Drink The Harvest

Author: Nan K. Chase
Publisher: Storey Publishing
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Drink the Harvest presents simple recipes accompanied by mouthwatering photographs for a variety of teas, syrups, ciders, wines, and kombuchas.

A Guide To Preserving Food For A 12 Months Harvest

Author: Mariel Dewey
Publisher: Ortho Information Services
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canning, freezing, smoking, and drying, making cheese, cider, soap and grinding
grain, getting the most from your garden Mariel Dewey ... sold as natural apple
juice. We like to drink it that way —it has the richest flavor. Clear apple juice
however looks more beautiful and often l refrigerate the cider for several days so
the sediment will settle, then rack and bottle the clear juice. Racking is a process
of transferring the juice, by means of a siphon, into a new clean container,
leaving the ...

Food Processing By Rural Families

Author: Asian and Pacific Council. Food & Fertilizer Technology Center
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soft drinks (1). Table 6 details the exports of fruit and vegetable juices (5). About
90% of export are fruit juices. Soft drinks are for domestic consumption only. Due
to tough competition with soft drinks, the juice-making industry hardly has any
profit from ... Large-scale juice-making industry has to add sugar and water intc
juices in order to survive the battle. ... During harvest season, vegetables or fruits
other than fresh consumptions are preserved by pickling or preserve-making in
the ...


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Besides this basically dry style, Fogarty also makes a late harvest
Gewurztraminer from the last grapes of the harvest, picked at around 34 °Brix.
These are whole cluster ... Owner Ted Bennett says Navarro aims for a dry style
for one main reason: that's how he likes to drink it. The grapes ... At Washington
State's Columbia Winery, winemaker (and Master of Wine) David Lake selects
grapes only from cooler sites in the Yakima Valley that help preserve acidity in
this low-acid variety.

Canning Trade

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Prospective manufacturers can now obtain exclusive licenses to operate under
U.S. Department of Agriculture patents for making such products as fruit juices,
dried honey, and dry whole milk. ... Drink formulations, made from the puree,
were evaluated by an adult taste panel. Orange ... HOT WATER DIPS REDUCE
DECAY IN FRUITS Hot air, and hot water showers or dips, greatly reduce post-
harvest decay in peaches, plums, and nectarines, reports the U.S. Department of

Good Packaging

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Citrus Central believes that the largest untapped markets for fruit juices are Citrus
Central, Inc., a cooperative can- maker based in Orlando Florida, and its three
marketing arms, Citrus Central Marketing, Citrus World and Juice Bowl, has
introduced a significant new development in fruit juice packaging — a new
composite can for non-refrigerated, ready to drink juices. The new HardwallTM
composite can, together with the decision to pack from concentrate year round,
preserves taste ...

The Oxford Encyclopedia Of Food And Drink In America A J

Author: Andrew F. Smith
ISBN: 9780195175516
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During World War II scientists developed a process for making powdered orange
juice. After the war, the powdered juice concentrate was marketed by Florida
Foods Corporation. It was not greatly successful, but then the company launched
a new line of frozen juice under the brand name Minute Maid, and sales
skyrocketed. The company changed its name to the Minute Maid Company.
Minute Maid was acquired by the Coca- Cola Company in I960. Canned fruit
juices are sold in ...

Backyard Medicine

Author: Julie Bruton-Seal
Publisher: Skyhorse
ISBN: 1626368694
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For making a medicine to preserve, gather the leaves during the summer. To dry
the leaves, spread them on brown paper or a drying screen in a warm dry place,
turning the leaves daily until they are crisp. Discard if they go black. Harvest the
seeds when they are ripe, picking the heads and spreading them on brown paper
to dry completely before stripping the seeds off for storage in brown paper bags
or in jars. Plantain tea Use a ... Dose: Drink a mugful three times a day. Plantain ...

Food Processing Industries

Author: India. Ministry of Food Processing Industries
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6. Jamun is an indigenous fruit known for its therapeutic value to prevent
diabetes. It has been successfully utilized to produce excellent beverages.
Methods have been standardised to extract and preserve Jamun juice for the fruit
preservation industry. 7. Phalsa is an excellent indigenous fruit with brilliant
colour. Methods have been standardised for making highly acceptable drinks
from this fruit. 8. Kokum is also an indigenous fruit grown in abundance in
Ratnagiri and utilized locally.