Soviet Bus Stops

Author: Damon Murray
Publisher: Fuel
ISBN: 9780993191183
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These books represent the most comprehensive and diverse collection of Soviet bus stop design ever assembled from: Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia, Abkhazia, Georgia, Lithuania, Latvia ...

The Soviet Biological Weapons Program

Author: Milton Leitenberg
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674065263
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[In] disguised US sabotage. . . saboteurs dispersed the bacteria at Soviet bus
stops at night” [presumably released as an aerosol].64 Burgasov astonishingly
adopted this new explanation, thus replacing his own earlier explanation that had
ap- peared in his own official papers and presentations of the late 1980s, as well
as those of the Soviet government for over a decade. Those had stated that the
anthrax outbreak was due to the distribution of animal food supplements
composed of ...

Rethinking Utopia

Author: David M. Bell
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317486706
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aNext. stop, Siberia! The Strange and Beautiful world of Soviet bus stops« (8,530
shares, The Guardian, 2015);. aThe. Wild Architecture of Soviet-Era Bus Stops« (
1,944 Facebook shares, Wired, 2015); ... like they«re from the future,« (Crack
Two, 2011). Statistics correct as of March 2016. 10. This strange mix of British
confidence and the threat and thrill of Soviet communism is particularly evident in
the work of Public Service Broadcasting¦comfortably the most commercially
successful ...

Soviet Embassy Complex

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Public Transportation The site is well served by the Washington Metropolitan
Area Transportation Authority (WMATA). Service is provided on Massachusetts
Avenue, Wisconsin Avenue and on Tunlaw Road. Wisconsin Avenue is a primary
bus route from Montgomery County into the District. The existing bus routes are
shown in Figure 23 with weekday bus headways tabulated in Table 2. Several
bus stops are conveniently located near the site at Wisconsin Avenue and Fulton
Street, ...

Making The New Post Soviet Person

Author: Jarrett Zigon
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 900418371X
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CHAPTER ONE BACKGROUNDS A window within the window In early
December, 2002 I stepped onto a Moscow city bus in the northeastern section of
town and hoped I would notice my stop. There is nothing easy about finding your
bus stop in the middle of the Moscow winter – only those who have ridden the
same line for months if not years will know where to get off. It is more a matter of
feeling than knowledge or even vision. For once sitting – or more likely standing
– on the ...

Soviet American

Author: Misha Mercedes
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1496950143
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When he brought her to restaurant, she even didn't give him “Thank you kiss” that
he “asked her” with joke... We were laughing latter with him, when he told me that
. And onesI was looking at my (future wife) from far away, somewhere in big party,
But she didn't know, that I am looking. In the results, she became my wife. My
friendlawyer was married for long time,tonice girl. That also I recommended to
him years ago. She happened to live in my neighborhood, and I saw her on bus
stops ...

Warriors Of Disinformation

Author: Alvin A. Snyder
Publisher: Arcade Publishing
ISBN: 9781559703895
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While it was permissible to listen to foreign shortwave radio broadcasts within the
Soviet Union in the privacy of one's home, as long as information was not
disseminated, a person could be arrested and sent to jail if he or she played a
Western shortwave program out in the open, such as on a street corner, so that
others could hear it. This the government considered to be a criminal act.46 A
Ukrainian dissident named Dmitri Mazur listened to a foreign radio station at a
bus stop and ...

Soviet Youth

Author: Dorothea L. Meek
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781136281907
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There are new houses here, ornamental iron railings, stone flower potsand pillars
. Not long ago this wasa wilderness, andthelittle township of attractive small
houses has grownup inthe last five or six years. But surely the architects and
directors of the combine must have known thatthepeoplewhosettled here would
immediately need alaundry andashoerepairshop, neither of whichexist. A
dustystreet fullof potholes leads throughthe suburbto the bus stop. Earlyinthe
morning, longbefore ...

What Is Soviet Now

Author: Thomas Lahusen
Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster
ISBN: 3825806405
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Identities, Legacies, Memories Thomas Lahusen, Peter H. Solomon. The journey
to less remote colonies is not always easy because many have extra-urban
locations, as Maria visiting one of the colonies outside Berezniki, also in Perm
oblast, describes: The bus from Perm is comfortable with TV and video and costs
150 rubles one way. It takes about three to three and one-quarter hours. The bus

Life Stories Of Soviet Women

Author: Melanie Ilic
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135094713
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When Katya arrived back at the dacha and was there to cook for the boys,
nobody met me at the bus stop in the evening any more! Once I'd got the
additional education in patenting I wanted to be promoted at the institute. I
wanted to move up from the junior researcher position to the senior researcher
position, and I wanted to work only with patents and nothing else. At that time
there were no patents as such in the Soviet Union, but there were avtorskie
svidetel'stva, something like ...