Mad Or Bad

Author: David J Vaughan
ISBN: 1473864151
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Written in accessible language, this book - unlike any before it - retells twenty-five cases, from the renowned to obscure, including an attempt to murder a bemused Queen Victoria; the poisoner Dove and the much-feared magician; the ...

Victorian Crime Madness And Sensation

Author: Andrew Maunder
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351875922
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diagnosed England as "a literal breeding ground of decay".3 The nation's
superficial success was, it would seem, a veneer that hid both "mental alienation"
and immorality. ... the midst of us polluting and poisoning our air".5 It is this "
hideous dream"6 of moral contamination, of the wife and mother gone mad with
uncontrolled sexual longing, that Ellen Wood takes up in the pages of East Lynne
, as both a threat to the individual family unit and the broader morality of the
nation as a whole.

Criminal Justice History

Author: Ian O'Donnell
Publisher: Four Courts Pr Ltd
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Mad,. not. bad: crime,. mental. disorder. and. gender. in. nineteenth-century.
Ireland. PAULINE. PRIOR. The function of the public asylum in relation to social
order has been widely debated by academics on both sides of the Atlantic.1 In
contrast, ... 1973); David Rothman, Conscience and convenience: the asylum
and its alternatives in progressive America (Boston, MA: Little, Brown); Andrew
Scull, Museums of madness: the social organization of insanity in nineteenth-
century England ...

Criminal Legal Doctrine

Author: Peter Rush
Publisher: Dartmouth Publishing Company
ISBN: 9781855219694
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Shapiro, B. J. (1983) Probability and Certainty in Seventeenth-Century England:
A Study of the Relationships between Natural Science, Religion, History, Law,
and Literature, Princeton University Press, Princeton. Sim, J. ... Smith, R. ( 1 989) '
Mad or Bad? Victorian Studies of the Criminally Insane', LSE Quarterly, vol. 3, pp.
1-20. Snider, L. ( 1 99 1 ) 'The Regulatory Dance: Understanding Reform
Processes in Corporate Crime', International Journal of the Sociology of Law, vol.
19, pp.

Women Crime And Custody In Victorian England

Author: Lucia Zedner
Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand
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For the first time they revealed that large numbers of prisoners, though not so bad
as to be certifiably insane, were certainly mentally defective. However, assessing
the mental state of offenders remained problematic: as late as 1904 the eminent
institutional surgeon, Sir William Collins, reporting cases of women moved
repeatedly from one institution to another, admitted 'even now the principles
which should determine the class of case suitable respectively for a reformary [sic
], ...

The American Journal Of Insanity

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It would be better if a person absolved from responsibility on account of insanity
should be confined for life in a hospital for the criminal insane. In the wicked days
of Victorian England and earlier this was done, but since the British have, in
these reforming days, created courts of criminal appeal, they probably will soon
admit " brain storms " as a defence and then be as bad off as we are. I intend to
make some adverse criticism of certain things done with popular approval (really
they are ...

Trials Of Passion Crimes Committed In The Name Of Love And Madness

Author: Lisa Appignanesi
Publisher: Pegasus Books
ISBN: 1605988154
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Through court and asylum records, letters and newspaper accounts, this book brings to life some sensational trials between 1870 and 1914, a period when the psychiatric professions were consolidating their hold on our understanding of what ...

Victorian Sensation Fiction

Author: Andrew D. Radford
Publisher: Palgrave MacMillan
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2 1-40. Peters, Fiona, 'Mad, Bad, or Difficult? ... Sturrock, June, 'Murder, Gender,
and Popular Fiction by Women in the 1860s: Braddon, Oliphant, Yonge', in
Andrew Maunder and Grace Moore, eds Victorian Crime, Madness and
Sensation (Aldershot, UK: Ashgate, 2004). Tromp ... Barickman, Richard, Susan
Macdonald, and Myra Stark, Corrupt Relations: Dickens, Thackeray, Trollope,
Collins and the Victorian Sexual System (New York: Columbia University Press,
1982). Clarke, W. M. ...