No Longer A Gentleman

Author: Mary Jo Putney
Publisher: Zebra Books
ISBN: 1420128531
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Grey Sommers, Lord Wyndham, never met a predicament he couldn't charm his way out of.

An Officer But No Gentleman

Author: Bronwyn Scott
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1460326369
Size: 33.19 MB
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She'd not thought things would progress this far. She'd waited, fully expecting the
novelty of the road would wear off amid the dirty, dusty realities of travel. She'd
waited, thinking the sensual edge he roused so thoroughly, so regularly, would
dull after nights in his arms. But neither had happened. If anything, the sensuality
between them had grown, enhanced by long conversations throughout the day.
Theirs was no longer the physical joining of strangers but the intimacy of lovers
who ...

No Role For A Gentleman

Author: Gail Whitiker
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1460315707
Size: 18.68 MB
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no longer be of any concern what Laurence Bretton thought of her. He had
communicated very clearly his lack of feelings when he had made the decision
not to tell her the truth about Valentine Lawe— 'Lady Joanna.' Her fingers froze
on the spine of the book at hand. 'Mr Bretton.' 'Forgive me for having interrupted
your browsing.' 'You did not.' Joanna pulled out the book and dropped it into her
basket. 'I found what I was looking for.' She had no idea what the book was, nor
did she ...

Register Of Debates In Congress

Author: United States. Congress
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A political or geographical vote could not have that effect any where; and
therefore he hoped not to see such a vote. A single other remark, (Mr. W. said,)
and he would occupy the attention of the Senate no longer. The gentlemen from
the South assure us they have no apprehensions for their safety, and for the
safety of their respective States, let the present excitement result as it may. It was
pleasant to him to hear these assurances. They were calculated to do good every
where; but he ...

The British Moralist Or Young Gentleman And Lady S Polite Preceptor

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And does not Bagshot deserve equal honour, sor throwing back a shilling to the
man, whose person he had insulted, and whose son he had stabbed to the heart
? Alexander did not ravish or massacre she women he found in the tent of Darius
; neither did honest Bagshot kill the gentleman whom he had plundered, when he
was no longer able tP resist. If Bagshot, then, is justly dragged to prison, amidst
the tumult of rage, menaces, and execrations ; let Alexander, whom the lords of ...

An Obese White Gentleman In No Apparent Distress

Author: Riki Moss
Publisher: Blue Snake Books
ISBN: 9781583942703
Size: 13.70 MB
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From the black sky now pours a curtain of impenetrable rain. He shifts into
second gear, slides between the shadows he trusts mark both sides of the road.
He drives and drives, not noticing when he mistakenly veers left at a fork on a dirt
road. It's only by the change in the quality of the light that he realizes he's no
longer paralleling the lake; instead, he's headed west toward it. By then it's too
late: he's on a slight downward turn, the brakes shuddering with the strain. Lena
stands at the ...

Pelham Or The Adventures Of A Gentleman By Edward Bulwer Lytton

Author: Edward Bulwer Lytton Lytton
Size: 48.85 MB
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But I was not of a temper to brook the tauntings, or the encroachment of my own
creature; it had been with but an ill grace that I had endured his familiarity, when I
absolutely required his services, much less could [suffer his intrusion when those
services—services not of love, but hire — were no longer necessary. Thornton ,
like all persons of his stamp , has a low pride, which I was constantly offending.
He had mixed with men, more than my equals in rank, on a familiar footing, and
he ...

A Perfect Gentleman

Author: Sarah McCulloch
Publisher: Diversion Books
ISBN: 1626814333
Size: 13.52 MB
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She was encouraged, at least, to believe that she had not changed quite as much
as she had feared. It was Richard who had changed; she could not but notice it (
any more than she could help but think of him as Richard). If physically there had
been no material alteration, other than the etching in of a few extra lines—the
slight hardening of the jaw, a new firmness about the mouth—mentally the
intervening years would seem to have taken their toll. He was no longer the
carefree youth ...

The Gentleman S Magazine

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S UP P E M E N T Gentleman's Magazine, - For the YEAR 1744. ... Yoo done; but
shall endeavour, first, to shew that there is no necessity of employing the
Hanevroan troops, and then that it is indispensably necessary to dismiss them. ...
ton and unnecessary expence are now at an end, and that Lilliput will be no
longer condemned to waste the treasures, and the lives of its inhabitants in
quarrels, which either do not regard its interest, or regard it only remotely and
consequentially; and ...