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Author: Douglas Pratt
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Douglas Pratt began reviewing films in 1976 and started The Laser-Disc
Newsletter in 1 984. The newsletter has covered the DVD market since its
inception in 1997. (The name was changed to The DVD-Laser Disc Newsletter in
1999). He lives on Long Island, New York, with his wife Loretta, who teaches
reading, and their children: Ryan, Nathan, Albert, and Lara. The Newsletter is
circulated worldwide and has been quoted in Time, Newsweek, The New York
Times and other major ...

Beyond The Multiplex

Author: Barbara Klinger
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“Laser Disc Collector for Windows," from “The Obsessive Collector," Laser Disc
Newsletter (February 1997): 17. The title of the Laser Disc Newsletter was
changed in 1999 to the DVD-Laser Disc Newsletter to reflect the growth of the
DVD market and subsequent dwindling of laser disc as the digital format of
choice for home exhibition. Online sites that catalog collections for collectors
according to title, director, actor, and so forth, include 29.
Advertisement for Goldwyn ...


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While DVD's proponents have promised that the new format will have a slightly
sharper image than laserdisc George Feltenstein ofMGM/UA (which has 425
lines of resolution, while VHS has 240), it is up to MPEG-2 video compression to
deliver it, and ... David Paul Gregg, the inventor of the laserdisc, wrote this in a
May letter to Douglas Pratt's Laser Disc Newsletter "The frequently published
statement that, in effect, 'DVD will equal or better the quality of laserdisc' is
outrageously false.

Hollywood Sound Design And Moviesound Newsletter A Case Study Of The End Of The Analog Age

Author: David Stone
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mass market never embraced the laser disc: it too was not a recordable medium.
The mass market loves its VCRs. It loves the ability to record even more than it
loves prerecorded video. Marketers are going to say the DVD is cute and sexy,
just like the CD was perceived as cute and sexy when it was introduced. But the
CD differed in that it was strictly an aural medium. Portable high quality music
could be taken anywhere and listened to while we did other things. Video has
never been ...

The Dvd And The Study Of Film

Author: M. Parker
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230119131
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With respect to Criterion's marketing strategies, the best advertising the company
received included excellent reviews for its productions in laserdisc newsletters or
later in online review forums such as Doug Pratt's DVDLaser. Bob Stein would
periodically send a laserdisc to directors whose films he hoped to produce in this
format. Aleen Stein recalls other marketing strategies: in order to attract
customers and generate a mailing list, the company placed advertisements in
magazines ...


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I IONEER offers Renny Harlin's "Cutthroat Island," which stars his wife, Geena
Davis, and Matthew Modine (pan-scan, $44.98; wide, THX, AC-3, $44.98), on
April 23. Coming in May is a letterboxed edition of the acclaimed "Days Of
Heaven" with Richard Gere and Brooke Adams (1978, wide, AC-3, $39.98). 'S 0
NLINE UPDATE: As mentioned in my previous column, in the late spring I will
launch an online/print newsletter devoted to laserdisc and DVD. For more
information, send an ...

Roger Ebert S Movie Yearbook 2011

Author: Roger Ebert
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
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I once tried to enlist Orson Welles in talking through Citizen Kane, and his
response was, “I'm tired of talking about that film.” Douglas Pratt Q. I wonder if you
know what Douglas Pratt, the writer of DVD Laser newsletter, is up to lately. I was
a big fan of his Laserdisc Newsletter in the '90s and thought he was, without
question, one of the best reviewers of films and home video I have ever seen. But
after the '90s, he seems to have vanished. His Web site is now filled with broken
links, and ...

Reference Services And Media

Author: Linda S Katz
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Online. Newletters. Laser Scans: The Laserdisc and DVD Newsletter, a monthly
newsletter distributedonline, is edited and published by Chris McGowan. Email
subscriptions are free. To subscribe, email Chris McGowan at ... About Movies for
Luxembourg ( Home Theater Connection (http:// PBS Previews. Weekly newsletter of PBS Online,
the website ofthe Public Broadcasting Service. Highlights additions to the website


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Except for Warner and Columbia TriStar, which just shipped its first four titles,
Hollywood's out. DVD could starve to death unless minds change by year's end.
Ten player manufacturers implicitly made that point in a spread ad in the April 22
Hollywood Reporter, a few of whose readers can move mountains. The copy
consisted of rave reviews of DVD in publications ranging from The New York
Times and Time to Video magazine and The Laser Disc Newsletter. Meanwhile,
the title count ...