Loving Him Well

Author: Gary L. Thomas
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 0310341906
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In Loving Him Well, Gary Thomas builds on concepts from his bestselling book Sacred Marriage to reveal the inner workings of a man’s heart and mind.

Simply Sacred

Author: Gary L. Thomas
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 0310586755
Size: 44.66 MB
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Daily Readings Gary L. Thomas. Books by Gary Thomas Authentic Faith
Devotions for a Sacred Marriage Devotions for Sacred Parenting The Glorious
Pursuit Holy Available Pure Pleasure Sacred Influence Sacred Marriage Sacred
Parenting Sacred Pathways Thirsting for God ZONDERVAN Simply Sacred
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Sermons And Sketches Of Sermons

Author: Richard Watson
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The best human compositions possess not that impressiveness, that power,
those heart-searching qualities, that comforting influence, which-our Scriptures
possess, and that because they are the word of God. “The word of God is quick
and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the
dividing asunder of soul and spirit; and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents
of the heart.” The word is but the expression of the mind of God, accompanied by
the sacred ...

Illustrations Of Biblical Literature Exhibiting The History And Fate Of The Sacred Writings From The Earliest Period To The Present Century

Author: James Townley
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The light of divine truth, which, during the sixteenth century, had been diffusing its
sacred influence through a great part of Europe, and dispelling the shades of
superstition and ignorance, shone with peculiar lustre in the seventeenth century,
and rendered it an age of profound Biblical learning and labours. The Oriental
languages were assiduously studied, Biblical criticism engaged the talents and
the pens of the most distinguished scholars, and the Holy Scriptures issued from
the ...

The Moral Influence Of Slavery

Author: William Bevan
Size: 54.16 MB
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The most sacred bonds of family and connubial relation and happiness are
annihilated, to gratify the lust of the impure. With the fruits of infamy, the markets
of human flesh are glutted. The wages of unrighteousness are gathered from
lawless and licentious passion. The virgin in her chastity, — the mother in her
agony, — the weak in their debility, — the aged in their decrepitude, — the dying
in their extremity, find the door of the heart barred against them. Despoiled of
their title to ...

Die Jahreszeiten Des Jacob Thomson

Size: 73.39 MB
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... The glowing cheek, the mild dejected air, The softened feature, and the beating
heart, Pierc'd deep with many a virtuous pang 4 declare. 9ze O'er all the soul his
sacred influence breathes! Inflames imagination; thro' the breast Infuses every
tenderness; and far Beyond dim earth exalts the swelling thought. Ten thousand
thousand fleet ideas, such 925 As *Ä9 C#s Nein, o laßt nicht das Schießgewehr,
vom unmenschlichen 254 A U T UM N.

Short Sketch Of The Life And Works Of Guru Gobind Singh

Author: Bhagat Lakshman
ISBN: 9788120605763
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... hears them recited, a thrill runs through one's whole frame. The grosser nature
seems then to be entirely subdued in the holy presence; and though when this
sacred influence is removed it may recover its power over the frail man, it may be
said with justice that for the time the sacred influence lasts the worshipper feels,
as it were, completely purified and fit to of Ram Rai and other Sodhi claimants to
the Gaddi ...

James Thomson S Jahrszeiten

Size: 43.28 MB
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The softened feature, and the beating heart, Pierc'd deep with many a virtuous
pang, declare. -- O'er all the soul his sacred influence brea- - thes! >> Inflames
imagination; thro' the breast e C on s t r u c t i on. - v x V. 1ooo. Woods, Fields,
Gardens, Orchards and all the desolated Prospect round thrills the Soul. She
comes, she comes in every Breeze, the Goddess of philosophic Melancholy
comes! the sudden starting Tear, the glowing Cheek, the mild dejected Air, the
softened Feature, ...

The English Version Of The Polyglott Bible Containing The Old And New Testaments

Size: 29.52 MB
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OF THE POLYGLOTT BIBLE. WI. But the instruction diffused, through the
Scriptures, respecting VIII. Further, the Scriptures are not merely intended to lead
men to the gracious and indispensable ope-godliness: they are intended also to
rations of the Holy Ghost the Sanc- exemplify it. Repentance, Faith, tifier, has not
been forgotten: and Hope, Charity, and Devotion, are the references on this
article will here exhibited in the most perfect shew, that, as to his sacred influence
models; and ...