Blood Makes Noise

Author: Gregory Widen
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As the only man who knows where Eva Perâon is buried, CIA officer Michael Suslov is asked to help bring her body back to Argentina as part of a civil war peace deal, but he isn't the only one looking to unearth the former First Lady.

Faulkner And The Natural World

Author: Donald M. Kartiganer
Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi
ISBN: 9781604730258
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Writing Blood: The Art of the Literal in Light in August Jay Watson There is only
one thing that makes a race and that is blood. — BENJAMIN DISRAELI It is
possible to kill the human body with an idea. — THOMAS DIXON Blood makes
noise. — SUZANNE VEGA1 For its August 1995 issue, the alternative music
magazine Spin sends a correspondent to San Francisco to explore an emerging
sexual subculture, an offshoot of the S/M scene whose members, mainly women,
engage in ...

Reading For The Body

Author: Jay Watson
Publisher: University of Georgia Press
ISBN: 0820343382
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There is only one thing that makes a race and that is blood. —Benjamin Disraeli It
is possible to kill the human body with an idea. —Thomas Dixon Blood makes
noise. —Suzanne Vega For its August 1995 issue, the alternative music
magazine Spin sent a cor- respondent, appropriately named Eurydice, to San
Francisco to explore an emerging sexual subculture, an offshoot of the S/M scene
whose mem- bers, mainly women, engage in what they call “blood sports” (60). In
local sex ...

The Passionate Eye

Author: Suzanne Vega
Publisher: Avon Books
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BLOOD MAKES NOISE I'd like to help you, Doctor Yes I really really would But
the din in my head It's too much and it's no good I'm standing in a windy tunnel
Shouting through the roar And I'd like to give the information You're asking for But
blood makes noise It's a ringing in my ear Blood makes noise And I can't really
hear you In the thickening of fear I think that you might want to know The details
and the facts But there's something in my blood Denies the memory of the acts So
just ...


Author: Anna Sher
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199898200
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We need to objectively determine which of those things constitutes its objective,
natural, function.13 We will find that whether the tamarisk has a function, and
what objective natural functions it has, varies with the systems in which it
participates. Consider the human heart: it pumps blood and it makes noise
which of these two activities is the natural function of the human heart? We all
want to say that its function is to pump blood. We could justify that by noting that
we are evaluating it ...

The New Science Of The Mind

Author: Mark Rowlands
Publisher: MIT Press
ISBN: 026228894X
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Similarly, a defective heart that is never able to pump blood is still a heart with the
proper function of doing so. And if a heart is connected to arteries that are
blocked, then it will not fulfill its proper function. ii. In addition to performing its
proper function, P might also do all sorts of things that are not its proper function
—because these things do not explain why the mechanism has proliferated and
is extant today. Similarly, the heart, in addition to pumping blood, also makes
noise and ...

What Is Mental Illness

Author: Richard J. McNally
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674046498
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To say that the mammalian heart is (now) an adaptation for pumping blood is to
say that mammals have hearts because ancestrally, having a heart conferred a
fitness advantage; the trait evolved because there was selection for having a
heart, and hearts were selected because they pump blood. The heart makes
noise, but the device is not an adaptation for making noise: The heart did not
evolve because it makes noise. Rather, this property evolved as a spin-off; there
was selection ...

Scotland Global Cinema Genres Modes And Identities

Author: David Martin-Jones
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
ISBN: 0748686541
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Whilst Black Camel specialise in low-mid budget 'anywhere' Scotland
productions, like Outpost (£1.2m) and the forthcoming futuristic, dystopian
vampire-cop movie Blood Makes Noise (2009) (£6m), and are in this sense
moving in line with the trend towards the use of Scotland as a film set outlined
above, they also advertise their desire to develop debut, micro-budget (£30,000
to £500,000) horror/thriller films in Scotland.31 It is in this range that another film
like Wild Country, that does ...

New York Magazine

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All sorts of percussion — industrial gongs, metallic clanks, steel drums —
percolate behind Vega's rich tales of love, loneliness, drag queens, and illnesses
both physical and spiritual, with Vega's plain, deadpan voice the perfect foil. Not
coinciden tally, 99.9 F is produced by Mitchell Froom, who did Los Lobos' Kiko,
another joyous welter of textures. "Blood Makes Noise," with David Hidalgo's
wobbly electric guitar, sounds playful at first, but the lyrics sketch a dark rhyme,
perhaps about ...

Foundations Of Perceptual Theory

Author: S.C. Masin
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 9780080867533
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Thus, the heart not only pumps blood, but it also makes heart sounds.
Physiologists consider the pumping of blood to be the primary function of the
heart (Parmley & Talbot, 1979). On what is this judgment based? According to the
etiological analysis of function statements (Neander, 1991; Wright, 1973), it is
based on the belief that the heart evolved because it pumps blood, not because it
makes noise. (Indeed, the organ has the "possibility" of making noise without
pumping blood, ...