Original Porsche 911 1964 1998

Author: Peter Morgan
Publisher: Motorbooks
ISBN: 0760353034
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The definitive guide to 100% original and correct Porsche 911 restoration, this book covers every inch of each air-cooled 911 generation in precise detail.

Porsche 997 2004 2012

Author: Adrian Streather
Publisher: Veloce Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1845846206
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Porsche Excellence Adrian Streather ... At the time of writing there have been
only three basic Porsche 911 platforms from which each succeeding series has
been developed • The original over model years 1964-1998. • 996 and 997
series over model years 1997-2012. • 991 series from model year 2012 to the
present. Model year 2013 997 Turbo model prices Model Base price Turbo
Coupé $US137,500 Turbo S Coupé $US160,700 Turbo Cabriolet $US149,000
Turbo S Cabriolet ...

The Complete Book Of Porsche 911

Author: Randy Leffingwell
Publisher: Motorbooks
ISBN: 9780760349809
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In this book, you'll find the air-cooled cars of 1963 to 1998, then the water-cooled 911s of 1998 to present day. See the 911 Classic, the 964 series, 993 series, and 996 and 997 series.

Porsche 914

Author: Richard Gooding
Publisher: The Crowood Press
ISBN: 1785001523
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from the 1964 original). Purists were horrified at the loss of the aircooled engine
tradition, but the horizontallyopposed 'flat' layout was retained, the new car still
being powered by a 6cylinder engine. The 418bhp 996 Turbo made its debut in
2000. With an engine based on the that of the 1998 GT1 Le Manswinning racing,
power was formidable. A year later, the 314km/h (195mph) 911 GT2 debuted,
while base Carrera models saw engine outputs increase to 320bhp. All 911s
gained ...


Author: Dennis Adler
Publisher: Motorbooks International
ISBN: 0760351902
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OPPOSITE : The Porsche 911's thirtieth anniversary display featured a new Type
993 model and a 1964 coupe. ... It was with this historical imperative in mind that
Porsche designed the RS America to emulate the first 911 Carrera models. The
cars ... The 1998 model year marked the end of a thirty-five-year era in Porsche
history—the last 911 models powered by an air-cooled flat-six boxer engine, with
the exception of the 911 Targa, which was carried over into the 1999 model year.

Metropolitan Home

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The original is no longer in production, but knockoffs abound. 2(a) The paragon
of sports car design, Ferdinand Porsche's 911 dates back to 1964. The body of
the 1998 model (which sells for over $60,000) is almost identical to the original. 3
(b) Libbey's classic tumblers, designed by Freda Diamond in 1949, were one of
the first forms for cheap, machine-made glassware. 4(a) Wedgwood's black
basalt teapot, which the company historian says was introduced around 1820,
was ...

Original Triumph Tr7 Tr8

Author: Bill Piggott
Publisher: Motorbooks International
ISBN: 0760309728
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This book is guaranteed to come to the rescue of owners attempting to determine which parts, accessories, and colours will restore their vehicle to factory-original condition.

Popular Mechanics

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There's a whole new look and feel to the PMZone, already the recipient of
numerous awards in its original format. The new Zone is faster to use, ... More
important, we rethought the button functions so you can navigate to your
destination without clicking POPULAR MECHANICS - FEBRUARY 1998 - | roo to
| witarso content on the PMZone. | Web-only channels such E.R. ... PM 49
AUTOMOBILES 1999 Porsche 911 Carrera • Porsche has given us. semens

Britannica Book Of The Year 2013

Author: Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc.
Publisher: Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc.
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Porsche, Ferdinand Alexander (“BUTZI”), German automobile designer (b. Dec.
11, 1935, Stuttgart, Ger.—d. April 5, 2012, Salzburg, Austria), was the grandson
of automobile pioneer Ferdinand Porsche, the son of Ferdinand Anton Ernst (“
Ferry”) Porsche, and the creator of the original model and design drawings for the
Porsche 911. That iconic sports car, introduced to the public in 1963 and offered
for sale in 1964, became one of the auto manufacturer's most successful and
enduring ...