Interpreting Lisp

Author: Gary D. Knott
Publisher: Apress
ISBN: 1484227077
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This book will be useful to autodidacts, professional programmers, and computer enthusiasts in a wide variety of fields.

Practical Common Lisp

Author: Peter Seibel
Publisher: Apress
ISBN: 1590592395
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An alternate approach would be to use EVALto evaluate Lisp expressions in the
interpreter. The problem with this approach is that EVAL has no access to the
lexical environment. Thus, there's no way to make something like this work: (let ((
x 10)) (emit-html '(:p x))) when x is a lexical variable. The symbol x that's passed
to emit-html at runtime has no particular connection to the lexical variable named
with the same symbol. The Lisp compiler arranges for references to x in the code
to ...

What Computing Is All About

Author: Jan L.A.van de Snepscheut
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1461227100
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The input to the interpreter is a LISP program, that is, an expression consisting of
constants and functions with their arguments, and the output is the result of
evaluating the expression. Hence, the interpreter can be used for running the
programs that we have seen so far. An interesting aspect is that the interpreter
itself is a LISP program, so the whole thing is a bit circular: in order to run the
interpreter you already need to have a LISP implementation, which in turn means
that you don't ...

Lisp Lore And Logic

Author: W. Richard Stark
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
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Algebras. and. interpreting: an. abstract. view. The idea of algebraic computing is
rooted in the languages of mathematics. It is a syntactic style of computing based
on repeatedly applying rules to rewrite terms and subterms—just as a student
solves equations in high school algebra or differentiates a function in calculus.
This syntactic style is known as interpretive computing. In this section, the basics
of interpretive computing are developed. This includes object algebras, term
algebras, ...

A Tight Practical Integration Of Relations And Functions

Author: Harold Boley
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9783540666448
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Interpreting. a. LISP. Subset. in. RELFUN. Most LISP-in-LISP metainterpreters
descended from the metacircular eval/apply specification of LISP 1.5 [MAE+62].
The operational semantics of pure LISP was later transcribed to a concise pure
PROLOG relation eval [PP82]. The below deterministic RELFUN function eval,
corecursive with apply, defines, without concern for efficiency, a non-trivial LISP
subset including closures, macros, and an object-level eval10. LISP lists (and
function ...

A Practical Introduction To Fuzzy Logic Using Lisp

Author: Luis Argüelles Méndez
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319231863
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Interpreting. Results. The first thing to note, aside the final velocity at the end of
the simulation, is the number of iterations produced in the main event loop. When
falling from 3000 m high, the number of iterations is n = 40, so, having into
account every loop pass equals to 2 s this results into a descent flight time of
almost one minute and a half. When running the simulation the user can
numerically observe the actual height, descent velocity and remaining fuel. After
some simulations are ...

Programming In Common Lisp

Author: Rodney Allen Brooks
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Inc
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It is intended to give an idea of what happens inside the machine when Lisp runs
on it. This gives some basis for making efficiency trade-offs in writing large
programs, and also motivates, to some extent, the use of macros described in
chapter 9. We have referred a number of times to the interpreter and the compiler.
What is the difference between interpretation and compilation of Lisp programs?
When a Lisp program is interpreted, the lists that represent the functions are
examined by ...

Proceedings Of The Fifteenth International Conference On Very Large Data Bases

Author: Peter M. G. Apers
Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann
ISBN: 9781558601017
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Based on these criteria, our approach : (0 allows to define new methods (i.e.,
functions attached to objects) on basic or complex domains ; (ii) uses an object
oriented version of LISP for UDT programming ; (iii) allows to reuse any method
or code which is registered within the DBMS to build new UDT ; (iv) defines UDT
using an "IS-A" hierarchy to apply method inheritance among domains ; (v) is
based on a special implementation of a LISP interpreter. Although, UDT
operations can be ...

Lisp 1 5 Programmer S Manual

Author: John McCarthy
Publisher: MIT Press
ISBN: 9780262130110
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EXTENSION OF THE LISP LANGUAGE Section I of this manual presented a
purely formal mathematical system that we shall call pure LISP. The elements of
this formal system are the following. 1 . A set of symbols called S-expressions. 2.
A functional notation called M-expressions. 3. A formal mapping of M-
expressions into S-expressions. 4. A universal function (written as an M-
expression) for interpreting the application of any function written as an S-
expression to its arguments.

Advances In Genetic Programming

Author: Kenneth E. Kinnear
Publisher: MIT Press
ISBN: 9780262111881
Size: 75.25 MB
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The disadvantage of this paradigm is that interpreting the program involves a
large overhead. Often the complete system and the genetic operators themselves
are written in an interpreting language like LISP. This reduces performance in
most hardware environments. We have evaluated the idea of using the lowest
level native binary machine code as the "programs" in the population. There is no
intermediate language or any interpreting steps. The genetic program that
administers ...