Cocoa Design Patterns

Author: Erik Buck
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“Next time some kid shows up at my door asking for a code review, this is the book that I am going to throw at him.” –Aaron Hillegass, founder of Big Nerd Ranch, Inc., and author of Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X Unlocking the Secrets ...

Iphone For Programmers

Author: Paul Deitel
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ObjectiveC is object oriented and has access to the Cocoa frameworks (powerful
class libraries of prebuilt components), enabling you to develop apps quickly.
The Cocoa frameworks are discussed in Section 1.8. Cocoa Touch is the version
of Cocoa for the iPhone and iPod Touch. We'll simply refer to it as ... for
Programmers. 1.8 Cocoa Frameworks Cocoa, a collection of frameworks, also
evolved Design Patterns Cocoa Frameworks Design patterns used in iPhone for

Pro Objective C Design Patterns For Ios

Author: Carlo Chung
Publisher: Apress
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A design pattern is useful as an abstraction tool for solving design problems in
other fields like engineering and architecture. The notion was borrowed by
software development for a similar purpose. A design pattern is a template for an
object or class design that solves a recurring problem in a particular domain. This
chapter provides a brief history of design patterns and their relationships with the
Cocoa Touch technologies. It discusses issues that can affect a design, talks
about ...

Cocoa Design Patterns F R Mac Und Iphone

Author: Erik M. Buck
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Mit diesem Buch lernt der Leser zahlreiche Patterns kennen, die ihm die Programmierung mit dem Mac oder dem iPhone wesentlich vereinfachen werden.

Les Design Patterns De Cocoa

Author: Erik M. Buck
Publisher: Pearson Education France
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Un ouvrage indispensable pour maîtriser Cocoa et programmer plus efficacement des applications pour Mac et iPhone !

Learn Xcode Tools For Mac Os X And Iphone Development

Author: Ian Piper
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Cocoa. Fundamentals. Guide. This gives a detailed description of the Cocoa
Frameworks (which you covered to some extent back in Chapter 5). It also
provides links to more advanced topics such as The Objective-C Programming
Language, Cocoa Design Patterns, and Garbage Collection Programming (see
Figure 8-3). NOTE: Many of the documents you encounter in the documentation.
142 CHAPTER 8: Xcode Documentation Cocoa Fundamentals Guide.

Learn Cocoa On The Mac

Author: Jack Nutting
Publisher: Apress
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That experience set the tone for the first half of his career when he worked with
Jack at a consulting company in the Twin Cities. He worked with companies in
the Bay Area, Chicago, and Twin Cities on NeXTStep and WebObjects projects,
wrote a book on OpenStep development, and then moved on to Java, .NET, Ruby
, and Scala development and managing engineering teams. He's pleased that so
many of the design patterns from NeXTStep are still useful today and finds that
Cocoa ...

Java And Mac Os X

Author: T. Gene Davis
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
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The Foundation framework provides base classes and utility classes that form the
"foundation" of Cocoa applications. The Application Kit framework provides GUI
related classes. The Java Foundation package is com . apple . cocoa. foundation.
The Foundation classes are made up of useful utilities, data types, and classes
that support Cocoa design patterns that did not exist in pure Java. For example,
several of the Java Foundation classes come in mutable and immutable varieties.


Author: Richard Wentk
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
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Develop applications for Mac OS X with this Developer Reference guide Make a clean transition to programming in Apple environments using the elegant and dynamic programming API Cocoa and this practical guide.

Iphone Sdk 3

Author: Duncan Campbell
Publisher: Peachpit Press
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For more information on the design pat◇□ terns used in iPhone development,
refer to the “Cocoa Design Patterns” section in the Cocoa Fundamentals Guide in
the developer documentation. Code Listing 1.13 Using the UIDevice singleton.
About the Xcode IDE This chapter presents a whirlwind tour. 36 Chapter 1.