case with new threats, the scope ofthe
dangers posed byterrorismisvery difficult toassess. Although one can assign
various probabilities tothepossibility that thenation will be subjecttoamajor actof
biological terrorism, theseprobabilities are based largely on speculation.
Moreover, the scopeof the threat varies immensely according to which agentsare
expectedto be used (e.g., howinfectiousthey are), howproficiently theyare
produced (e.g.,ifthey ...

Army Acquisition Logistics And Technology

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During the PATRIOT Advanced Capability-Phase 3 (PAC-3) Limited User Test (
LUT) conducted at Fort Bliss, TX, simulation was the main vehicle in an air
defense operational test. Over the course of approximately 4 weeks of testing,
crews of the test player unit, the 2nd Battalion, 1st Air Defense Artillery Regiment,
engaged multiple simulated air breathing threat (ABT) and tactical ballistic
missile (TBM) targets in 120 realistic threat air battle scenarios. During this phase
of operational ...

Spying In America In The Post 9 11 World Domestic Threat And The Need For Change

Author: Ronald A. Marks
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 0313391424
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Domestic Threat and the Need for Change Ronald A. Marks. discretion of law
enforcement and immigration authorities in detaining and deporting immigrants
suspected of terrorism-related acts. The act also expanded the definition of
terrorism to include domestic terrorism, thus enlarging the number of activities to
which the Patriot Act's expanded law enforcement powers could be applied.14
While not to the same degree as the suspension of habeas corpus, the Patriot Act
modified ...

No Greater Threat

Author: C. William Michaels
Publisher: Algora Publishing
ISBN: 0875861695
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No less significant is the transforma- tion of the United States into a potential
national security state, including the effects of the USA PATRIOT Act. So far,
consideration has been given to some influences over the past 20 years on the
development of a possible national security state, including historical examples
stretching back almost to the founding of the nation. Following that was a detailed
review of the myriad provisions of the exhaustive, expansive USA PATRIOT Act.
Reviewed in ...