Love And Happiness In The Empires Of The Past The Present And The Future

Author: Martin Avery
ISBN: 1312734450
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You're a healer. And you settle for too little.” Gail said I should write a book about
sex and about spirituality. I've written a book about the women in my life -- many
of them -- and I've learned something about myself and my life. I didn't write much
about sex or spirituality. My book turned into a short novel about three empires --
British, American, and Chinese -- the past, present, and future. I was born at the
end of the British Empire, lived through the rise and fall of the American Empire, ...

The Triumph Of Human Empire

Author: Rosalind Williams
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 0226899586
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... and, 196 past, present, and future and, 138, 205—7 physical and mental
release and, 271 politics and, 222 present versus past and, 150 quest for healing
waters and, 221—22 repetitive ornamental patterns and, 196 rivers of fire and,
187—88 ... 131 illustrations and, 102, 373n52 intersection ofroutes and, 92, 108
liberation and confinement and, 99—100 liberty and, 118, 122, 129 love and
happiness and, 132—33 methodical heroes and, 121 moon travel and, 88-89, 99
-100, 107, ...

Practicing Catholic

Author: James Carroll
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 0547416482
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1. past, present, future “Who made you?” I was asked in catechism class by the
nuns at St. Thomas More School. I knew the answer. “And why did God make you
?” The answer to that question remains the very marrow of my being: “To know,
love, and serve Him in this life, and to be happy with Him in the next.” Knowledge
plus love plus service equals happiness—such was my first arithmetic, and its
simplicity formed my lives. There are two lives, I was taught, and they are divided
by ...

The St James S Magazine And United Empire Review

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I-low she had enjoyed everything! How glad she had felt to be young, and strong,
and handsome—in Hubert's eyes. The present had been delightful then, and the
future had promised deeper happiness. Now the present was anxiety and pain ;
the future a blank ; the past—“ ' The past is always ou-rs,”' thought Diana; “ but
surely one must be growing very old, to find all one's happiness in looking back.
... Some natures, tenacious in love, are equally retentive of memory and regret.

Songs Of Love And Empire

Author: Edith Nesbit
Publisher: Litres
ISBN: 5040711506
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... From weary lives whose days and nights are grey And empty of delight, From
lives that rhyme to sunshine and the spring, From happiness at flood and hope at
ebb, Rose the magnificent and mingled web That floats, your banner, at your
thanksgiving. Throned on the surety of a splendid past, With present glory clothed
as with the sun, Crowned with the future's hopes, you know at last What treasure
from the years your life has won; Behold, your hands hold fast The moon of
Empire, ...

The Empire Of Stereotypes

Author: R. Casillo
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1403983216
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Raised in a progressive society amid a demanding climate, Oswald regards time
as something to be used and saved; and since the past for him is less an object
of contemplation than the measure of present or future achievements, ... sweet
hours, casts such charm over each minute, that, requiring an indefinite future, it
still revels in the present—welcoming a day as if it were a century of happiness or
sorrow” (141).48 “Unquestionably,” adds the narrator, “it is through love that we
can ...

The Inevitable Decline And Fall Of Empire

Author: Errol Nelson
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595720307
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You can actively pursue happiness for yourself so long as you do not affect the
right of others to pursue the same goal. Although these “rights” may be a
laudable goal for sentient human interrelationships, and may even have an
institutional basis and force of law, they are not applicable in the physical world of
grav- ity or motion, nor do they alter anyone's present or future status in the
biological food chain. Alone on that island, you have the “right” to, and in fact do
have, life, liberty, and ...

The Inner Life Of Empires

Author: Emma Rothschild
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 9781400838165
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They lived in the future, that is to say, or in a condition of expectation (about future
happiness, future profits, presents that were soon to arrive, coming home) and
anxiety (about future distress or future changes in the rules of empire). They also
lived in the past: in long-remembered childhood walks, and in the virtual
Westerhall in which John “hope[d] to help to gather” alpine strawberries, or that
William and Alexander imagined in the Westerhall in Dorset and the Westerhall
in Grenada, ...

The Fall Of An Empire The Birth Of A Nation National Identities In Russia

Author: Chris J Chulos
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351778927
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In the present post-Soviet Russia the nationalist, monarchist and religious revival
is mainly based on imitation and invention of traditions in order to connect to the
suitable parts of the historical past which were thoroughly concealed ... The
Soviet mythology offered a vision of future happiness and justice for everyone,
provided the unquestioned support, love and trust for the centralised power
represented by the almighty and (in principle) immortal party and its leader. The
monotheist ...

The Exploration Of Happiness

Author: Antonella Delle Fave
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9400757026
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Present and Future Perspectives Antonella Delle Fave. and love. in this
connection, the religious thinker Camenisch celebrates how gratitude can
become “an entire outlook on life” in which individuals “live with a joyful sense of
the interrelatedness of things whereby life is enriched by the generosity of
persons or powers outside themselves” (Camenisch 1981, p. 23). Solomon
echoes the same theme in secular lines: “we are the beneficiaries of a (more or
less) benign universe, ...