Han Yong Un Yi Kwang Su

Author: Beongcheon Yu
Publisher: Wayne State University Press
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" "In this first book-length study of Han and Yi in English, Beongcheon Yu seeks to demythify them and reassess their achievements as writers.

The Best Short Stories Of Yi Kwang Su Pb Version

Author: Chang-Wuk Kang M.D.
Publisher: Dorrance Publishing
ISBN: 1480926272
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30Professor Kim Yoonshik, Professor of Humanity at Seoul National University, in
the biographical and critical book, Lee Kwangsoo and His Time, and Professor
Yu Beongcheon, Professor Emeritus of Wayne University in his book titled, Two
Pioneers: Han Yong-Un and Yi Kwang-Su. 31Buddhists, faithful, pray and
meditate to learn the truth of Buddhism, meaning the universe, and pray not only
for their own soul, but for humanity to save them from falling into the three hells.

Everything Yearned For

Author: Francisca Cho
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
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Sasanggye 117 (1963) Reprinted in Han Yongun sasang yon'gu [The thought of
Han Yongun]. Seoul: Minjoksa, 1980. iii. Nirn ui ch'immuk chonpyon haeso“ l [
Nim ui ch'immuk complete commentary]. Seoul: Kwahaksa, 1974. Sym, Myungho.
The Making of Modern Korean Poetry: Foreign Influences and Native Creativity.
Seoul: Seoul National University Press, 1982. Yu, Beongcheon. Han Yongun
and Yi Kwangsu: Two Pioneers of Modern Korean Literature. Detroit: Wayne
State ...

Narratives Of Nation Building In Korea

Author: Luce Assistant Professor of East Asian Studies Sheila Miyoshi Jager
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317464125
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Young Ick Lew. 1990. “The Conservative Character of the 1894 Tonghak Peasant
Uprising: A Reappraisal with Emphasis on Chon Pong-jun's Background and
Motivation.” Journal of Korean Studies 7: 149-180. Young, Louise. 1998. Japanys
Total Empire: Manchuria and the Culture of Wartime Imperialism. Berkeley:
University of California Press. Yu Beong-cheon. 1992. Two Pioneers: Han Yong-
un and Yi Kwang-su of Modern Korean Literature. Detroit: Wayne State University

Asian And Western Writers In Dialogue

Author: Guy Amirthanayagam
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1349049409
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... for their ideas of sacrifice of the self for the country as the greatest service, and
poetry as the vital quality of life. The subject matter, diction, tone and poetic
devices, such as metaphor and symbol, in his works inspired a number of poets,
for example, Yi Kwang-su, Kim Sowdl (1903–34), and Han Yong-un, who wrote a
poem, 'Upon Reading Tagore's The Gardener' (The Silence of Love, 71). Of these
the last two deserve special consideration for their achievement. Han Yong-un,
one of ...

Encyclopedia Of The Literature Of Empire

Author: Mary Ellen Snodgrass
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Han Yong-un (Han Yu-cheon, Manhae) (1879–1944) Korean theologian and
modernist poet A freedom fighter and religious progressive, Han Yong-un, who
wrote under the pseudonym Manhae (Ten thousand seas), followed the shift of
his ideals from revolution to the priesthood. A native of South Korea, he was born
at Hongsong in Gyeongsang ... un & Yi Kwang-su: Two Pioneers of Modern
Korean Literature. Chicago: Wen State University Press, 1992. Head, Bessie (
Bessie Amelia ...

Understanding Korean Literature

Author: Hŭng-gyu Kim
Publisher: M.E. Sharpe
ISBN: 9781563247736
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The Rainy Spell and Other Korean Stories, revised and expanded ed. Armonk,
N.Y.: M.E. Sharpe, 1997. Sym, Myung-ho. The Making of Early Modern Korean
Poetry. Seoul: Seoul National University Press, 1982. Walraven, Boudewijn.
Songs of the Shaman: The Ritual Chants of the Korean Mudang. London: Kegan
Paul International, 1994. Yu, Beongcheon. Han Yong-Un and Yi Kwang-Su: Two
Pioneers of Modern Korean Literature. Detroit: Wayne State University Press,
1992. Zong ...

Yi Kwang Su And Modern Korean Literature Muj Ng

Author: Ann Sung-hi Lee
ISBN: 9781885445278
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Reprint, Yi Kwang-su Ydn'gu, Tongguk Taehakkyo Pus6l Han'guk Munhak Y6n'
guso, vol. 1, 191-204. Seoul: T'aehaksa, 1984. . Yoksa Chdn'gi Sosdl. Seoul:
Asea Munhwasa, 1979. Yi Su-j6ng. "Maga fli Ch6n han Pogflm S6 Onhae."
Facsimile reprint. Sungj6n Taehakkyo Kug6 Kungmunhakhoe, ed. Sungsil Omun
no. 2 (25 February 1985). Yi Ung-ho. Kaehwagi ui Han'gul Undongsa. Seoul:
S6ngch'6ngsa, 1975. Yu Beong-cheon. Han Yong-un and Yi Kwang-su. Detroit:
Wayne State ...

Korean Studies

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NOTES Unless otherwise noted, all translations are my own. 1. Manhae Sasang
Yon'guhoe, ed., Han Yongun sasang ydn'gu [Researches in Han Yongun's
Thought] (Seoul: Minjoksa, 1980), 11-15, 378-79). 2. Beongcheon Yu, Han Yong-
un and Yi Kwang-su: Two Pioneers of Modern Korean Literature (Detroit: Wayne
State University Press, 1992), 184. 3. Yu, Han Yong-un and Yi Kwang-su, 1 84. 4.
Sin Tonguk, ed., Han Yongun rdn'gu [Researches in Han Yongun] (Seoul:
Saemunsa, ...

The Reader S Adviser

Author: Reed Reference Publishing
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The Silence of Love: Poems by Yong-un Han. 1925. Trans, by Jaihiun J. Kim.
Prairie Poet Bks. 1985 $8.00. ISBN 0-938138-52-9. The work of an experienced
and well-known translator of Korean poetry. Books about Han Yong-un Kim,
Young Ho. Whitman and Han Yong-un. Soongsil U. Pr. 1987 o.p. Discusses
philosophies, themes, and symbols in the poetry of Walt Whitman and Han Yong-
un. Yu, Beongcheon. Han Yong-un and Yi Kwang-su: Two Pioneers of Modern
Korean ...