Lithic Debitage

Author: William Andrefsky, Jr.
ISBN: 9780874807684
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Debitage can even provide clues regarding human organizational systems such as settlement mobility and site functions. This volume brings together some of the most recent research on debitage analysis and interpretation.

Lithic Analysis

Author: George H. Odell
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1441990097
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Lithic Technology 19: 128-145. Pope, Melody K., and Susan Pollock 1995 Trade,
Tools, and Tasks: a Study of Uruk Chipped Stone Industries. Research in
Economic Anthropology 16: 227—265. Pope, Saxton T. 1917 Yahi Archery.
University of California Publications in American Archaeology and Ethnology 13:
103—152. Prentiss, William C. 1998 The Reliability and Validity of a Lithic
Debitage Typology: Implications for Archaeological Interpretation. American
Antiquity 63: 635—650.

Aurignacian Lithic Economy

Author: Brooke S. Blades
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 0306471884
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Relative percentages by weight of debitage/cores and retouched pieces within
raw material categories for La Ferrassie Level K6. The debitage is predominantly
local and the relative amounts of retouched distant materials are comparatively
low. or nuclei. Two wooden boxes of lithic debitage and small bone fragments
from Level K6 are also stored at Saint Germain; one of the boxes was sorted and
studied, yielding 1928 pieces of lithic debitage. Since a second box was present,

Stacy Reservoir Dam And Pump Station

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F-3 Test c shell, lithic debit age prehistoric CC99 1506-1510' Margin Transition
Col River 300 Burned rock midden, Undet. D-5 n Mthic debitage Archaic CC100
1506-1510' slope Transition Col [River *00 Burned rock accumulation, Undet. f-5
C mussel shell, lithic debit age prehistoric CC100 140g-1500' Terrace Transition
Col [River 100 Disturbed hearth, mussel Angosture Pelee F-5 Test c shell, lithic
debitage CC102 1619-1566' Slope Grassland Col Inactive Creek $0 Lithic
debitage ...

Toward A Behavioral Ecology Of Lithic Technology

Author: Todd A. Surovell
Publisher: University of Arizona Press
ISBN: 0816599521
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THIs CHAPTER Is ABoUT lithic debitage, the cigarette butts and candy wrappers
of the Stone Age. By debitage, I refer to unwanted, discarded, and abandoned by
-products of the manufacture of wanted things, namely tools. The category “
debitage” includes angular debris and complete and fragmentary flakes and pot
lids. In numerous early excavations, debitage was abandoned by the prehistoric
occupants of sites and by archaeologists who recovered it. During the
excavations at ...

Proposed United States Penitentiary Lompoc

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RECOMMENDATION Alternate l SBA-2269 Lithic debitage, biface fragment,
Base camp or field Yes Additional work mano, possible hearth camp SBA-3506
Lithic debitage, possible scraper, Station No No further work bone of uncertain
provenience SBA-3507 Stone bowl fragment, mano, FCR, Field camp Yes
Additional work ...

Monticello Leesburg Lignite Mine Expansion Construction And Operation Camp County

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(in ) Occupation (cm) (cm) Intact Artifacts MCP82 365 2,400 UC 25 80¢ < 20
Ceramics, Lithic debitage HCP83 390 300 1st quarter - 2nd quarter 30 50 25
Historic structure remains, historic 20th century debris HCP84 320 3,500 UA, UC
100 100' 30 Ceramics, lithic debitage, dart point fragment 4lCP8S 340 30,000 UP
60 100¢ < S Lithic debitage HCP86 350 1,200 UC 80 80¢ 50 Ceramics, Lithic
debitage 41CP87 360 2,k00 UC 50 80' < 20 Ceramics MCP88 330 1,250 LC, Iitm


Author: William Andrefsky, Jr
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1139448196
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Unlike controlled replicated debitage assemblages, debitage recovered from
excavated assemblages is often produced from the production of multiple kinds
oftoolandcorereduction and maintenance activities. This is particularly true for
archaeological sitessuch as basecampsor residential locations, orforsites
thathave been occupied for extensiveperiodsof time. Ithas beenshown that lithic
debitage morphological variability is conditionedbymany factors,suchas type
oftoolproduced, the ...

Genesis Solar Energy Project Application For Certification Riverside County

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CA-Riv-9073 - - - - - - - Linear Farmer et al. (P33-17457) Lithic scatter: (n=4),
debitage and 1 tool. GSEP Class II | Prehistoric Corridor 2009 CA-Riv-9075
Artifact Scatter: (n=7) debitage, 1 flake - - - - Farmer et al. (P33-17459) tool, 1
metate. GSEP Class II | Prehistoric Avoided 2009 CA-Riv-9076 - - - - - - - - Farmer
et al. (P33-17460) Lithic Scatter: Debitage (n=5). GSEP Class || | Prehistoric
Avoided 2009 Temporary Camp: (n=3000+) artifacts, CA-Riv-9078 2000 ground
stone, lithics, FAR.

Contemporary Lithic Analysis In The Southeast

Author: Philip J. Carr
Publisher: University of Alabama Press
ISBN: 0817356991
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Lithic Technology 15:48–54. 1994a raw Material Availability and the organization
of technology. American Antiquity 59:21–35. 1994b The Geological occurrence of
lithic Material and stone tool Production strategies. Geoarchaeology: An
International Journal 9(5):345–391. 1998 Lithics: Macroscopic Approaches to
Analysis. cambridge university Press, cambridge. 2001 emerging Directions in
Debitage Analysis. in Lithic Debitage: Context, Form, Meaning, edited by w.
Andrefsky Jr., pp.