The Internal Coherence Framework

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"This book provides a compelling call to action for educators to focus improvement work on the 'instructional core' the interactions among students, teachers, and content in classrooms.

Connecting Research And Practice For Educational Improvement

Author: Bronwyn Bevan
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351975668
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Organization Science, 13(2), 128–146. Fishman, B., Penuel, W. R., Allen, A., &
Cheng, B. H. (Eds.) (2013). Designbased implementation research: Theories,
methods, and exemplars: National Society for the Study of Education Yearbook.
New York: Teachers College, Columbia University. Forman, M. L., Stosich, E. L.,
& Bocala, C. (forthcoming). The internal coherence framework: Creating the
conditions for continuous improvement in schools. Cambridge, MA: Harvard
Education Press.

Creating Capacity For Learning And Equity In Schools

Author: Mary A. Hooper
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317361881
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influence 9 informative assessment 36–7 informing decisions 127 innovation 76
innovative thinking 14 input decisions 127 instructional coherence 26–7, 30, 41–
4; mind map 43 Instructional Leaders 10; CapacityBuilding Feedback 50–1; CR
... Data Informed Continuous Improvement for Learning Inequity 151 learning:
adult 132; commitment to 131–3; as social process 48 learning and equity 4;
changes required for 15; logic of creating capacity for 5–6; requisite cultural
conditions for ...

Managing School Districts For High Performance

Author: Stacey Childress
Publisher: Harvard Education Pr
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The work of systemwide improvement is a continuous process, not an event. It
takes time to develop an improvement strategy; it takes time to test that strategy
against the realities of classrooms, schools, and communities; it takes time to
discover the limits of a strategy and make necessary adjustments; and it takes
time to adapt a strategy to the ever-changing context of accountability systems,
demographic shifts, and new knowledge. The work of ... The PELP Coherence
Framework ...

Improving School Leadership Volume 2 Case Studies On System Leadership

Author: Specialists Schools and Academies Trust
Publisher: OECD Publishing
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The process of improvement, like all developmental processes, is neither
continuous nor linear; it looks more like a process of punctuated equilibrium:
periods of significant increases in performance, followed by periods of
consolidation. Leadership, in this context, is primarily about (a) managing the
conditions under which people learn new practices; (b) creating organisations
that are supportive, coherent environments for successful practice; and (c)
developing the leadership skills ...

Resources In Education

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ED 407 482 Coherent Contradictions: Product Analyses in a Process-Oriented
Field. ED 406 675 ... ED 406 571 Conditions That Facilitate the School
Restructuring Process: Perceptions of Educational Personnel in Restructured
Schools. ... in Aboriginal Children's Community Play: An Analysis of Children's
Competence in and out of School ED 406 705 Current and Future Mission of a
Leading Turkish Public University from the Perspective of Various Internal and
External Stakeholders.

Pakistan Gulf Economist

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But no development is meaningful without development in the educational sector
" The previous government's precipitate nationalisation of schools and colleges
had proved to be counter-productive. Instead of the anticipated improvement,
there was a further worsening of the existing mismanagement of educational
affairs. Even in ... Greater emphasis has to be laid on internal evaluation and a
continuous assessment of the student's achievement, general behaviour and


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Not all of the ensuing discussion fits this model perfectly, but Nelson (history,
Univ. of Akron) has produced a lively, coherent, and eminently readable account
of labor's shifting fortunes over nearly two centuries. Each chapter ... context, with
chapters focusing on the effects of recession and structural adjustment in
developing regions, the transition to market-based economics in Eastern Europe,
continued harsh conditions in Africa, and innovations in work organization and

Dissertation Abstracts International

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Tobin, Lisa Marie, Ph.D. California School of Professional Psychology at
Berkeley/ Alameda, 1993. 178pp. ... psychostructural variables: (a) the degree of
faulty internalized containment; (b) the level of internal object relations; and (c)
the level of defensive/adaptive organization (i.e., continuous gradations in
splitting and projective identification). ... Results showed that the training
procedure did help to improve the accuracy of the ratings across time for a
significant group of the children.

International Aerospace Abstracts

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This time-domain approach handles both single-frequency/continuous wave and
broadband- frequency/pulse incident excitation. Arbitrarily shaped objects are
modeled by means of a body-fitted coordinate transformation; complex internal/
external structures with many material layers are treated through the
implementation of a multizone framework capable of handling any type of zonal
boundary condition. Results are presented for various two- and three-
dimensional problems.