Motorcycle Camping Made Easy

Author: Bob Woofter
Publisher: Whitehorse Press
ISBN: 9781884313837
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This new second edition is loaded with up-to-date and practical information on how to plan a two-wheel camping trip, such as evaluating the bike for space and load-carrying capacity, what and where to look for in gear and how to use it, ...

Lightweight Camping For Motorcycle Travel

Author: Frazier Douglass
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1440176450
Size: 67.45 MB
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However, some of the information in these references could also be applied to
motorcycle camping as well. A major principle discussed in all of these
references is to buy gear that packs small but has many uses in your camp. This
principle is also important for motorcycle camping. Several books present useful
information about camping and outdoor activities in general. Two of my favorites
are The Backpackers Handbook by Chris Townsend and Camping Made Easy by
Michael ...

The Essential Guide To Motorcycle Travel 2nd Edition

Author: Dale Coyner
Publisher: Essential Guide
ISBN: 0760352704
Size: 56.72 MB
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If you're totally new to the concept, why not pack up and camp out just a few miles
down the road? Chances are there is a suitable camping location not far from
where you live. Take notes on what you should have done differently, and if you
forget something really critical, you'll be just a few miles from home. Second,
there are some great resources available for authoritative information on two-
wheel camping. Bob Woofter's Motorcycle Camping Made Easy is the definitive
book ...

The Savvy Guide To Motorcycles

Author: Shirley Duglin Kennedy
Publisher: Indy Tech Publishing
ISBN: 9780790613161
Size: 40.61 MB
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But there are other sources for this information; for starters, I commend your
attention to Bob Woofters Motorcycle Camping Made Easy, which you'll see listed
in the bibliography at the end of this book. And of course there is the Internet. Two
recommended sites: • Bill Johns' Excellent Motorcycle Camping Guide, www. .html • Biggest Bike-Camping List Ever, http://
users.pullman.coin/viking/CampingList.htm Pack in Haste, Repent at Leisure
Packing for ...

Basic Tent Camping

Author: Frazier M. Douglass IV
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 149177942X
Size: 28.70 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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AMC Guide to Winter Hiking and Camping: Everything You Need to Plan Your
Next ColdWeather Adventure. Boston, MA: Appalachian Mountain Club Books,
2008. Stephens, Bradford, Douglas Diekema, and Eileen Klein. “Recreational
Injuries in ... Woofter, Bob. Motorcycle Camping Made Easy. 2nd ed. North
Conway, NH: Whitehorse Press, 2010. Wood, D. F. RVs & Campers 1900–2000:
An Illustrated History. Hudson, WI: Iconografix, 2002. Wright, Micah. Camping
with the Corps.

The Tent Camper S Handbook

Author: Frazier M. Douglass
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1475935099
Size: 58.22 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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New York: McGraw Hill, 2005. Waterman, Laura and Waterman, Guy. Backwoods
Ethics, 2nd ed. Woodstock, Vt.: The Countryman Press, 1993. Watson, Tom. The
Best in Tent Camping: Minnesota. Birmingham, Ala.: Menasha Ridge Press, 2005
. Wisby, Hrolf. Camping Out with an Automobile, Outing Magazine, 1905, Vol.45,
p. 739-745. Woofter, Bob. Motorcycle Camping Made Easy. North Conway, N.H.:
Whitehorse Press, 2010. Wright, Micah. Camping with the Corps ofEngineers, ...

Walneck S Classic Cycle Trader July 2003

Author: Causey Enterprises, LLC
Publisher: Causey Enterprises, LLC
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The meandering, easy way that Chris and I would follow provides an ideal route
for any fellow moto-adventurer. Although alternate Marin County routes are
limitless, the one mapped out here provides for a day's maximum sight seeing.
Some great campgrounds have also been listed hereunder, so you might decide
to pull out your copy of Bob Woofter's Motorcycle Camping Made Easy (www. and your MAD map ( and plan a few
days or ...

Field And Stream

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Camping Editor I I sphalt cowboys and easy M \ riders — with their blue jeans, J q
V bedrolls, and low-slung Har- L_JL J leys — still range the freeways. And for
some of us, their colorful image is the ... Since I'd be on the trail for a week, in
conditions that varied from desert hot to mountain cool, it was a challenge; but a
little trial-and-error and some modern equipment made it work. Here are some of
the lessons I ...

Motorcycle Dual Sporting Vol 2 Dual Sporters And Thumper Humpers Living The Single Life

Publisher: Backroad Bob
Size: 39.23 MB
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AN EASY RIDE HOME Monday was an easy ride home. The hard part was ... In
it's third year as a national event the Durty Dabbers Dual Sport was maturing into
one of the nicer rides around and it made a great start to the dual sport season.
From barely 100 ... I hoped I wouldn't meet that band of severe thunderstorms as I
loaded my XT with a tank bag full of clothes and saddlebags full of camping gear
in anticipation of my first organized dual sport ride of the year. My plan was to ride

Motorcycle Illustrated

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Not since 1915, when at Saratoga Springs, N. Y., MOTORCYCLE AND BICYCLE
ILLUSTRATED successfully demonstrated the interest motorcyclists had for this
type of amusement and recreation, has a serious attempt been made to cater to
the motorcyclist who would like to tour if he ... As Easy As Gossip Touring in this
day and year has be— come as easy and enjoyable as it used to be to sit on the
front porch and gossip with the neighbors. ... Camping utensils are cheap and if
the ...