The Paris Winter

Author: Imogen Robertson
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 1466872314
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Quietly starving, and dreading another cold Paris winter, she stumbles upon an opportunity when Christian Morel engages her as a live-in companion to his beautiful young sister, Sylvie. Maud is overjoyed by her good fortune.

Reports Of The United States Commissioners To The Paris Universal Exposition 1878 Agricultural Implements By E H Knight Agricultural Products By J J Woodman Live Stock By Samuel Dysart Horticulture By G W Campbell Pisciculture By T B Ferguson

Author: United States. Commission to the Paris exposition, 1878
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Commission to the Paris exposition, 1878, United States. Commissioners to the
Paris Universal Exposition, 1878. _->-_J._L -,p FRANCE. The following were
among the choicest products exhibited by France: CEREALS. Chietam wheat.—
This is a superior variety of winter wheat, extensively cultivated in France. The
straw is 5' high, and heads from 4" to 5" long. The exhibitor claimed to have
raised 78 bushels to the acre. ' English red (winter wheat).—This variety is a
medium grower; ...

The Paris Baguette

Author: Lorelei M. Friesen
Publisher: WinePress Publishing
ISBN: 141412046X
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L'Hiver—. Winter. 2006–2007. December: Gospel Choir Perils SLOW BUS TO
NANTES ... I was exhausted, tense, and unsure if I would make it back to Paris in
time to lead worship at church that evening. Ron was counting on me. I landed in
this situation by taking a walk two months before in the historic sixteenth
arrondissement of Paris. The walk led me past two crumpled nuns who couldn't
straighten their navy-clad backs or their heavily hosed, question mark legs. After
passing a ...

Held In Bondage

Author: Ouida
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still lingered in Alma's mind as she rolled through the gay gas-lighted streets of
Paris; and her young eyes closed with a despair~ ing sigh, and a sickening
shudder of dread, at this myste— rious Human Life, which is so short in years, so
long in suffering. The Paris winter passed; passed as Paris winters ever do, with
a gay whirl of glittering life for the rich, with cold, and hunger, and suffering for the
poor; the gas flowers of Mabille, burning at the same hour, with the candle that
gleamed ...

Hemingway The Paris Years

Author: Michael Reynolds
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393345262
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As if they specialized in rough weather, the Hemingways recrossed the winter
Atlantic in windy rain and high seas that stretched the Antonia's trip to twelve
unpleasant, heaving days. On January 30, two days late, they docked in foggy
Cherbourg and took the boat train to Paris under drizzling rain, a reprise of their
first coming with obvious differences. Two years earlier every glimpse from the
window was new, and Paris an adventure waiting their discovery. Now, with the
baby sleeping ...

Held In Bondage Or Granville De Vigne

Author: Ouida
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The Paris winter passed; passed as Paris winters ever do, with a gay whirl of
glittering life for the rich, with cold, and hunger, and suffering for the poor; the gas
flowers of Mabille, burning at the same hour, with the candle that gleamed its
sickly light on the dead bodies at the Morgue. The Paris winter passed, and Violet
Molyneux was still the empress of its soirées; that chill hauteur which in self-
defence she had assumed, was no barrier between her and the love that was
pressed upon ...

Paris Was The Place

Author: Susan Conley
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 0385349653
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Winter boots? Tights to wear under their saris? How will they stay warm in the
Paris winter? How will they make it without their mothers? There used to be a
playground in Sausalito near the houseboat flotilla in the harbor, and my mother
and I drove there a lot when I was five and Luke went to all-day school. There
were cedar steps up to a metal slide. One day I climbed a knotted rope that hung
beside the slide and jumped into the sand. My mother, in jeans, stood with the
other moms ...

The Paris Op Ra Rococo And Romantic 1715 1815

Author: Spire Pitou
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780313243943
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Winter, Peter von 551 After his short stay in Paris, Winter did nothing for the opera
houses of Europe until 1816, when he composed // Maometo for La Scala, but he
was now about ready to abandon the theatre, and his Le Bouffe et le tailleur (
Munich, 1820) was his farewell piece for the stage. Thus, despite all his work for
the theatres of Germany, Italy, Austria, and England, Winter did only Tamerlan (
1802) and Castor et Pollux (1806) for the Op6ra. BIBLIOGRAPHY: AEM XIV, 714-
20; ...

The Paris Diary The New York Diary

Author: Ned Rorem
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1480427705
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In Paris last winter it was my misfortune to witness a criminal masterpiece in the
form of a documentary called Le Sang des bêtes. It is a series of episodes taken
in a French abattoir, showing how domestic animals are killed. The film was cruel
because the animals are presented as human (close-ups of frightened eyes,
bleating, helplessness, mass hysteria, etc.), and because the background music
was of a young girl's voice singing nursery tunes. Three days ago Monsieur
Bogeart, ...

Report Of The American Park And Outdoor Art Association

Author: American Park and Outdoor Art Association
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For Americans one of the most curious sights of Paris is the broad sidewalks of
the boulevards half-covered in front of the cates with small tables, at which
hundreds of men sit in the open air to eat, drink, smoke, and read the
newspapers. It takes persistent rain or unusually cold weather to clear the
boulevard sidewalks of this furniture, even in the raw Paris winter. In Germany,
during the milder half of the year, the people insist on eating and drinking out-of-
doors to an extent which is ...