Author: Ben Stroud
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Ben Stroud's historical reimaginings twist together with contemporary stories to reveal startling truths about human nature across the centuries. In his able hands, Byzantium makes us believe that these are accounts we haven't heard yet.

History As Literature In Byzantium

Author: Ruth Macrides
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Roger Scott The fifthcentury stories of Theodosius' apple and Marcian's eagles
illustrate several aspects of the significance of good stories in Byzantine culture:
first, the initial recognition of their value for political propaganda and counter
propaganda by the actual political participants, with each side recognizing the
power of their opponent's fiction and hence the need for a rebuttal that silently
acknowledges the strength of that fiction; then the use of the stories by the earlier
chroniclers ...

A Companion To Byzantium

Author: Liz James
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Second, Byzantine chronicles often use repetition and apparent plagiarism as a
way of demonstrating their authenticity and accuracy. Repetition is a way of
implying that sources have been followed accurately. In contrast, it is a
characteristic of histories to justify their narrative as a correction of their
predecessors' errors, but in so doing they also repeat the same stories, though
modified in some way. So, third, neither of these forms ofjustification should be
accepted at face value, ...

Byzantium Its Neighbours And Its Cultures

Author: Danijel Dzino
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Deconstructing the story of the Croat arrival, Francesco Borri assumes that there
was no direct source for the stories of the Croat migration from White Croatia.
According to his meticulous scholarly analysis inspired by a post-modern reading
of the original text, these perspectives are essentially Byzantine constructions.
The stories are the attempt to explain the appearance of different groups with a
similar name in Dalmatia, modern Ukraine and Poland through migration using
literary ...

Experiencing Byzantium

Author: Claire Nesbitt
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105 animal fables like Stephanites kai Ichnilates;106 framestory tales like
Syntipas;107 edifying little stories from gerontika;108 lays of the frontier like
Digenes;109 episodes from histories like Theodosios and the apple; stories in
Anna;110 court episodes in saints' lives;111 even satirical episodes from
monastic narrative112–all could have circulated in the Byzantine court on the
move. So Byzantine tents were places where people held court, welcomed
visitors and received clients, ...

Byzantium Endures

Author: Michael Moorcock
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... title) A Cornelius Calendar (1993) (UK omnibus) Behold the Man and Other
Stories (1994) (UK omnibus) The Roads Between the Worlds (1996) (US
omnibus) Elric (2001) The Elric Saga Part Three (2002) (US omnibus) Jerry
Cornell's Comic Capers (2005) The Elric Saga Part IV (2005) (US omnibus)
EDITED ANTHOLOGIES The Best of New Worlds (1965) Best SF Stories from
New Worlds (1967) Best SF Stories from New Worlds 2 (1968) Best SF Stories
from New Worlds 3 (1968) ...

Power And Subversion In Byzantium

Author: Michael Saxby
Publisher: Routledge
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These stories made Michael out to be disgusting but rather than being 'true', they
may well fall into the category of 'good' stories, plausible tales employed by a
culture that used history as propaganda.24 They are subversive and they
indicate forms of behaviour that were considered subversive, but the subversion
comes not through the humour implicit in unseemly farting, for farting was
considered funny in Byzantium, but through who farted at whom. The Michael
stories serve to ...

Insanity And Sanctity In Byzantium

Author: Youval Rotman
Publisher: Harvard University Press
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The executions of the ten sages are normally narrated separately in numerous
stories throughout the rabbinic literature. All ten executions were grouped in
midrashim from Byzantine Palestine, to which we shall return below. In modern
English scholarship this regrouping is named “The Story of the Ten Martyrs.” Just
as scholars have named the Alexandrian Acts, here too the Christian term of “
witness” was borrowed by modern scholarship and attributed to a common
phenomenon of ...

The Secret Rose Stories By W B Yeats A Variorum Edition

Author: W.B. Yeats
Publisher: Springer
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McGuinness had seen that Macmillan sent proof states of her illustrations to The
Studio (which did not use them) and The Dublin Art Monthly (B.L. Add. MSS.
55658, f. 483, September 21; 55659, f. 413, October 5; 55661, f. 451, November
10, 1927). The response was mixed.” The Times Literary Supplement reviewer
dwelt fondly on the stories, and then noticed the salute to 'unageing intellect' in '
Sailing to Byzantium', and quoted its final stanza while remarking that Yeats's
imagination ...