British Marxist Criticism

Author: Victor N. Paananen
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The chapter announces the end of both "literature" and "literary theory" despite
admitting a preference for Marxist and feminist practice. E86 "Stepping Out."
Review of Raymond Williams, Writing in Society; Ken Worple. Dockers and
Detectives; Alan Sinfield, ed., Society and Literature, l945-l970. New Statesman
l07.2758 (27 January l984): 2l-22. Williams's retirement lectures were not well
attended by senior faculty at Cambridge: his current writing is not as acceptable
to liberal ...

Radical And Marxist Theories Of Crime

Author: Paul B. Stretesky
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Budgets also reflect allocations for retirement funds or overtime pay for existing
officers. Consequently increases in police resources may not result in new hires (
Manning 1994; personal communication). This is particularly evident in newer
departments, which have stable forces and officers who tend to retire from the
profession, as opposed to departments established before World War II, which
were marked by high employee turnover (e.g., Shpayer-Makov 1990). Further,
the ...

The Marxist Goliath Among Us

Author: Ronald J. Lawrence
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The stress of my job was causing my heart to react negatively and my blood
pressure, always acceptable, went out of sight. My doctor told me I needed to
take a disability retirement or I likely would die. I again was tempted to blame God
. I wasn't yet 53 years old and at the height of my glorious career. Instead, I asked
God what to do and He quickly responded. I submitted my disability retirement
request, which was accepted. Before long I began my own profitable private
investigation ...

Marxist Leninist Scientific Atheism And The Study Of Religion And Atheism In The Ussr

Author: James Thrower
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They also appear to have established that the oft quoted thesis that pensioners
automatically turn towards religion is a thesis which needs considerable
refinement, since much depends on what the pensioner did before retirement
and what his or her opportunities are for continuing such interests after retirement
{Saprykhin, 15*'.-'fl: p. I30). Baykov has also shown that in aseeular environment
women seeking self-expression often do so in secular, rather than religious
activities {Baykov, ...

Approaching Retirement

Author: Kirk Mann
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At this point EspingAndersen seems closer to the sort of analyses provided by
Marxist social historians (Kaye, 1984). Assessing the relative success of class
mobilisations and alliances is facilitated by the third distinctive feature in his
approach; the construction of his various 'welfare regimes', which look similar to
Weberian ideal types. The fourth strand is Esping-Andersen's positivism. As
Watts has observed: From the older liberal-functionalism represented by
Wilensky (1975) to the ...

Retirement Timing And Social Stratification

Author: Jonas Radl
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In this vein, Esser (2005a: 14) exhorted that “subsequent analysis of work and
retirement preferences needs to take account the gendered participation patterns
related to still widely gendered labour markets, work careers and work identities.
... For Marxist theorists (e.g. Lukász), the famous problem of “class consciousness
” was to identify the necessary economic conditions for the proletariat to become
a class “for itself,” i.e. to develop a self-awareness as an exploited group
necessary ...

Retirement On The Line

Author: Caitrin Lynch
Publisher: Cornell University Press
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In a strict Marxist definition, it is exploitation if there is profit for the employer, that
is, if the employer is extracting surplus value from the workers. (Surplus value is
the diflerence between the good's price and how much the laborer was paid to
produce it.) So, yes, in a strict Marxist sense, Vita workers are being exploited.
We know the employer extracts surplus value from them—they are making
money for Fred. But this framework is not very helpful. It would lead us to label as
exploitative ...

Reader In Marxist Philosophy

Author: Howard Selsam
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And that is what Feuerbach resisted, and therefore the year 1848, which he did
not understand, signified for him merely the final break with the real world,
retirement into solitude. The blame for this again chiefly falls on the conditions
then obtaining in Germany, which condemned him to rot away miserably. But the
step which Feuerbach did not take nevertheless had to be taken. The cult of
abstract man which formed the kernel of Feuerbach's new religion had to be
replaced by the ...

Marxist Theories Of Imperialism

Author: Murray Noonan
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The work of Sweezy and Baran was disseminated not only through scholarly
publications, but also in Monthly Review, with Sweezy remaining an editor from
its inception in May 1949 until his retirement in 1997 (Howard and King 2004:
413). This journal has helped to develop critical Marxian scholarship for more
than sixty years. A major concern shared by numerous Monthly Review
contributors through the 1960s and 1970s was the underdevelopment of the
colonial and newly ...

German History In Marxist Perspective

Author: Andreas Dorpalen
Publisher: I.B.Tauris
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in Marxist Perspective: The East German Approach is the most comprehensive
study of historical scholarship in the German Democratic Republic to have
appeared in any language. His purpose is to analyze the way in which GDR
historians, guided by ... retirement in 1978 he was Professor of German and
European History at Ohio State University and a member of the Institute for
Advanced Study at Princeton. His books on German history enjoy considerable
renown. Jacket design by ...