Making Smart Cuts

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"This report examines some of the lessons learned from government downsizing during the 1990's--the successes and the failures--and offers a guide for policymakers and agency leaders as they confront the current economic crisis."--Page 1.

The Ultimate Stress Free Productivity Secrets

Author: Manikanta Belde
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“Be smart to make or use smart cuts to gain success.” What are these smart cuts?
How they will help you? How to create or find them? How will they help us in
finding efficient ways? Providing answers to these questions will help you have a
clear idea of smart cuts and thus helps you become productive. Have you ever
heard of shortcuts? Of course, many of us know them. So now it becomes easier
to understand these smart cuts. Smart cuts are the amplified or improved
shortcuts ...

Adapt Or Die

Author: Lt Gen (Ret) Rick Lynch
Publisher: Baker Books
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Making Efficiency Efficient I hate the phrase “Do more with less.” That's code for
abusing your ... When companies get in a situation where they're facing reduced
resources, what management automatically seems to fall back to is a position of
making people work harder. And I think that is exactly wrong. ... Instead, why not
make smart cuts and give certain areas of your organization—the right areas—
the money they need to do what they do even better? Too often that thought fell
on ...

Us Black Engineer It

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Lyles: I hope we don't make the kinds of cuts that would essentially do away with
the seed corn that we are going to need to maintain our technological superiority
and leadership for the future. Those kinds of cuts would be very, very drastic and
would hurt not only our military and national security posture, but I think they
would hurt our country generally in the future. I'd be the first to tell you that there
are still opportunities to make some smart cuts and trims. USBE: Often when
people ...

Public Papers Of The Presidents Of The United States

Publisher: Government Printing Office
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Or do we keep these tax cuts for folks who don't need them and weren't even
asking for them? Because we can't do ... So I believe we should follow what we
call the Buffett rule: If you make more than a million dollars a year—I don't mean
that you've got a million dollars' worth of assets. I don't mean a ... we do that and
we make some smart cuts in other areas, we can get this deficit and debt under
control and still be making the investments we need to grow the economy. A lot of
I hear ...

Cities Counties Kids And Families

Author: Sid Gardner
Publisher: University Press of America
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A well-framed question provides direction to staff, especially those within an
agency who may have been trying unsuccessfully to make the case the elected
official is trying to make. Hard times and the cost of credibility When difficult
economic ... A smart cut targets programs that have little or no leverage on other
resources. q A smart cut targets programs that that are isolated and not part of an
integrated services effort. • A smart cut funds services wherever they are provided
most ...


Author: Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Communities and Local Government Committee
Publisher: The Stationery Office
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Trust, which can be so fragile, is a vital ingredient and yet with budgets being cut
and competition fiercer, the tension between organisations could easily increase.
An unintended consequence of these commissioning changes could be that
organisations stop talking with one another. We need to ensure the sector plays a
strategic and joined up role to help make smart cuts, not silo themselves and
become passive recipients of salami slicing. Cross-sector engagement at the
local level ...


Author: Randy Deutsch
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1119256232
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their efforts, not multitasking. To meet today's demands for speed, affordability,
and quality, they are taking and making smart cuts, not shortcuts. They are
currently learning to do this at conferences, at hackathons, at informal meet-ups,
in online forums, via gaming, and in social media. It is my hope, with this book,
that the learning and exploration will continue, to the greatest benefit to those
who are most in need of what convergence has to offer. ENDNOTES 1 http://

Disturbing Argument

Author: Catherine Palczewski
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317652851
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To solve these problems Obama (2013d) advocated a plan requiring spending
cuts, increased revenue, and entitlement reform: “We should ... build on the . . .
deficit reduction we've ... achieved ... But . . . in a balanced way – with smart
spending cuts, entitlement reform, and tax reform. That's my plan.” Developing
specifics required democratic compromise. Obama (2013e) clarified, “None of us
will get 100 percent ... we're prepared to make some tough cuts ... Republicans ...
have to ...