Granville Sharp S Cases On Slavery

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The purpose of Granville Sharpe's Cases on Slavery is twofold: first, to publish previously unpublished legal materials principally in three important cases in the 18th century on the issue of slavery in England, and specifically the status ...

A Memoir Of Granville Sharp

Author: Charles Stuart
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Mr. Dunning, who supported tyranny in the case of Somerset, had previously
been one of the most bright and efficient defenders of liberty. He was the chief
advocate in the case of Thomas Lewis, in 1771, and then triumphantly declared,
that no man can be legally detained as a slave in England. Granville Sharp's
observations upon this tergiversation, are worthy of record, and should ring like
warning thunder upon every lawyer's heart. " This is an abominable and
insufferable practice ...

The Friend

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The vindication of the emancipated Jonathan Strong naturally led Granville
Sharp on to the study of the general subject of the Slave-Trade, and he
addressed a letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury imploring his Grace's powerful
assistance,—which does not seem, however, to have been then responded to. In
the mean time other cases occurred of the kidnapping of negroes in London, and
their shipment to the West Indies for sale. Wherever Sharp could lay hold of any
such case, ...

Memoirs Of Granville Sharp Esq

Author: Prince Hoare
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A.T no great distance of time from the preceding events, the powerful weight of Mr
. Sharp's arguments, printed in his tract on Slavery, was again felt in our courts of
law. He had the ... As this case was of considerable importance to the general
interests of the Negro cause, it will be necessary to relate some previous
circumstances of the transaction. — An African, of ... G. C.B. hastened back to
acquaint their mistress with what had passed 52 MEMOIRS OF GRANVILLE
SHARP. [Part I. III.

The Igbo And Their Niger Delta Neighbors

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Though he published the first anti-slavery English text by any African, he was not
an active abolitionist. After publishing his work, he was said to have “dropped out
of historical record and we do not know where, when, or how he died.”7c He was
not in the mold of his friend, Olaudah Equiano, who was a very active abolitionist.
In 1783, Ekweano brought the case of the ship, Zong, to Granville Sharp's
attention. Sharp made it a celebrated issue in the British Parliamentary battle for
slave ...

The Historical Encyclopedia Of World Slavery

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Junius P. Rodriguez. Gilbert refused to pay the £30 per slave loss that Gregson
was claiming, and the case went to court. The first jury found for the plaintiff,
Gregson. ... reported in English newspapers, galvanized an already burgeoning
antislavery sentiment in the English consciousness, encouraged by the activity of
the free Africans Ottobah Cugoano and Olaudah Equiano and English
abolitionists like Granville Sharp. Sharp had urged, unsuccessfully, for the
government to bring ...

Black Slaves In Britain

Author: F. O. Shyllon
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(London, 1928) is a modest and competent third biography of Sharp. Ruth Ann
Fisher's article 'Granville Sharp and Lord Mansfield', in Journal of Negro History (
1943), is a precis of Lascelles' book. In 'The Somersett Case and Slavery; Myth,
Reality, and Repercussions,' in Journal of Negro History (1966), Jerome
Nadelhaft, an American scholar, defined not for the first rime, the limitations of the
Somerset Case, and for the first time, as far as I know, discussed the
repercussions of the ...

The Story Of Sierra Leone

Author: Francis Arthur James Utting
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So great was the effect of the pamphlet on barristers and lawyers that Lisle
withdrew his case. We do not know what subsequently happened to Jonathan
Strong. Having been drawn into this moral and legal battle by the chance
meeting in Mincing Lane in 1765, Granville Sharp continued his agitation against
slavery after the case of Jonathan Strong. had been dropped. He addressed a
letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury, asking him to devise some means for
stopping the ...