On Her Majesty S Frightfully Secret Service

Author: Rhys Bowen
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0698410254
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In the new Royal Spyness Mystery from the New York Times bestselling author of Crowned and Dangerous, Lady Georgiana Rannoch juggles secret missions from the Queen, Darcy, and her mother.

On Her Majesty S Secret Service

Author: Ian Fleming
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I'm afraid you'd find it frightfully dry stuff.” “Oh, no, I wouldn't. ... They followed her
meekly. Bond was amused by the little undercurrent of rule-breaking that went on
among the girls—the typical resistance pattern to strict discipline and the
governessy ways of this hideous matron. He must be careful how he handled it,
useful though it was proving. It wouldn't do to get these girls too ... to uncoil
Bond's tensions. His headache, instead of occupying his [148] On Her Majesty's
Secret Service.

The Musical World

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The girl, however, has a lover who is frightfully jealous, and conies and makes a
scene in the painter's room, after singing a barcarole outside, to let them know he
is coming. He is just threatening his ... The bland, suave, and ever-buoyant ex-
dircctor of her Majesty's Theatre, London, Lumley, is at the head of an Italian
operatic company, who have just amalgamated with that of the Regio Theatre in
Turin, through the intervention, it is said, of an exalted personage. Verily, Lumley,
thou art ...

The Queen S Necklace Or The Secret History Of The Court Of Louis Xvi

Author: Alexandre Dumas
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But now that all your affairs are settlod here, we had better, if you will take my
advice, withdraw as soon as possible, you will go and thank his majesty, ask
what orders he lias to give you, and in six days days we shall see tlio towers of
Notre Dame." " My friend, I am ... "I will go and take leave of a few persons, and
after that he at your service." " Will you ... D'Artagnan thought it would be
indecorous to interrupt his majesty's gaiety, and therefore assumed a most
modest look. " By the by," ...

The Philanthropist And Prison And Reformatory Gazette Continued As The Philanthropist And Social Science Gazette

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Sib, — As an impartial " Philanthropist," you have well maintained your name, for
which I sincerely thank you, in bringing under public notice the frightfully
excessive and unchristian punishment Which has been inflicted on me, through
my dismissal, Dec 12, 1856, for having, at the Chaplain, " offended the superior
officers" of the " Defence" Convict Hulk, at Woolwich, and which punishment, now
.... obedient Servant, J. K. Walpole, Late Chaplain in Her Majesty's Convict

The Spectator

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A class of Frenohmen are frightfully bitter against England, mainly from envy of
her expansion ; but the permanent idea of the nation, and especially of the Army,
is to " restore its glory " by winning a pitched battle against Germany, and to
recover its provinces or compensation for them. A war with England must be a
maritime war, and victory at sea is not the French peasant's ideal. The debate of
yesterday week on Mr. Jeffreys's amendment to the Address, regretting that her
Majesty's ...

Chambers S Journal

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The case of the latter individual was further considered by the general, who
cancelled his remission of Scales's discharge with ignominy, so that Her
Majesty's —th Regiment of foot was happily enabled to get rid of a knave. I may
now relate my final ... The case was then remitted to the guartermaster, who had
the handcuffs examine by the armourer; and that functionary having reported
them unfit for service, I was mulcted in the sum required for a new pair. I paid the
charge without ...

Reynold S Political Instructor

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For the entertainment of the Bishop of Antigua and his Chaplain, during a
passage from Dominica to Montserret, on board Her Majesty's sloop Persian, For
the entertainment of the Bishop of Jerusalem and suite, during a passage from
Malta to Jaffa, ... foreign, £37,555, colonial, £10,134; council, £29,137; paymaster
general's £19,000; poor law commissioners, £54,861; public works, Ireland, £
20,304; secret service, £10,215 (what is this for ?, Powell and the other blood-
thirsty spies?)

Halliwell S Who S Who In The Movies

Author: Leslie Halliwell
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The Secret Rapture 93. England. My England (as John Dryden) (TV) 95. etc. 66
One reason I've never chased after films is that once you become :1 film star. you
really can't stop. because you have to be before the public's eye all the time. I
wouldn't care for that. Also. in ... You have to make mostly bad films. or films that
aren't frightfully That wouldn't interest me - not that l've ever been offered the
opportunity. - R.S. Film acting is ... On Her Majesty's Secret Service 69, etc.
Starling, Ford ...

Chamber S Journal Of Popular Literature Science And Arts

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... w that Her Majesty's — th Regiment of foot 'aa happily enabled to get rid of a
knave. I may now relate my final experience with regard to the foregoing
adventure. The sergeant of the barrack-guard reported the roughly repaired
handcuffs to the orderly officer, who mentioned the matter in the return he sent to
Hie orderly-room. The case was then remitted to the quartermaster, who had the
handcuffs examined by the armourer ; and that functionary having reported them
unfit for service, ...