The Iranian Space Endeavor

Author: Parviz Tarikhi
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319053477
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The author explains in this book that not all of these claims are quite as they seem. In addition to technical explanations, the book also includes historical, legal, social and cultural aspects of Iran’s space program as well.

Cascade The Last Flight Of Endeavour

Author: Tom Moureau
Publisher: Tom Moureau
ISBN: 1456405012
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The major networks provided continuous live coverage from Kennedy and
Johnson space centers, HQ NORAD in Colorado Springs, and the front lawn of
the White House. The gaps ... NASA wasn‟t releasing any information other than
to say that Endeavour had made an emergency landing at a site outside of
Darwin Australia and was ... By late afternoon it was being reported through
unnamed sources that at least one of the contacts was to a Colonel in the Iranian
National Guard.

The Business Of Space

Author: L. Brennan
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 023030592X
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Thelegislature approved abillto create the Iranian Space Agency (ISA) toserve as
a policyformulating organization for space initiatives.The ISA carries outresearch
on technologyand remote sensing projects,develops national space equipment,
and participates inthe development of nationaland internationalspace endeavors.
Italso coordinates variousspacerelated activities within the country's research
institutes, administrative agenciesand universities. Theseefforts also help theISA
to ...

Science And Innovations In Iran

Author: A. Soofi
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137030100
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This new organizational upgrading is an indicationofhow significant Iran's space
endeavors are for thecountry'stop authorities.However, itis imperativeto takethe
necessary actions in conformitywithlegal and administrative requirements and
obligations, and most importantly, to set up a newerstatute based on new
administrative changes to be approvedbythe IranianParliament. The newstatute
needs to clarify the relationship betweenthe space agencyand the Supreme
Space Council ...

Emerging Space Powers

Author: Brian Harvey
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9781441908742
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The early years of space exploration provided the world with a simple narrative: a
life-and-death struggle between the Soviet Union and the United States ± one
that climaxed on the Moon in July 1969. Barely noticed, other countries had
already begun ... Narratives of the space endeavors of Iran have been generally
partisan. The indigenous launch of the Omid satellite on 2nd February 2009 was
an achievement of which the Iranians can be proud. Against all odds, but mostly
with the ...


Author: Alison Daniela Morantz
Size: 19.84 MB
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However, given the speed at which the private commercial sector is advancing
and the impending regularity of sending civilians into space, the current
international laws will soon, if not already, be outdated. The development of outer
... 102 See, e.g., Indonesia Space Agency,; The National
Space Agency of Pakistan,; Peru Space Agency, http://www; Iranian Space Agency,; Danish National
Space Center, ...

Proceedings Of The Forty Ninth Colloquium On The Law Of Outer Space

Author: Colloquium on the Law of Outer Space
Publisher: Amer Inst of Aeronautics &
ISBN: 9781563478772
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In April 2003, the Iranian Parliament approved a bill to create Iranian Space
Agency (ISA) to serve as a policy-formulating organization for space initiatives.
The ISA performs research on technology, remote sensing projects, develops
national space equipment, and participates in the development of national and
international space endeavors. It also coordinates various space-related
activities within the country's research institutes, administrative agencies, and
universities, these ...

Becoming Visible In Iran

Author: Mehri Honarbin-Holliday
Publisher: I.B.Tauris
ISBN: 1780760868
Size: 78.59 MB
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Millions of Iranian women, young and old, marched in the public space, shoulder
to shoulder with their male counterparts and their families, in a mass display of
civic resistance, enquiring after the plight of their uncounted votes. In reporting
these events, the world media showed an unexpected face of Muslim Iran. The
narratives in this book illuminate, through a detailed and personal exploration of
life experiences, the ways in which Iranian women endeavour to re-define
identities and ...

Auf Den Schwingen Des Adlers

Author: Ken Follett
ISBN: 3838703472
Size: 37.16 MB
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Teheran, 1978: Noch regiert der Schah, aber die islamischen Revolutionäre um Khomeini gewinnen immer mehr Einfluß.