Encyclopedia Of World Climatology

Author: John E. Oliver
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Increasing environmental contact Increasing environmental contact for passive
conditioning was traditionally a prominent design criterion, but this climate-
responsive design expertise was lost with the advent of air conditioning and the
ability to mechanically condition year-round. With year-round conditioning,
previously uninhabitable regions could be rapidly developed – especially desert
and tropical regions. Designers could ensure comfort in any climate, with any
building materials, ...

The Solar House

Author: Daniel D. Chiras
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Unlike conventional heating and cooling strategies, natural conditioning
achieves comfort through a knowledge of local climate and vernacular design,
allowing us to utilize natural elements to provide the amenities we need—lighting
, fresh air, ... every. climate. where. humans. dwell. FIGURE I-4 The author's
current solar home balances south-facing glass with thermal mass and performs
much better than his first home (shown in figure I-1). This house is built from
rammed earth tires ...

The Architecture Student S Handbook Of Professional Practice

Author: American Institute of Architects
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By the 1950s, cheap and abundant energy allowed technology to provide comfort
in any climate. One result has been the homogenization of architecture—
buildings that look the same regardless of climate or culture. Another result is that
architects now work with teams of highly specialized engineers for the design of
building systems. In 1973 the first energy shortage revealed our heavy reliance
on mechanical conditioning of buildings. Designing with the climate (known as
bioclimatic ...


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YES — the amazing insulation properties of MILIUM linings offer extra comfort in
any climate— in any season! And— look at these other advantages: • MILIUM-
Iined clothing is economical. MILIUM automatically extends the wearing season
of any garment you buy. Spring apparel can be worn earlier in the spring, later in
the fall. • In many large areas in the United States where winters are not severe, a
person can be perfectly comfortable in one MILIUM-lined coat the year round.


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NOW from the bitter cold of winter to the muggy heat of summer — you can keep
a feeling of springtime in your home every day of the year with modern fiameless
electric comfort conditioning. Room-by-room, you and your family will discover
the matchless comfort and convenience of living in a home in which you are the
complete master of your climate. In addition, electric comfort conditioning will let
you enjoy these important benefits, and many more, that only electricity can

Climate Considerations In Building And Urban Design

Author: Baruch Givoni
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
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such as graphical monthly patterns of the local temperatures, humidity, wind
speed, cloudiness, and so forth, as well as in Bio-Climatic Charts (Olgyay 1963,
Givoni 1976). Bio-Climatic Charts facilitate the analysis of the climatic
characteristics of a given location from the viewpoint of human comfort, as they
present, on a psy- chrometric chart, the concurrent combination of temperature
and humidity at any given time. They can also specify building design guidelines
to maximize indoor ...

Urban Climate Challenges In The Tropics

Author: Rohinton Emmanuel
Publisher: World Scientific
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Our own comfort zones, in any climate, can be significantly extended ... by
changing our attitudes, and the values that underpin them, (and) also by making
many small changes to the way we behave and the environments we occupy. (
Roaf et al., 2015) Such extension to the comfort zone could be greatly facilitated
by the provision of adaptive opportunities that are organized around activity
patterns of urban life. Emmanuel (2005) suggested four such adaptive
opportunities, organized ...

Architecture Comfort And Energy

Author: M. Sala
Publisher: Elsevier
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All these spaces often fulfil important climatic functions, but they also have a
strong symbolic role associated with them, outwardly expressing the feeling of
their owners as well as having a flexible and diffuse utilitarian aspect which
makes them multipurpose areas and last resorts for any activity that does not
have its own particular space in a building. Thus, over and above the climate,
these spaces are used by everyone, demonstrating their marvellous capacity for

The Future Of Thermal Comfort In An Energy Constrained World

Author: Tim Law
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
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Chapter 2 The State of the World In the fourth assessment report of the UN
Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC), the robust finding [defined
as that which 'holds under a variety of approaches, methods, models and
assumptions, and is expected to be relatively unaffected by uncertainties' (IPCC,
2007, AR4 SYR—Topic 6)] was that 'warming of the climate system is
unequivocal,' and that 'most of the global average warming over the past 50
years is very likely due to ...