The Science And Politics Of Global Climate Change

Author: Andrew E. Dessler
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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Reviewers occasionally fail to notice an obvious mistake, and there are some
types of error that reviewers usually cannot catch. They cannot tell if the author
misread observations of an instrument, or wrote a number down wrong, or if
chemical samples used in an experiment were contaminated. Moreover, peer
review often cannot identify clever fraud, such as the rare cases where the
scientific work being reported was not really done at all. But peer review is only
the first of many ...

Science In Democracy

Author: Mark B. Brown
Publisher: MIT Press
ISBN: 026201324X
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Despite the exhaustiveness of her study on the concept of representation, Pitkin
said very little about representation in science. She suggested, however, that it
would be something of a category mistake to view scientific representation as
intertwined with political representation. “The expert scientist solving a technical
problem is not representative at all, is not deciding anything, is not pursuing
anybody's interest.”1 Pitkin briefly considered the argument that experts such as
doctors and ...

Essays Scientific Political And Speculative Containing Seven Essays Not Before Published And Various Other Additions Complete

Author: Herbert Spencer
Publisher: Library of Alexandria
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introspection enabling them in all cases to say what consciousness testifies;
whereas a great proportion of men are incapable of correctly interpreting
consciousness in any but its simplest modes, and even the remainder are liable
to mistake for dicta of consciousness what prove on closer examination not to be
its dicta. Take the case of an arithmetical blunder. A boy adds up a column of
figures, and brings out a wrong total. Again he does it and again errs. His master
asks him to go ...

The Science And Politics Of I Q

Author: Leon J. Kamin
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 0898591295
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The studies of separated MZ twins have ignored the correlated environments of
the twins, as well as artifacts produced by the confounding of age with I.Q. and by
unconscious experimenter bias. The apparent genetic orderliness of summaries
of kinship correlations reflects systematic bias and arbitrary selection of data.
There is in fact much that is not known, and what is known is no more consistent
with a genetic than an environmental interpretation. The kinship data seem not to
have ...


Author: Felipe Fernandez-Armesto
Publisher: Macmillan
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On matters of science and politics, however, embarrassingly inexpert episodes
have had the effect of deterring definitive pronouncements. In 1632 Galileo was
arraigned for unlicensed teaching ofthe ... But these forays into science and
politics are no longer made with the authority of the Church. Scientific mistakes,
St Augustine points out, do not invalidate religious authority, unless divine
support is claimed for them. Willingness to accept the truth you are told on human
authority is a ...

The New Science Of Politics

Author: Eric Voegelin
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9780226861142
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This fallacy is not simply a theoretical mistake concerning the meaning of the
eschaton, committed by this or that thinker, perhaps an affair of the schools. On
the basis of this fallacy, Gnostic thinkers, leaders, and their followers interpret a
concrete society and its order as an eschaton; and, in so far as they apply their
fallacious construction to concrete social problems, they misrepresent the
structure of immanent reality. The eschatological interpretation of history results
in a false picture ...

Politics And Experience

Author: Preston King
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521148221
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An occasional critic might charge social scientists with the mistake of treating
philosophical questions as empirical ones,2 but as resistance dwindled it was
increasingly assumed that the case had been proven for applying scientific
methods to the study of politics, that it was indeed science that was being applied
, and, consequently, that the time was not distant when political science would
enjoy the two main benefits of science, precise and cumulative knowledge. It is
now ...

The Science Of Political Economy

Author: Henry George
Publisher: Cosimo, Inc.
ISBN: 1596059788
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Deductive and inductive schools — New American Cyclopedia quoted— Triumph
of the inductionists— The method of induction and the method of deduction—
Method of hypothesis — Bacon's relation to induction — Real error of the
deductionists and the mistake of the inductionists — Lator's Cyclopedia quoted —
Result of the triumph of the inductionists — A true science of political economy
must follow the deductive method — Davis's Elements of Inductive Logic quoted
— Double ...

Social Science And Political Theory

Author: W. G. Runciman
Publisher: CUP Archive
ISBN: 9780521095624
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... Even if it is a mistake to look for general theories of society, and even if all
theories in the social sciences are bound to be subject to limitations from which
the natural sciences are exempt, it is still worth asking how far any particular
social science may have progressed in the direction of a full- fledged theory. In
political science, there is in fact one and only one serious candidate for such a
theory — using theory in its non-prescriptive sense — apart from Marxism. Not
even its strongest ...