Parliamentary Debates

Author: New Zealand. Parliament. House of Representatives
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Indeed, if there were an operational loss for a time in the running of the
corporation, there could still be a tremendous saving in the invisible payment
incurred at present in shipping our goods overseas. A shipping line such as that
envisaged in the Bill shows tremendous promise for New Zealand. I draw the
attention of Opposition members to the final paragraph of The Shoestring
Shipping Line, by Captain Blair, in which he indicates that there is a distinct
advantage in the setting up of ...

Great Ship Disasters

Author: Kit Bonner Carolyn Bonner
ISBN: 9781610606806
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Aside from mechanical, engineering, and safety- equipment maintenance aboard
ship, poor financial management can also affect a ship. Bankruptcy can cause
one to be laid up for long periods of time, and it requires a lot of attention to bring
a ship back to normal operating condition. Unfortunately, there are shipping
companies that operate on a shoestring budget and stretch the life of older
vessels beyond what is safe. These companies are often just one-ship
companies, and if the ...

W Rterbuch Der Geologie Dictionary Of Geology

Author: Volker Schweizer
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3827422620
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Seifenzinn n (Cornwall) shoding Oberflächenerkundung fauf Zinn (Cornwall)
shoestring gully erosion Rinnenerosion f shoestrings Linsenlagerstätte f(
Lagerstätte im Bereich fossiler Flussläufe) shoestring sandschmale,
langgestreckte Sandlinsef, ... Seebuhnef, Strandbuhnef shore-laid sediments
Küstenablagerungen pl, Küstensedimente pl shore land Strandgebiet n,
Küstengebiet n shorelevel displacement Strandverschiebungf shoreline
Küstenlinief, Strandlinief, Uferlinief, Litoral n, ...

The Shoestring Girl

Author: Annie Jean Brewer
Publisher: Annienygma
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being my niche if I ever get around to downsizing specializing in one line of
product. I received my “training” for reselling by way of tons of YouTube videos,
podcasts, Pinterest and watching what other people do. But as has mostly been
the case throughout my life I've found nothing better than literally just getting in
there and trying your hand at something. What's the worst that can happen? You
make a mistake and you learn from that mistake! Sure, free shipping is what a lot
of people ...

Shoestrings To The Stars

Author: Joan Post
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1587216574
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"I attended the Market Week celebration recently and watched you fly that little
ship of yours. I'd like to book you in for a date at the ... He was not acquainted
personally with the gentleman on the line, and his first reaction was one of
caution. "Well, sir, that sounds like an interesting ... This time would be necessary
so that he could build shipping crates for the plane, and dismantled it and pack it
for shipping by rail to Ohio for the Labor Day flights. The era of cross-country
flying had not ...

Pons Grammatik Englisch Kurz B Ndig

Author: Marieluise Schmitz
Publisher: PONS
ISBN: 9783125175860
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1129 etw mit wenig Geld machen shoe·string 'com·pa·ny n finanzschwache. 1127
befahrene Wasserstraße; weather forecast for ~ Seewetterbericht m (
transportation of goods) Versand m; (by ship) Verschiffung f 'ship·ping agen·cy n
Schiffsagentur f; (courier) Zustelldienst m, Kurierdienst m; (for packages also)
Paketdienst m 'ship·ping agent n (courier) Zustelldienst m, Kurierdienst m (
shipper) Schiffsagent(in) m(f); (company also) Seehafenspediteur m ship·ping
and 'han·dling n no pl ...

American Shipping

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A SHIP line built up "on a shoestring." A desperate bet fresh which returned more
than 100 to 1. A venture which opened up a great and valuable traffic to a Pacific
coast port. These are expressions in which west coast shippers characterize the
Port of Astoria's; flyer in the Hawaiian trade and the signal success which a i
tended its pioneering. Five months ago a service was established between the
Columbia river and the Hawaiian islands. The port of Astoria, the seaport at the ...

Home Based Business For Beginners How To Start A Business On A Shoestring From Your Own Home

Publisher: Productive Publications
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... pieces of information can be collected including shipping address, any special
instructions and a phone number in case writing cannot be deciphered or in case
of delivery problems. Such an order form can be ... Another way to facilitate
payment is to allow the customer to call on a toll-free line or other phone number
so that the credit card information can be given over the phone. Obviously, this
requires the ... How to Start a Business on a Shoestring from Your. 103 Chapter 9
Offer ...