Plato S Staat Classic Reprint

Author: Plato Plato
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Author: Jaap Mansfeld
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Gigon, О. (1976) Gegenwärtigkeit und Utopie, eine Interpretation von Platons '
Staat'; Erster Band: Buch I-IV (Zürich/München). Guthrie, W. K. C. (1975) Л History
of Greek Philosophy, 6 vols. (Cambridge). Hoerber, R. G. (1945) 'Character
Portrayal in Plato's Lysis', The Classical Journal 41, 271-273. Kahn, C. H. (1983) '
Drama and Dialectic in Plato's ... Lectures on the Republic of Plato, (London);
reprint of the second edition of 1901. Nicholson, P. P. (1974) 'Unravelling
Thrasymachus' ...

Das Wissen Vom Guten

Author: Marcel van Ackeren
Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing
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Platons politiktheoretische Auseinandersetzung mit Kallikles, Thrasymachos und
Protagoras, in: Zeitschrift fiir philosophische Forschung 42 (1988), S. 570—596
Schofield, M.: Who were 0i Sucxapeig in Plato, Philebus 44a ff], in: Museum ...
Logic of Speculative Ethics, in: Studies in Classical Philology 1(1895), S. 188—
239 Shorey, P.: Republic, London 1930 Shorey, P.: What Plato said, Chicago
1933 Shorey, P.: The Unity of Plato's Thought, Chicago 1968 (reprint from 1903)
Sidgwick, ...

Catalogue Of Books Pt 1 Greek And Latin Classics With Commetaries And Translations

Author: Henry George Bohn
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PLATO. — Translations— continued. Plato's Works, translated Ъу Taylor, б vols,
royal 4to. calf gilt, £5. 15* 6d 1804 Taylor's Plato contains all the Dialogues
translated by Sydenham, and in addition to them the following : The Republic,
The Laws, The Epinomis, The Timasus, The Critias, The Parmenides, The
Sophista, The Phaedrus, The Thesetetus, The Politicus, The Minos, The Apology
of Socrates, The Crito, The Pha:do, The Oorgias, The Euthyphro, The Protagoras,
The Theages, ...

Guide To Reprints

Author: Albert James Diaz
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Francis M - Routtedge 1935, repr 1997 - 390p - us Hackett sb - $16.95 - 0-87220-
386-7 hb - $42.00 - 0-87220-387-5 Platos "gesetze" / Ritler, Constantin - 1896,
repr Aalen, 1985 - 2v in 1v, ix/162p/ix/416p - hb ... repr 1992 - (copubl in uk by
bristol classical press) - 512p - sb - $16.95 - 0-87220-140« - US Hackett Politics :
books 3 and 4 see under 320 Politik und philosophie bel plato und artstoteies :
die Stellung der "nomoP im platonischen gesamtwerk und die politische théorie
des ...

The Figure Of Joseph In Post Biblical Jewish Literature

Author: Maren Niehoff
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9789004095564
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23 See especially: E. Barker, The Political Thought of Plato and Aristotle, Dover
reprint of ed. 1906, pp. 1 - 16; T.A. Sinclair, A History of Greek Political Thought,
London 1951, especially ch. VIII-X; V. Ehrenberg, Der Staat der Griechen, Zurich
1965, pp. 290-302; A.E. Taylor, Plato: The Man and his Work, Meridian 1956; J.
Annas, An Introduction to Plato's Republic, Oxford 1981 ; G. Klosko, The
Development of Plato's Political Theory, New York 1986. 24 For a background,
see: Epicurus, ...

Plato S Sophist

Author: Lambertus Marie de Rijk
Publisher: Royal Netherlands Academy of
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Heft 36 (Gottingen 1972) Dies, Auguste [ 1 93 1 ] Definition de I'itre et Nature des
Idles dans le Sophiste de Platon, 2e edition non re- maniee. Paris 1931 (first ed.
1909; reprint Paris 1963) Dies, Auguste [ 1 950] Notice to the Bude edition of the
Craty- lus Ebert, Theodor [1974] Meinung und IVissen in der Philosophie Platons.
Untersuchungen zum 'Char- mides', 'Menon' und 'Staat' (Berlin- New York, 1974)
Festugiere, A.M.J. [1950] Contemplation et vie contemplative selon Platon.

A Mirror Of Rabbinic Hermeneutics

Author: Giuseppe Veltri
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
ISBN: 311036641X
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6 Volumes. New York: Ktav, 1977–1986 (reprint in 2 vols., Peabody, MA, 2002.
Nilsson, Martin P. “Studien zur Vorgeschichte des Weihnachtsfestes.” Archiv für
Religionswissenschaft 19 (1916/19): 50–150. Noethlichs, Karl L. Das Judentum
und ... Plato. Laws: trans. Benjamin Jowett. Available online at
edu//Plato/ laws.html (accessed October 2014) Plato. Timaeus vol. IX, translated
by R. G. Bury. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1989. Pliny the Elder,
The ...