Author: Dayne Edmondson
ISBN: 9780989743594
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The long-time soldier must employ every trick in his arsenal to contain the emergence of the enemy and stave off the destruction of humanity.Emergence is the first installment of a high-octane science fiction series set in the Saga of the ...

The Dark Tide

Author: Dennis L. McKiernan
Publisher: Roc
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7 ® Great Science Fiction from SIGNET E1 El El D El D E] U El El (0451) THE
ALIEN TRACE #1 by HM. Major. (130634--$2.95)' ALIEN TRACE #2: TIME ... (
CALACTIC CLUSTER by lame: Blisll. (121481—42.95)' 'Prices slightly higher in
Canada Buy ... llp Code _._.___i._, Allow 4-6 weeks for dellvery. Thls offer is
subiect to wlthdrawal without notlce. ,— Book One of the Iron Tower Trilogy THE

The Complete Liveship Traders Trilogy Ship Of Magic The Mad Ship Ship Of Destiny

Author: Robin Hobb
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 0007514468
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With curses and sweat they dragged him free, and on the highest tide of that
month, they winched him as far ashore as they could. The retreating tides left him
completely aground. All could see then that it was not just the crew of Paragon
that had suffered a harsh fate. For the figurehead itself was mutilated, hacked
savagely with hatchet bites between brow and nose. Of the ship's dark and
brooding glance, nothing remained but splintered wood. A peculiar star with
seven points, livid ...

Science Fiction And Fantasy Literature 1975 1991

Author: R. Reginald
Publisher: Gale / Cengage Learning
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Inherit the stars. (1977) 2. The gentle giants of Ganymede. (1978) 3. Giants' star. (
1981) 4. Entoverse. (1991) 1-3. The Minervan experiment. (1981) 1-3. The giants
novels. (1991) MlNNBTELD (J.N. Williamson) 1. Ghost mansion. (1981) 2. ...
Fortune of fear. (1986) 6. Death quest. (1987) 7. Voyage of vengeance. (1987) 8.
Disaster. (1987) 9. Villainy victorious. (1987) 10. The doomed planet. (1987)
MrrHGARlAN SERIES (Dennis L. McKieman) Iron Tower Trilogy 1. The dark tide.
(1984) ...

Science Fiction And Fantasy Series And Sequels Books

Author: Tim Cottrill
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Miss Pickerell Goes on a Dig '66 McGrH 7. Miss Pickerell Harvests the Sea '68
McGrH 8, Miss Pickerell and the Weather Satellite ... Miss Pickerell Tackles the
Energy Crisis '80 McGrH McINTYRE, VONDA N. (b.1948) (see "STAR TREK")
McKENNEY, KENNETH Simon Blackstone 1. The Moonchild 2. The Changeling '
85 Avon McKIERNAN, DENNIS L. The Iron Tower Trilogy 1. The Dark Tide 2.
Shadows of Doom 3. The Darkest Day '84 Ebdy '84 Dbdy '84 Dbdy McKILLIP,

Books In Print

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Dark Soldier. Katherine Myers (Avon Romance Ser). xxp 1943 pap. 2.95 op. (
ISBN 0-380-82214-8. 2214-8). Avon. Drt Spiesdor. Andrea Parnell. 1986 pap.
2.95 op. f:SBN 0-451-14482-1, Sig). NAL-Dutton. Dark Star. Leatrice G. Fountain
& John ... 1965. Pap. 1.95 op (ISBN 0-15-623936-1, VoyB). Hararace.J. Dark
Thirty. Terry Kay. 351p. 1984. 16.950si (ISBN 6-671-49932-7. Pub by Poseidon).
S&S. Trade. Dark Thirty. Terry Kay. 1985, pap. 3.95 osi (ISBN 0571-60505-1} PB.
Dark Tide.

Contemporary Theatre Film And Television

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Stackpole, Dark Tide II: Ruin (The New Jedi Order series, book three), Random
House Audio, 2000. lames Luceno, Agents of Chaos I: Hero's Trial (The New Jedi
Order series, book four), Random House Audio, 2000. Roger Macbride Allen,
The Corellian Trilogy Value Collection (contains Ambush at Corel lia, Assault at
Se- lonia, and Showdown at Centerpoint), Random House Audio, 2002. Dave
Wolverton, Star Wars: The Courtship of Princess Leia, Random House Audio,