Missouri Law And The American Conscience

Author: Kenneth H. Winn
Publisher: University of Missouri Press
ISBN: 0826273564
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Until recently, many of Missouri’s legal records were inaccessible and the existence of many influential, historic cases was unknown. The ten essays in this volume showcase Missouri as both maker and microcosm of American history.

Lies Across America

Author: James W. Loewen
Publisher: The New Press
ISBN: 1595586768
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What Our Historic Sites Get Wrong James Loewen ... In 1837 he had noted that
states' rights allowed Northerners to distance themselves morally from slavery: “A
large portion of the Northern States believes slavery to be a sin, and would
consider it as an obligation of conscience to abolish it if they should feel
themselves in any ... Meanwhile, Thomas Hart Benton, Missouri senator from
1820 through 1850, became more and more convinced that the United States
should be preserved.

Black Hills White Justice

Author: Edward Lazarus
Publisher: Perennial
ISBN: 9780060922078
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A white man's court, according to white man's rules, would now decide if
America's conscience as reflected in its laws required such a payment. On the
floor of Congress and in the national press, the debate began whether a country
in the midst of the worst depression in its history could afford such a price to
redress what many viewed as bygone wrongs. Those wrongs were present
history for the Sioux. With most of the old men gone, and after so much suffering
for so long, to the ...

Americana American Historical Magazine

Author: National American Society
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National American Society. ation the best means of getting the wrongs of the
Saints before Congress. This meeting took place on the sixth of December. A Mr.
Robinson of that delegation, took a stand against the Saints presenting any
claims to be liquidated by the United States; but Joseph contended against him,
and presented the ... that body, had been guilty of any offense against the laws of
Missouri, or of the United States ; but their only offense had been their religious

The Myth Of The Imperial Judiciary

Author: Mark Kozlowski
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 0814749291
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Why the Right is Wrong about the Courts Mark Kozlowski. ruptive, subversive,
and wicked,” “any public man of probity and conscience in the America of the
1790s who engaged in factional politics would have had to persuade himself, not
to say others, that what he was doing in practice did not controvert a theoretical
view to which everyone, himself included, subscribed.” Stanley Elkins and Eric
McKitrick, The Age of Federalism, 263 (1993). Such persuasion usually took the
form of ...

The Youth S Companion

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The rule of law means 'A few years ago men would give and take repast was over
the band played “America,” because of the default of the law-abiding. state and
national officials were forgetting their ment whereby rights are secured which
were ... In a republic the government has been found in the conscience of the
people. without to give us this nation; we must contend The moral revival that is
now going on all over against the enemies within to keep it. They the country is
simply the ...

Confirmation Hearing On The Nomination Of John Ashcroft To Be Attorney General Of The United States

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary
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Conclusion After reviewing the actions of John Ashcroft in the St. Louis case, I
have concluded that they are strongly reminiscent of the actions of public officials
during the era of massive resistance in the 1950s and 60s in the South. That is a
period I witnessed as a civil rights lawyer and later as General Counsel and Staff
Director of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission and most officials North and South
now agree that it was a shameful period in American history. In some ways I think
that ...

A Time To Lose

Author: Paul E. Wilson
Size: 66.14 MB
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His job is to see that the forum is right, that the issues are properly drawn, and
that the court is fully and fairly informed as to his client's view of the facts and his
understanding of the law. I did these things as well as I ... It no longer squared
with the American conscience and understanding. After eight decades of living, ...
In Missouri, which supplied many of the first Kansas immigrants, schools for the
teaching of black and mulatto children were forbidden by law. My father was born
in ...

The American Bar Association Journal

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We must admit then, that it is exceedingly difficult to delimit the field in which the
lawyef may exercise his conscience, as to the presentation of a claim or defense.
... which he relies upon to determine right from wrong, we are confronted by the
conclusion — true beyond dispute, if we recall the arguments of the psychologists
— that right and wrong are but relative terms, conditioned by the circumstances of
the individual. ... The attendance was the largest in the history of the Association