Of The Dominion Or Ownership Of The Sea

Author: John Selden
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London: William Du-Gard, 1652. xliii, 200, 37 pp. Reprinted 2004 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN 1-58477-272-7. Cloth. $110. * Reprint of the first edition in English.

Mare Clausum The Right And Dominion Of The Sea In Two Books Written At First In Latin Formerly Translated Into English And Now Perfected And Restored By J H

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Which also is especially to bee consider'd. The Testimonies of Edgar and
Canutus, Kings of England, with others expressly declaring the Dominion which
they and their predecessors had over the Sea; toge. ther with an observation
touching the o, tions which in that age were seated upon the opposite Shore.
CHAP. XII. ... bis Pilgrimage, part. 3. lib.3. cap. 19-pag. 619. . c Edward Edgaru,
Anglorum Basileus omnimous segum insularum,0s. anique Ownership of the Sea
. Chap.XII. 273.

World Dictionary Of Foreign Expressions

Author: Gabriel Adeleye
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Mastery over the sea. dominium maris Balthici n. [L. dominium ownership, rule,
dominion (1); maris (of) sea (3); Balthici of Baltic (2): sovereignty of the Baltic sea.
] Mastery over the Baltic Sea. dominium non potest esse in pendenti. [L.
dominium ownership, rule, dominion (1); non not (3); potest can, is able (2); esse
to be (4); in in, on (5); pendenti hanging, being suspended (6): Ownership cannot
be in hanging.] Ownership cannot be held in suspense/ abeyance. dominium
plenum or ...

A Law Dictionary Containing Definitions Of The Terms And Phrases Of American And English Jurisprudence Ancient And Modern

Author: Henry Campbell Black
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41, 2, 17, 1; Calvin. The right which a lord had in the fee of his tenant In this
sense the word is very clearly distinguished by Bracton from dominicum. The
estate of a feoffee to uses. ."The feoffees to use shall have the dominium, and the
cestui que use the disposition." Latch. 137. Sovereignty or dominion. Dominium
maris, the sovereignty of the sea. — Dominium directum. In the civil law. Strict
ownership ; that which was founded on strict law, as distinguished from equity. In
later law.

A Sea For Encounters

Author: Stella Borg Barthet
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Each one demonstrates a unique vision of dominion, cultivation, and conversion.
While English Christianity provided “the cement which held the [English] nation
together,”11 it was often incompatible with the aims of conversion and radical
cultivation of colonial territory. The very assumptions embedded in the notion of a
state religion or state church, such as the intersection of secular and religious
interests, communal ownership, and the relative insignificance of missionary
outreach, ...

Sovereignty And Ownership In The Marginal Sea And Their Relation To Problems Of The Continental Shelf

Author: Price Daniel
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Yes German. Institutionen des prakti.ichen V Hiker- rechts in Fricdenszeiten,
Hanover. (Translated from original edition.) "The coastal sea is that part of the
sea which washes upon the coasts of a state, as far as it can be ruled from the
shore. It is now generally taken that this dominion extends for the range of heavy
cannon mounted on the shore." (p. 156.) "These boundaries include the land and
the waters with the natural resources contained therein, the coastal waters (
coastal seas, ...

Catalogue Of The Splendid And Valuable Library Of The Late John Rennie Esq

Author: John Rennie
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Hispaniae, Lusitaniae, Æthiopiae et Indiae scriptores varii, 3 vol. - - - Francf. 1603
Suetone Tranquile des Faictz et Gestes des Douze Cesars, black letter, wood
cuts, Paris, Galliot du Pré, 152O Selden on the Dominion or Ownership of the
Sea, translated by Nedham, - - 1652 Slatyer's History of Great Britanie, in Verse,
russia, gilt leaves. Sterline's (Earl of) Recreations with the Muses, russia, gilt
leaves, - - - - 1637 Sprigge's England's Recovery, Portrait cf Sir Thomas Fairfax,
and Plan of ...