Lady Bits

Author: Brianne Grogan
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 1483554449
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Approachable and highly readable, Lady Bits offers empowering health information and simple tools to elevate your well-being and tap into your sensuality.

Tit Bits For The Table Recipes Collected By A Lady Signing Herself M H

Author: M. H
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TIT-BITS. FOR. THE. TABLE. 1. Ox-tail Soup. Make a strong stock of bones (
sixpence-worth of steak bones), two carrots, four onions, two turnips, some celery
(or seed), four cloves, some peppercorns, a little marjoram ; boil several hours,
then strain through a sieve, and let it stand over the night. Next day cut up the tail
(removing the fat) ; brown in a frying-pan, then boil with the stock for three hours
and a half ; thicken with ground rice. The same stock will serve for kidney-soup,
but boil ...

Bits Of Old China

Author: William C. Hunter
Publisher: London : K. Paul, Trench
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Did you not call, lady ? Something to repair ? I have long been seeking a job.
Within the walls from east to Lady Wang. What is your charge for mending a large
jar ? New- Chow. One mace f1ve candareens.1 Lady Wang. And for mending a
small one ? New-Chow. Fifty pair of cash.2 Lady Wang. To one mace five and fifty
pair of cash add nine candareens, and a new one may be bought. New-Chow.
What then will the young lady give? Lady Wang. For either size no more than one

Tit Bits From All The Most Interesting Books Periodicals And Newspapers In The World

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LADY HAZEL. A Strange Case of Circumstantial Evidence. In the year 1689 there
lived in Paris a fashion, called Lady Mazel. Her house was capacious, and four
storeys high ; on the ground floor was a large servants' hall, in. which was a
grand staircase, and a cupboard where the plate was locked up, of which one of
the chambermaids kept the key. In a small room partitioned off from the hall slept
the valet-de-chambre, whose name was Le Bran ; the rest of this floor consisted •f

Tit Bits From All The Most Interesting Books Periodicals And Contributors In The World

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Her house was offered by private sale, while the furniture was advertised to be
sold at public auction. . The tastes of the dead actress had been some~ thing
dellctante', and she had collected together many tit-bits of painting and statuary,
as well as other articles of vertu. The sale was largely attended and large prices
were anticipated for everthing. fiardly had the auctioneer put up the first lot, how'
ever, than a man, with a. lady, closely veiled, upon his arm, came up to the desk
and said, ...

Every Lady S Cook Book

Author: Mrs. T.J. Crowen
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN: 1449428622
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Take some fine steaks, beat them well, season with pepper and salt to taste,
dredge flour over, roll them up, after sticking bits of butter all over the surface of
each, put a rich paste around the sides of a deep dish, lay in the rolled steaks,
nearly fill it with water, dredge iiour over, cover with a paste crust, cut a slit in the
top, or-Lament it with paste or a tulip, and bake. BEEF STEAK PUDDING. — Beat
the steak well, make a crust in this way, take some flour, rub a small bit of short-
ening in, ...

Our Lady Of The Flowers

Author: Jean Genet
Publisher: Grove/Atlantic, Inc.
ISBN: 0802194249
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I learned only in bits and pieces of that wonderful blossoming of dark and lovely
flowers: one was revealed to me by a scrap of newspaper; another was casually
alluded to by my lawyer; another was mentioned, almost sung, by the prisoners–
their song became fantastic and funereal (a De Profundis), as much so as the
plaints which they sing in the evening, as the voice which crosses the cells and
reaches me blurred, hopeless, inflected. At the end of the phrases it breaks, and
that ...

Bits Pieces

Author: M. J. Owen
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1418455032
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I found Lady tethered in the driveway. What happened, anyway?” “I was coming
home, just as you told me to do. Either he followed me, or he was waiting for me,
obviously. I am beginning to suspect that somehow he had tapped into the phone
lines the way he knew so much, but anyway, I heard Lady barking as I was
getting ready to open the door into the kitchen. Then, all of a sudden, her barking
became almost hysterical. He had her all tied up and was wagging that knife
around ...

The Seduction Of Lady X

Author: Julia London
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1439175519
Size: 47.92 MB
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When he did not say anything, Lady Carey bit her lip and looked away. “Oh dear,”
she said. “Mr. Gortman ought to come and tidy up a bit. Edward will be
displeased to see so many leaves about.” “I will tell Mr. Gortman,” Harrison said,
relieved for the diversion. They walked on, Lady Carey's fingers trailing along the
hedges again, and Harrison feeling that old desperation to touch her. They came
upon a maze, and strolled inside to the middle. “Will you sit with me a moment?”
she asked ...

The Dangers Of Dating A Rebound Vampire

Author: Molly Harper
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1476706042
Size: 68.21 MB
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He flashed that megawatt grin at me, and my lady bits did a little happy dance. It
just wasn't fair. The man should come with a warning label. “Caution: May Cause
Panties to Spontaneously Combust.” OK, Scanlon, you are a grown, modern
woman, with plenty of practice controlling your hormones. This is no different from
any date with any attractive man. You just have to set boundaries and keep the
blood directed above your waist. You'll be fine. Now, keep him at a distance, so
you ...