Fiscal Rules And Countercyclical Policy

Author: Mr. Evan Tanner
Publisher: International Monetary Fund
ISBN: 1452777276
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Fiscal rules—legal restrictions on government borrowing, spending, or debt
accumulation— have recently been adopted in several countries and ... He
concluded that deadweight losses would be minimized under a policy of tax

Medium Term Budgetary Frameworks Lessons For Austria From International Experience

Author: Erik J. Lundbäck
Publisher: International Monetary Fund
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Placing fiscal policy goals and rules in a long-term perspective to ensure fiscal
sustainability may shore up public support and, thereby, credibility. ... Another
example is New Zealand's Fiscal Responsibility Act under which continually
updated 10 year plans are mandatory ... Fiscal rules Experiences with fiscal
policy rules, which set numerical multiyear restrictions on key fiscal policy targets,
have been ...

Rules Based Fiscal Policy In France Germany Italy And Spain

Author: Ms. Teresa Dabán Sánchez
Publisher: International Monetary Fund
ISBN: 1452747970
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Experiences. ceipts must ... In turn, local governments can experiment by
modifying laws and regulations pertaining to these functions. Also, the law
establishes local authorities' right to receive any type of tax revenue, including
shared national taxes, and set tax rates and the tax base for local levies within
the limits of the law.

Fiscal Policy Rules

Author: George Kopits
Publisher: International Monetary Fund
ISBN: 9781557757043
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Binding fiscal policy rules are likely to influence the level and composition of
government expenditure and taxation. ... For the most part, economic
performance under fiscal rules has been mixed. ... In developing economies, in
the absence of sufficiently deep internal financial markets, restrictions on bank
financing or ...

Simple Monetary Rules Under Fiscal Dominance

Author: Michael Kumhof
Publisher: International Monetary Fund
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Monetary. Policy. under. Fiscal. Dominance. We model fiscal dominance by
assuming that the tax rate is exogenous and constant. ... The conventional
answer is that it cannot, and this is based on using a monetary rule identical to (
15) combined with exogenous taxes. But we ... The zero lower bound restriction
on nominal interest rates imposes further restrictions on the implementable range
of feedback ...

The 2005 Pre Budget Report

Author: Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. Treasury Committee
Publisher: The Stationery Office
ISBN: 0215027078
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The Code requires the Government to state the rules through which fiscal policy
be operated. ' In the words of the Government, "rules, by their very nature, are
intended to impose restrictions on behaviour. Fiscal rules must ensure that the
public finances are managed prudently and maintained within sensible
boundaries so that Government meets its spending commitments without
jeopardising economic ...

Fiscal Policy In Nigeria

Author: Mr. Thomas Baunsgaard
Publisher: International Monetary Fund
ISBN: 1452743142
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FISCAL. RULES. There has been a growing interest in recent years, both in the
academic literature and in policy circles, ... toward generating budget deficits (
Drazen, 2002).5 Rules can take the form of either legal restrictions or more
implicit ...

Monetary And Fiscal Policy Under Uncertainty

Author: Karl Olof Faxen
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As is easily seen, if no restrictions are placed upon the choice of rules and
incentive functions, it is always possible to find incentive functions that reproduce
the behaviour under a given set of rules, and vice versa. This holds good not only
for ...