Commentary On The New Testament

Author: Robert H. Gundry
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Additionally, the cheerful greeting, the respectful address, and the affectionate
kiss represent hypocrisy at its height. Irony too. The greeting is ironic in that it
literally means “Rejoice” or, as we'd say, “Have a nice day,” whereas Jesus is
going to be killed. The address is likewise ironic in that “Rabbi” means “my great
one,” yet Judas has gotten only the price of a slave for betraying Jesus (26:14–16
). And the kiss is ironic in that the verb for it either intensifies the connotation of
affection or ...

The Literary Gazette

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FEw branches on our tree of knowledge have, thing at his beck which wealth and
fashion in the present age, put forth more vigorously could command. than its
periodical shoots ; the most beautiful - - Fine ARTs. ... To this, however, as it is too
meagre fairly to illustrate the poem, we add the fate of Judas. ... grew his cheek,
with fear's cold thrill he shook, While to the priests he cried, (remorse and ragc -
Sharp'ning his voice,) There, take your silver back • And hurl'd it at their fect.

The Chartist Circular

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The officer next in command of the troops was called in, and informed that the
stranger had made some important disclosures, and had still further
communications to make to government, and must not be lost sight of for one
instant; but no .... Alexander, I am your capuve. I must hear what you please to
say, and endure what you please to inflict, but my soul is unconquered; and if I
reply at all to your reptoaches, I will reply like a freeman. Alex.--Speak freely. Far
be it from me to take the ...

The Saturday Evening Post

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Well, that's not your fault. We will have to talk this over in private. Sit down, ma'am
; here's a nice chair. Get out, cutie!” This last was addressed to the little page boy,
who promptly dropped my baggage and prepared for flight. There was that in the
young woman's voice which betrayed the habit of command. But with a gesture I
detained him. “Wait, little boy. , I have something for you this time!” I said. The boy
stopped in his tracks and waited quite as promptly as if it were a custom with him

Trendeki Kiz

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Rachel takes the same commuter train every morning, flashing past a stretch of cozy suburban homes, and stopping at the signal that allows her to daily watch the same couple breakfasting on their deck.