Locust Gleanings

Author: W. C. Bamberger
Publisher: Wildside Press LLC
ISBN: 1434457974
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Introduction The phrase "Locust Gleanings" is taken from the opening chapter of
Kenward Elmslie's novel The Orchid Stories. Two charmingly unhinged
characters are said to be obsessed with "low-cost," and when they plan to buy a "
fine old ...

Gleanings In Bee Culture

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The huge locust received through you from S. F. Herman, , Tuscaloosa, Alabama,
is one of our largest locusts. ... I have been very much interested in your writings
in, GLEANINGs; and hoping that you may be able to spare time to name and ...

Science Gleanings In Many Fields

Author: John Gibson
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While a European Congress was sitting upon phylloxera, a United States
Commission was busily investigating that greatest insect scourge of North
America — the Rocky Mountain locust. Their report has since appeared, and from
it we learn ...

Odds And Ends Or Gleanings From Missionary Life

Author: Charles Henry Wheeler
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Famine caused by the devastations of locusts causes, if possible, greater anxiety
and distress; for there is always the dread anticipation of its continuance for
successive years from the hatching of the insects' eggs, which, in millions, they ...

Gleanings Of Glory Land

Author: Bill French
Publisher: Xulon Press
ISBN: 1600347630
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It was a great and terrible plaque of locusts that had just ravaged the land of
Judah. Great swarms of different kinds of locusts had totally stripped the land of
vegetation and then a prolonged drought had completely devastated the land.

Gleanings From Nature

Author: Willis Stanley Blatchley
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To the people of ancient times the "grasshopper" of to-day was the " locust," one
of the seven plagues of Egypt. The scientific men of this country have long
endeavored to have them called " locusts" in the United States, but the majority of

Gleanings And Remarks

Author: Alexander Gillespie
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This was occasioned by the approach of myriads of locusts that appeared in the
South. A similar plague, he said, had ravaged the land seven years before, in the
destruction of their cornfields, and his fears as to the future for the present one, ...

Wayside Gleanings

Author: Moses Schoonmaker
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Moses stretched his hands to Heaven and the fire and hail and thundering
ceased and Pharaoh sent to the taskmasters to keep the Hebrews at their work,
and the locusts came and took all of the flax, barley, rye, and wheat, that the
storm had ...

The Orchid Stories

Author: Kenward Elmslie
Publisher: Doubleday Books
Size: 24.38 MB
Format: PDF
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... in one hand, a blue and pink mottled "Locust" orchid, grown in the hot-house of
Locust Mansion from a cutting sent by Joe. ... see she'd fled out the window,
having kicked chairs and tables in everyone's way, all along LOCUST