The Institutes Of The Law Of Nations

Author: James Lorimer
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James Lorimer 1818-1890] was Regius Professor of Public Law at the University of Edinburgh and a founder of the Institute of International Law.

Institutes Of Natural Law

Author: Thomas Rutherforth
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Privileges of ambassadors, how far natural. — XXI. Public compacts are either
treaties or sponsions. — XXII. Compacts between nations at peace, or nations at
war. — XXIII. Equal and unequal compacts of nations. — XXIV. Compacts of the
same matter with the law of nature, or of different matter. How far the law of I. In
the general division of laws, *I have followed nations is a posi- Grotius, and have
reckoned the law of nations amongst bve law. ^G positive laws of human

The Law Of Nations

Author: Emer de Vattel
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And it must be observed here, with regard to things of institution and custom, that
when a pračtice is so settled as to give a real value to things indifferent in their
nature, and a fixed signification accordin to the manners and usages, the natural
and necessary law of nations necessarily requires that regard should be had to
such institution, and to behave in such things as if they had in themselves the
value which has been annexed to them. For instance, according to the usage
throughout ...

War And The Law Of Nations

Author: Stephen C. Neff
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9781139445238
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LAW. OF. NATIONS. This book is a history of war, from the standpoint of
international law, from the beginning of history to the present day. Its primary
focus is on legal conceptions of war as such, rather than on the substantive or
technical aspects of the law of war. ... He then traces the decline of this
conception of war in favour of a view of war as an instrument of statecraft,
culminating in the evolution of what became known as the legal institution of war
in the nineteenth century. There is ...

Institutes Of American Law

Author: John Bouvier
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By natural law is also understood the system or collection of those laws arranged
together in a methodical order. The law of nature is superior in obligation to any
other. It is binding in all countries and at all times. No human laws are valid if
opposed to this, and all which are binding derive their authority either directly or
indirectly from it. ' 10. The law of nations is a system of rules, deducible by human
reason from the immutable principles of natural justice, and established by
universal ...

An Enquiry Into The Foundation And History Of The Law Of Nations In Europe From The Time Of The Greeks And Romans To The Age Of Grotius

Author: Robert Ward
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Could it have proceeded without abuse, or was it the lot of mortality to admit of
such perfection of wisdom and virtue in one man j the Institution would have been
admirable ! A common Tribunal was thus supplied where it most was wanted ;
Appeals lay to it from all corners of Europe ; the weak could be upheld ; the
strong could be repressed ; the most divine of all Institutions, Justice, had free
room to display itself ; and the Father of Christendom might really have been
what his name ...

A Practical Treatise On The Law Of Nations Relative To The Legal Effect Of War On The Commerce Of Belligerents And Neutrals

Author: Joseph Chitty
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The only security known to the law of nations upon this subject, independent of
all special covenant, is the right of personal visitation and search, to be exercised
by those who have the interest in making it. ... the distinct authority of Vattel, upon
the institutes of other great maritime countries, as well as those of our own
country, when I venture to lay it down, that, by the law of jiations, as now of visit*-
understood, a deliberate and continued resistance wuchand to 25 ON THE

The Law Of Nations Or Principles Of The Law Of Nature Applied To The Conduct And Affairs Of Nations And Sovereigns

Author: Emer de Vattel
Publisher: The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd.
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These, again, are the civil laws. [ 78 Cl The best laws are useless, if they be not
observed. The ? 160. To nation ought then to take pains to support them, and to
cause enforco them to be respected and punctually executed : with this view em-
she ... We have already observed (§ 41) that the sovereign, who § 161.
represents a nation and is invested with its authority, is also Functions charged
with its duties. ... The emperor Justinian thus begins his book of the Institutes :
Imperatoriam ...

A History Of The Law Of Nations

Author: Thomas Alfred Walker
Publisher: CUP Archive
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... at Novgorod and Constantinople the western dealers met the vendors of furs
and spices from the distant East. The business of maritime insurance proper, as
distinct from mutual sharing of risk, was regularly carried on amongst the Italians
at the end of the fifteenth century, and afforded the chief material for the French
Guidon de Pardewus, a. m, 877. la Mer of a century later. The institution of
Consuls, in the character of magistrates who accompanied vessels upon their
voyages, ...