Fireman Dave Goes To School

Author: Carolyn Bair
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1477235736
Size: 17.80 MB
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This book teaches children safety around, in a way that they can understand. It shows what should be done under different circumstances. The illustrations are done by children of different ages.

We Remember

Author: Maureen Crethan Santora
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1469118505
Size: 11.32 MB
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Using the markers he found in the shack, Dave drew faces on the bottoms of his
toes and performed plays with his Toe-Puppet Theater. ... For his firehouses, he
carved wooden life-sized statues of a bunker-clad fireman, and St. Florian, the
patron saint of firefighters When Dave graduated FDNY probationary school at
Randall's Island, he was one of the probies assigned to ... Dave went to Europe
to visit the military cemetery in Luxembourg where Sgt. Eduardo Fontana is
buried. Later ...

Fuel And Guts

Author: Dave McClelland, Tom Madigan
ISBN: 9781610609388
Size: 45.16 MB
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Dave McClelland, Tom Madigan. When the small-block Chevy hit the market in
1955. it became an instant success and was the engine of choice for the budget
racer. This Texas-based dragster is a good example of the small block in action.
Don Brown A very ... Paul and I went to the same high school in Los Angeles. ...
Firemen have off time, so I joined forces with a close friend and fellow fireman
named Dave Sowins to go drag racing and build a backyard business building

Reaching Reluctant Young Readers

Author: Rob Reid
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1442274425
Size: 60.53 MB
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She also draws some not-favorite things, like waking up to go to school, and her
younger brother Pablo, who she calls the Big Pest. ... Bea feels rotten, especially
when Bert scares Sophie up into the tree so that Fireman Dave has to rescue her.
... Read-alike recommendations: Two more books that deal with moving and kids
who like to draw are Doodlebug: A Novel in Doodles by Karen Romano Young (
Feiwel & Friends, 2010) and its sequel Stuck in the Middle (of Middle School): A ...

Forgotten Heroes Of Dade Co Fl

Author: William Wilbanks
Publisher: Turner Publishing Company
ISBN: 9781563112874
Size: 80.88 MB
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David spent l0 years after high school trying to get into police work applying in
the Buffalo area and in several cities in Texas, Florida, and Pennsylvania.
However, he was disadvantaged in that he ... Debora was a l 7-year-old high
school senior when she met David, 23, through her brother who served as a
volunteer firefighter in Cheektowaga. The couple married on Aug. 7. l982 ... 27.
l988. while her husband slept preparing to go to work at midnight. The movie was
about the l986 FBI ...

A Visit To The Fire Department

Author: Laura Lin
ISBN: 1105443647
Size: 61.15 MB
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At his school they had talked to a firefighter and learned about smoke detectors
and STOP, DROP, and ROLL. Alex was so excited ... “Okay, Alex, let's go to the
fire department!” Alex's mother announced. Alex rushed to the car, buckled up
and eagerly watched out the window as they drove to the East River Volunteer
Fire Department. When they got to the station a nice fireman was standing there
to meet them. “Hi, I'm Firefighter Dave. Ready to see the department?” Alex
couldn't talk, ...

Black Firefighters And The Fdny

Author: David Goldberg
Publisher: UNC Press Books
ISBN: 1469633639
Size: 23.12 MB
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The Struggle for Jobs, Justice, and Equity in New York City David Goldberg.
Philadelphia. It was mostly social. ... “We ... went to visit each other, you know,
with our wives,” recalled James Lee. “We used to have such a good ... Due to his
family's exposure to civil service work and procedures, Floyd, well aware of civil
service opportunities and the trade papers, applied for and secured a job with the
U.S. postal service in 1956 upon graduating high school. While working at the
Morgan ...

The Fireman Finds A Wife

Author: Felicia Mason
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 0373878877
Size: 64.16 MB
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Dave handed him a sheet of paper. “We've got it narrowed to these three.”
Cameron studied the names. “What's special about them?” “All teens. The first
two, nineteen and seventeen, are brothers and have rap sheets that include
setting fires.” “And the third?” Dave handed him a photograph of the house in
Friday night's fire. “His school ID was found on the premises.” Cameron scowled.
“The house was empty. Kids may have been using it as a hangout.” “We know
they were, Chief ...

Fireman On The Run

Author: Terry Lane
Publisher: Brown Dog
ISBN: 1785451413
Size: 29.31 MB
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My partner Dave was a new recruit, this was his first dead body, which was not
helped by it being a hanging. Our task was to get up the stairs and search the flat
above. While doing ... My first thought was to let the new recruit go first, purely for
the experience: well, that was my excuse. I managed to stay in control and lead
the way, trying to remember back to training school days some sixteen years
previously, on dealing with fatal fires. We needed to take note of which doors
were open, ...

Brotherhood Of Locomotive Firemen And Enginemen S Magazine

Size: 17.48 MB
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Then he filled his capacious mouth with a generous helping of cut plug, untied
the mule, climbed up stiffly beside the girl, clucked sharply and they went rattling
away. While Snyder ... Th" Hell'- Acre school had always been a sore spot, so Jim
Under decided to send somebody along to hammer th' fear of God intu th' outfit.
To make a long story short, he shipped us a prize fighter, an' his ver> first day on
th' job he got th' main troubh maker, a lad named Dave Miller. That teacher, Ed ...