Dk Eyewitness Books First Ladies

Author: Dorling Kindersley Publishing Staff
Publisher: DK Children
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Discover the fascinating spouses of the nation's presidents--from early patriots to infuential leaders.

First Ladies

Author: Dk Editors
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Filled with amazing facts, full-color photographs of personal mementos, family pictures, and campaign memorabilia, DK Eyewitness Books: First Ladies is a visual tour through US history.

Dk Eyewitness Books Everest

Author: Rebecca Stephens
Publisher: Penguin
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FIRST WOMAN ON EVEREST In 1975, lunko Tabei, a 35*yeareold working i
mother fromjapari, became the first woman to reach the summit of Mt. Everest.
She said of her __. climb: "Technique and ability alone do not get you i to the top..
. it is ...

What S The Big Deal About First Ladies

Author: Ruby Shamir
Publisher: Penguin
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American First Ladies: ‹eir Lives and ‹eir Legacy, by Lewis L. Gould ☆ ‹e
Smithsonian First Ladies Collection, by Lisa Kathleen Graddy and Amy Pastan
First Ladies, a DK Eyewitness Book First Ladies: ‹e Saga of the Presidents' Wives
and ...

Dk Eyewitness Books Great Scientists

Publisher: Penguin
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Meet the greatest scientific minds in history, from the first woman to win not only one, but two, Nobel Prizes to the men who discovered the "secret of life" in DK Eyewitness Books: Great Scientists.


Author: James Barber
Publisher: Dk Pub
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Offers information about America's most influential political office and details on the men who have filled it.

Dk Eyewitness Books Flight

Author: Andrew Nahum
Publisher: Penguin
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Wright brothers' first flight The first passengers in a free flight were a sheep, a
duck, and a rooster, which in 1783 flew in a ... The longest flight of the day (59
seconds) was made by Wilbur, at 853 ft (260 m). gii The first woman to make a
solo ...

Dk Eyewitness Books Evolution

Author: Linda Gamlin
Publisher: Penguin
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There are two versions of the story, both in the first book ofthe Bible, Genesis. In
the first version, shown here, man and woman are made simultaneously on the
sixth day of creation. In the second version ofthe story, God creates the first man,

Dk Eyewitness Books Mythology

Author: Neil Philip
Publisher: Penguin
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The Seneca tribe believed that when the first woman fell down from another
world in the sky, the toad that lived on the primal waters dived down to fetch mud
to place ' 7' on the turtle's back. The mud, which became Earth, provided \ support
for ...

Dk Eyewitness Books Pirate

Author: Richard Platt
Publisher: Penguin
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Read's valor shamed the pirates she sailed with. During an attack, all but one hid
while she and Anne Bonny fought. When they would not come out and "fight like
men,” Read shot the cowards. One of the first female pirate captains was Alvilda ...