Fairy Tales By The Brothers Grimm

Author: Gebrüder Grimm
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SWEETHEART ROLAND There was once upon a time a woman who was a real
witch and had two daughters, one ugly and wicked, and this one she loved
because she was her own daughter, and one beautiful and good, and this one
she hated, because she was her stepdaughter. The stepdaughter once had a
pretty apron, which the other fancied so much that she became envious, and told
her mother that she must and would have that apron. 'Be quiet, my child,' said the
old woman ...

The Fairytales Of Brothers Grimm In Modern English Translated

Author: Brothers Grimm
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Sweetheart Roland Once upon a time there was a woman who was a real witch,
and she had a pair of daughters, one ugly and wicked, whom she loved because
she was her own daughter, and one beautiful and good, whom she hated,
because she was her stepdaughter. One time the stepdaughter got herself a
pretty apron, which the other one wanted so badly that she became jealous, and
she told her mother that she had to have it. “Rest easy, my child,” the old woman
said, “and ...

The Truth Is In Dreams Stories And Fairy Tales

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Mother transforms into an ogress eating up the child's life, emotional hopes. This
is helped by the situation where the mother taking care of her children, the
mother archetype, is characterized by tendencies to attach the child to herself in
order to protect him/her. This propensity appears to the child - to the soul within
him/her - as something destroying his/her life. This would appear to be the
foundation for fairy tales where the father remarries, thus bestowing upon the
child an ”evil ...

The Fairy Tales Of The Brothers Grimm

Author: The Brothers Grimm
Publisher: Andrews UK Limited
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The boar ran after him, but the tailor ran round outside and shut the door behind it
, and then the raging beast, which was much too heavy and awkward to leap out
of the window, was caught. The little tailor called the huntsmen thither that they
might see the prisoner with their own eyes. The hero, however, went to the king,
who was now, whether he liked it or not, obliged to keep his promise, and gave
his daughter and the half of his kingdom. Had he known that it was no warlike
hero, ...

The Fairytales Of Charles Perrault For The Modern Reader Translated

Author: Charles Perrault
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She had a pair of daughters from her previous husband who were just like her in
every respect. From his previous wife he had a young daughter, who was very
sweet and good-tempered, having inherited these traits from her mother, who
was the most wonderful woman in the world. As soon as the wedding was over,
the stepmother began to show her true colours. She couldn't stand the fact that
this pretty girl had such good qualities, especially because they made her own
daughters ...

The Fairy Tales In Verse And Prose Les Contes En Vers Et En Prose

Author: Charles Perrault
Publisher: Courier Corporation
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“Really,” her mother said, “I've got to send my daughter there; come, Fanny, see
what falls from your sister's lips when she talks; wouldn't you be happy to have
the same gift? All you need to do is draw water from the spring, and when a poor
woman asks you for a drink, give her one very politely.” “I'd really look like
something,” replied the coarse girl, “going to the spring.” “I want you to go there,”
her mother countered, “and right this minute.” She went, but grumbling all the way
. She took ...

The Golden Age Of Folk And Fairy Tales

Publisher: Hackett Publishing
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ATu 709—snow whiTe This tale type often combines motifs from “Hansel and
Gretel,” “The Maiden without Hands,” and “The Golden Children,” all which touch
on themes related to child abuse or the persecuted heroine. In “Snow White” the
focus is more on the conflict between mother and daughter and mother-in-law
and daughter with regard to envy and beauty. The plot develops in eight phases:
(1) A queen wishes for a daughter with skin as white as snow, lips as red as
blood, and ...

The Fairy Tales Of Oscar Wilde

Author: Dr Jarlath Killeen
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 1409489833
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Here, the beautiful death of the Nightingale appears pointless, not simply
because the Student and his object of interest, the Professor's daughter, fail to
appreciate it (after all, the poor of 'The Happy Prince' fail to understand the
importance of what has been done for them either), but because God does not
intervene at the end to justify that sacrifice. Philip Cohen explicitly argues that '
God ... has deserted the nightingale's world' and believes that the story exposes
the Nightingale's ...