Proceedings Of The City Council

Author: Chicago (Ill.). City Council
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I have able to find any authority which rarrant me in holding that a com- o be
compelled to do more than the si of contract require, rte from some of the
ordinances granting to the gas companies the right to lay their pipes and mains in
the streets and alleys, the section providing for the extension of said pipes and
mains. Ordinance granting franchise to the Consumer's Gas, Fuel and Light
Company, Sec. 2090a, page 801a, Myers' Laws and Ordinances, 1890: "Section
2. * * * Said ...

Healthcare Hell And Revelations Of A Compelled Black Woman

Author: JB WinSi
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Compelled forward, I did not allow this temporary set back to derail me. I will try
again at another University and lavish in success there or another if need ...
Republicans attempted, yet again, to stop the unemployment benefits extension
bill, also stopping small business program extension, instead succeeded to
SHUTDOWN THE GOVERNMENT affecting millions by putting selfish protocols
before people - again. How typical! According to CNN, Republicans have
maintained that the ...

Administration Of Government Contracts

Author: John Cibinic
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If it assumes that it will not get the extension and accelerates, it will not be able to
later prove the order element necessary for a constructive acceleration claim.
According to the board in Carroll, this is simply the result of the contractor's duty
to perform diligently during the resolution of a dispute, and the mere fact that a
contractor that has not been granted an extension adjusts its schedule to
complete the work on time does not show that the contractor was compelled to
adjust its ...

Compelled By Love

Author: Ed Stetzer
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Rather, God actually is love. Therefore, the love born from His being is not earthly
by nature; it isn't human or common: it is a divine love. Unfortunately, the church
is known as many things today. Collectively, Christians are seen as one of
several moral standards for the culture, as a political voting bloc, sometimes even
as a hypocritical mass. Yet God didn't create the church for it to establish political,
ethical, or sociological positions. Instead, the church is to be known as an
extension of ...

Speech On The Extension And Improvement Of Academical Collegiate And University Education In Ireland At Cork Nov 13 1844 With Notes Documentary And Illustrative

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The “monstrous evil,” as it was characteristically termed—the scandalous
delusion burst in its season, like all similar schemes, but not before it had cost the
nation £1,700,000, and not only our own age, but posterity, a large sacrifice of
morality and happiness. A few apostates were gained at the expense of ignorant
scholars and profligate apprentices. Parliament itself, a Protestant ascendancy
Parliament, was compelled to extinguish its offspring. (*) A mitigation of the
system followed: ...

Corpus Juris Secundum

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other, stands in the shoes of the latter with respect to its duty to complete and
operate a railway extension begun by the former under a plan approved by the
municipal authorities.' § 102 Duty to construct extensionsExtensions which may
be required A street railroad company may be bound by the terms of its franchise
to construct an extension of its line to points outside the city, but ordinarily such a
company cannot be compelled to extend its line into any new territory in which it
has no ...

Certain Variable Speed Wind Turbines And Components Thereof Inv 337 Ta 376

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8, issued on October 5, 1996, the ALJ denied respondents' motion for leave and
ordered production of the compelled documents “immediately.” Respondents
sought an extension of time until October 20, 1995, to comply with Order No. 8.
The ALJ ordered respondents to file a statement that the documents would be
produced by October 20 if the extension were granted. Respondents' counsel did
file such a statement, and the ALJ granted the extension until October 20. On
October 19 ...

Parliamentary Debates

Author: New Zealand. Parliament
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The company would be compelled to make such extension. It was part of their
charter to extend the lines to the suburban districts when called upon to do so.
Let the House follow out what had been the result of that clause, which the
Legislature had very properly inserted. It was this : that, whilst Christchurch
proper was comparatively a very small block of Christchurch as a whole, it was
somewhat densely populated, and the profits derived from that rtion of
Christchurch might be fairly ...

The Warning Voice Of A Hermit Abroad Who Has Been Compelled To Write In His Justification

Author: Richard Milnes
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This is the language of the bill of rights:–however, to prevent all misconception
with respect to my own views, I think it necessary to state, openly and fairly, (
though it is for principle alone I publicly contend) that they do not extend beyond
the extinction of those boroughs in which the electors ought to be considered as
too few in number, and the extension of the elective franchise to householders.--
With respect to the duration of Parliabients, 'Friennial Ones I should consider as
the best ...

Public Utilities Law Anthology

Author: Denis A. Cooper
Publisher: International Library Law Book Publishers
ISBN: 9780914250197
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1976) (municipal utility may only refuse to extend for utility-related reasons; land
use planning considerations do not suffice); Reid Dev. Corp. v. Township of
Parsippany-Troy Hills, 10 N.J. 229, 2S5, 2S7-S8. 89 A.2d 667, 671-72 (1952) (
court compelled extension, stressing the fact that the city offered no economic
justification for refusal to extend, and that the only reason for the refusal was that
the plaintiff-developer refused to comply with lot-size conditions). One
commentator argues ...