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Of that essay, Heidegger remarks: "This view of the apparent content of the
principle [of reason] does not attain an insight into what lies closest at hand.
Instead it allows itself to be compelled to take a step that is almost unavoidable [
fast unvermeidlich].Thus we can portray this step as an inference [Den Schritt
konnen wir in einer Schlussfolge also darstellen]" (PR, 45 / SG, 84). In the
seventh lecture Heidegger alludes to what is "virtually unavoidable [zunächst
unvermei- dliche]" (PR, ...

The Epistle Of Paul To The Romans

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establish] ' the righteousness of God, what shall we say? is God uuri hteous who
taketh vengeance [who is inflicting, or, bringing down, the wrath, o mupr'gaw zip!
awn-1?“ (I speak as a man ... 19 Now we know that what things soever the law
saith, it saith to t em who . are under the law: that every month may be stop ed,
and all the world may 20 become guilty before God. Therefore ... Warm dliche d”
Ginnbmslreur brechen, will: ihr Trrubruch die Trzru' Gama: aiJhebeizf—P. 8.] °
Vor. 4.

The Evolution Of The Long Necked Giraffe Giraffa Camelopardalis L

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86, further points there): "Falschaussage, uneidliche [not under oath]
Falschaussage, falsche uneidliche Aussage, the intentional false statement of a
witness or expert, not under oath, in a courtroom or other place where
examinations of witnesses or experts take place (for example, parliamentary
investigation committees). "Falschaussage" will be punished by three months to
five years imprisonment (§ 153 StGB)." What Kutschera here apparently intends
is the criminalization of ...

Astronomical Register

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On the contrary, I have been particularly careful to give him, to the utmost, what
seemed to be his due. RICHD. A. PROCTOR. WHO FIRST ANNOUNCED
BINARY AND DOUBLE STAR THEORIES 2 This has been attributed to
CHRISTIAN MAYER, Electoral Astronomer at Mannheim, by Baron Maedler (“
Populare Astronomie,” Art. 205) who in 1777 published his “Fixed-Star-Satellites,
” and in 1778 his controversy with Father Hell, of Vienna, in his “Gruendliche
Vertheidigung,” &c.

Middle English Dictionary

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consider, think (sth.) over; believe (sth.); contrive or invent [quot. : al400]; (b) with
obj. clause: ~ hou (if, that, what, whether, etc.); (c) with inf.: to think or plan (to do
sth.); strive (to do sth.). (a) al400 Cursor (Frf) 2267: For-bi bat tour hat babiloy- ne.
... and musen a long throwe Whiche is whiche. cl450(l4l0) Walton Boeth.p.203: In
myself I schame,And of my foly,foule I am confused. .bat I haue so masedliche i-
mused [vrr. mused; y missed] Pat man of god was vtterly refused. ?cl450 St.Cuth.

Gnostic Apocalypse

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Of course, Koyre's final position is complicated, for as La philosophie de Jacob
Boehme makes clear, Koyre believes that at least to some extent the Unground is
a placeholder for the real absolute, which is the ungrounded will to manifestation
and self-reflexivity. 23. After a hermeneutic dispensation ruled by law-gospel
binary opposition in which Luther's theology was antidogmatic in principle, in
recent years there is newfound appreciation of the doctrinal depth of Luther's
thought, ...

An Old And Middle English Reader On The Basis Of Prof Julius Zupitza S Alt Und Mittelenglisches Bungsbuch

Author: George Edwin MacLean
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37 Otho 1 C. t>a he Jjffit saede, jpa cwae'S he to him : ' fylig me.' 2) Sa Petrus ...
23 witodliche )>eos spraece com ut geonmang \>&m broSren, J>aet se
leorningcniht ne swelt, 7 ne cwaeS se haelend to hym : ' ne swelt he,' ac : ' J>us
ich wille, J>aet wunie, oSSe ich cume. hwaet to J>e ? ' 24 Sis is se ... whanne
Petre hadde seyn this disciple, he seith to Ihesu : ' lord, what f or- sothe this 1 ' 22
Ihesu seith to him : ' so i wole him dwelle, til i come, what to thee 1 sue thou me.'
28 therfore ...

An Old And Middle English Reader

Author: Julius Zupitza
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2s witodlice Seos spaec com lit ge- mang brobrum, baet se leorningcniht ne swylt
, 7 ne cwaeb se haelend to him : ' ne swylt he,' ac : ' bus ic wylle, baet he wunige,
oS ic cume. hwset to be ? ... Hation 38. ba cwaeS he to hym : 'felge me.' 2J Sa
Peter hine bewente, ba geseah he, baetse leorningcniht hym felgede, be se
haelend lufede se be hlenede on gebeorscipes ofer hys breoste 7 cwaeS: '
drihten, hwset ys se, be be beleweS '! ' 21 witodliche ... what to thcc 1 ' ^ this is
Nero D IV.

Cultures Of Communication From Reformation To Enlightenment

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faith.4 The amount of internal social conflict among villagers made them actually
demand both church and state to deliver the administration of justice and the
preaching of the gospel that were the contemporary rationale of the early modern
police state.5 What remained an issue between the Hessian population
demanding these services and the officers of church and state that were meant to
deliver them were matters of the interpretation of the relevant laws and
regulations, not the ...

Middle English Dictionary

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Labor inthus], is a thynge made with mony turnenges,and a man entrenge in. .
can not comme furthe from hit. . lishtely, and also a thundre dothe appere to men
openenge the durres of hit. (e) (cl460) Bk.Arms in Anc.7 ... masen v.] Foolishly.
cl225 Ancr. (Tit) 94/7: Ah >e bimasede ys-boset, lo, hu masedliche he dide Sette
awummon sateward. cl450 (l4l0) Walton Boeth. p.203: Of my foly foule I am
confused. . And bat I haue so .... What shuld y do but mase in hevynes. 2. Ppl.
mased as adj.