Exotic Cars

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There's usually a healthy growl from the exhaust, so you know this isn't some
wimp car. Snick the transmission into first gear via a classic shift lever or a paddle
at the steering wheel. Onto the gas pedal, and off you gc.quickly, with something
stirring in your soul. In the end, it's not all that important if you're belted into a $1.2
million Ferrari Enzo, a $50,000 supercharged Mustang, a Porsche Turbo, or a
vintage Corvette Sting Ray. What matters is under your right foot, the sounds that
fill ...


Author: John Lamm
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We were at a small track just south of Milan, ltaly, with a Ferrari Formula 1 car
screaming through a test in the background. Down with the Diablo's door, into
first gear, and off we go with all the speed and discretion one can muster in
someone else's quarter-million-dollar automobile. A tough business, but
someone has to do it. When heading out in a new exotic car, l often recall the first
one l had the chance to drive. lt was a red Ferrari Daytona and we were on one of
the well-known ...

The Snake Charmer

Author: Milo Kensrue
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At the time, Max Balschosky was racing a car he had built with a Buick engine
called "'01 Yeller". This had a Buick engine in it and was beating all the exotic
sports cars, including Ferrari's, jaguars and so forth. We went to the drag strip one
day in Santa Ana and Max Balschosky with '01 Yeller was at the drag strip. It was
a contest of elimination and it finally got down to the last race and it was our "
Bomb" against Max's 'Ol Yeller. jerry and I flipped to see who would drive the car.
jerry ...

It S So Easy

Author: Duff McKagan
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
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We found out that first gear can indeed get you from point A to point B, seven
miles away, albeit slowly. Andy and I had a dangerous new piece of information:
we no longer had to wait until we were sixteen years old to have access to a car.
We began to hone our tactics and skills as car thieves—even studying ways to
hot-wire exotic cars like Peugeots and Audis. As time went on, we held on to
certain cars for a week or more, parking them in rich neighborhoods where the
police would ...

Sm Citroen S Maserati Engined Supercar

Author: Brian Long
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The SM, a front-wheel drive car, is quiet, fast, good-looking, comfortable (in the
French tradition), good-handling, and managed to cut new swathes through the
automotive engineering principles that usually govern this type of car. Most
companies want their luxury cars to be 'safe' ... There is virtually no indication
when driving that the car has front-wheel drive apart from the fact that the front
wheels spin on rapid take-offs in first gear. “The SM probably has the most
outstanding ride of ...

Mopar Muscle

Author: Robert Genat
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Most hard-core automotive enthusiasts can recall the day they first saw a Viper.
That kind of sighting is deeply etched into the psyche of a gear head, much like
the first sighting of a 427 Cobra, a 1963 split- window Corvette, or a Hemi
anything. Gear heads might not be able to remember their wedding anniversary,
but they tend to catalog great automotive events and remember the specifics of
location, time of day, and what they were driving at the moment they saw a
significant car.

A To Z Of Sports Cars 1945 1990

Author: Mike Lawrence
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NORTHEAST. EXOTIC. CARS. (USA). A late 1980s maker of a Lamborghini
Countach copy which was named 'Scorpion'. It was sold with a variety of V6 and
V8 engines, in forms from basic kit to turn key car. NORTHERN. KIT. CARS. (GB).
Introduced as a prototype in 1985, the 'Hornet' was an attractive, original two-seat
coupe. A space frame carried Cortina running gear and a Mkll version had a
Targa top; the project was taken over by DNK in 1989.

Butterfly Wings

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... is a bit like the drive train in those exotic cars you love. The parts come together
from different sources and backgrounds and, at first, they fit badly, if at all. If you
push things too hard, hash the gearbox or over-rev the engine before things have
nicely mated, they fly apart. Love and living as one are much like that new
gearbox: you have to take it slowly and carefully to begin with then each gear and
tooth has to have its rough edges worn down until they match” Here she
illustrated with ...

Popular Mechanics

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The good news is that ATF is not too far off the mark on providing marginally
acceptable lubrication for the bevel-gear type of final drive used in front-drive
cars. (Rear-drive cars use a hypoidtype gear that has a ... The oily scum stuck to
the bottom of the glass isn't some exotic liqueur, used to toast the completion of
some exotic car's resuscitation. It's much simpler. - Strut cartridges generate a fair
... Oh yeah, be sure to pour the old, smelly oil out first. Bottoms up. - see comfor
details and ...

Car And Driver

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Unless you're still in first gear." • Asked to describe the company's big-car buyers,
two Buick executives formulated this response: "The LeSabre buyer is typical
middle America — he still has his first wife. The Roadmaster buyer is a successful
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