Earth Our Common Ground

Author: Claire Everett
ISBN: 9781545214176
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'Earth: Our Common Ground' is a song of short songs (tanka) -- a skein of love, longing and loss, pleasure and pain, despair and wonder -- for all of earth-kind, be they termite beings, jaguar beings, rock beings, tree beings, or human ...

The Poetry Of Ernest Jones Myth Song And The Mighty Mind

Author: Simon Rennie
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317198581
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Corayda: A Tale of Faith and Chivalry, and Other Poems (1860) Although Songs
of Democracy was published in 1857 and The Revolt of Hindostan: Or, The New
World appeared in the same year, both of these collections consisted of largely ...
The rest of the collection is made up of twenty 'Scatterings' — short lyric poems
largely recycled from earlier publications including 'To Her' from the Court
Journal, and 'Earth's Burdens' and 'The Sea Shell on the Desert' from Notes to the

Wordsworth S Philosophic Song

Author: Simon Jarvis
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9781139462662
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In short, the reality of production is no less repressed than the reality of circulation
, and the peasant's 'pains' are to labour what the gift is to commerce . . . The
discovery of labour presupposes the constitution of the common ground of
production, i.e. the disenchantment of a natural world henceforth reduced to its
economic dimension alone . . . measured by the yardstick of monetary profit, the
most sacred activities find themselves constituted negatively, as symbolic, i.e., in
a sense the ...

The Eclectic Magazine Of Foreign Literature Science And Art

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The conservative power which belongs to human nature in such things, though
disFrom the North PsLAMs and hymns and spiritual songs have thrilled for ages
through the Church on earth, as they shall thrill for endless ages through the ...
Bernard and Abelard, Watts, Doddridge and Heber, here meet on common
ground: controversialists have laid aside their polemics, and philosophers their
dialectics, to produce that grand aggregate of Christian psalmody which is the joy
of all true ...

The Eclectic Magazine

Author: John Holmes Agnew
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The range of Christian song is a wide one: their authors were neither of a single
country nor a single era. Since Christ lcfl, the earth for heaven, they have British
Review THE EAST AND WEST.* been found in every age among the followers of
every Christian creed. Kings and monks, apostles and martyrs, saints and
bishops, have united in their composition: Charlema ne and Alfred, Bernard and
Abelard, atts, Doddridge and Heber, here meet on common ground:
controversialists have ...

An Arrangement Of The Psalms Hymns And Spiritual Songs Of Issac Watts

Author: Isaac Watts
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3 Break, sacred morning, through the skies, Bring that delightful, dreadful day;
Cut short the hours, dear Lord, and come, Thy lingering wheels, how long they
stay! 4 [Our weary ... the seventh angel sound on high, Let shouts be heard thro'
all the sky; Kings of the earth, with glad accord, Give up your kingdoms to the
Lord. 2 Almighty ... 2 Deep are is counsels and unknown, But grace aid truth
support his throne; Though gloomy clouds his ways surround, Justice is their
eternal ground.

The Poets Of Yorkshire

Author: William Cartwright Newsam
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The song of birds—the odour of flowers—the music of the rivulet— all are
interpreted as expressions of joy, by his own happ fancy; and these expressions
are still farther translated by associations of personal piety into offerings of praise
to the common Creator. Whether the delightful equanimity of temper which
pervades these sweet and affable compositions, could consist with the
manifestations of the highest order of genius, poetical or otherwise, we need not
here inquire; since it will ...

The Poets Of Yorkshire Commenced By W C Newsam

Author: William Cartwright Newsam
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... good as you will see through all the country round ;" our worthy clergyman has
attuned his lyrics to notes of happiness too rarely echoed by thousands of
individuals who have not less ground for gratitude than himself. The song of birds
the odour of flowers — the music of the rivulet — all are interpreted as
expressions of joy, by his own happy fancy ; and these expressions are still
farther translated by associations of personal piety into offerings of praise to the
common Creator.

The Poets Of Yorkshire Comprising Sketches Of The Lives And Specimens Of The Writings Of Those Who Have Been Connected With The County Of York Commenced By W C Newsam Completed And Published By J Holland

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But why should not these “ Songs" be generous, joyous, grateful? Or rather, why
should it be assumed that there is either merit or rarity in the fact of their being so
? Of all spots on earth, the rural English “ Parsonage" is the one—of all
characters by the grace of God elevated amidst our fallen humanity, the English “
Clergyman" is the individual, from whence we might most reasonabl expect
strains of taste, piety, and contentment—in short, “ yrical Teaching”—if the
Christian Pastor speak ...

Musical Gazette

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Tune, Kulcr, consisting of common chords only, by Kavenscroft, 1620:
congregational. Parts inverted in different stanzas. — Psaltery, p. 127. I lift my
eyes up to the hills: from whence should come my help ? My help's from the
eternal God, who made the heavens and earth. 14. Psalm 96. "By common
consent of Jews and christians," says Bishop Home, " we apply this psalm to the
times of the Messiah. Men are exhorted to sing his praises ; to declare his
salvation ; to acknowledge his ...